How to do Smoky Eyes Step By Step Guids Tips

Smoky eyes give a glamorous look to the eyes. Smokey eyes are prefect for evening party and make you look sexy and sensual at the same time. The formula of this trend’s popularity is that smoky eyes can change your face dramatically, transmogrifying the girl next door into a stylish diva.

Smoky Eye Look

Smokey eye look set a dramatic tone and draws cognizance to your eyes. If you’re doing a smokey eye look, remind to keep your lips nude. This fluent eye makeup trick will draw instant attention to your eyes and provide an overall sultry, sexy look.

People always remember of dark, dramatic colors when they hear Smokey. Though the look can precisely be dramatic, it is not necessarily dark. The actual secret to the smoky look is in the color eyeshadow you use.

Smoky eye makeup should be carried out with care and style. This form of eye makeup suits any face type and helps bare up the brow bone.

Steps to Create Best Smoky Eyes

  • Apply eyeliner perfectly. Apply your base eyeshadow all over the upper eyelid.
  • Don’t forget to intensify your eyebrows to balance strong “smoky eyes” makeup.

Smokey Eyes and Makeup Tips

  • Use eye shadows to give yourself a new look. With a slight practice you can easily master how to apply your eye shadow.
  • Apply the lightest shade over the whole eyelid.
  • Apply eyeliner with small strokes, starting form the middle of the eye and working towards the corners.
  • Apply the middle shade on the lower eyelid.

This passage emphasizes the allure of smokey eyes for creating a glamorous and sensual look, especially suitable for evening events. It highlights the transformative power of this makeup trend, which can elevate one’s appearance from ordinary to extraordinary. The key to achieving the perfect smokey eye lies not only in dark colors but also in careful selection and application of eyeshadows. Additionally, it provides simple steps and makeup tips for creating stunning smokey eyes.

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