How to do Pattern Hairstyles Guide and Tips

Pattern hairstyle is something that is modeled or popularized by a celebrity or personality. One of the popular pattern hairstyles today is the Andie MacDowell hairstyle. This great hairstyle has no exception and definitely steals the show in whatever event. It can suit any types of hair since its length will help weigh the curls down.

Popular Celebrities Having Pattern Hairstyles

Pattern Hairstyle

Another popular pattern hairstyle today is the Cameron Diaz hairstyle. Such hairstyle is styled with terrific tapered cut. It also features full side swept bangs, slight chipping and layering at the bottom throughout the hair ends. It is a versatile kind of hairdo that will look great on all textures and types of hair as well as facial shapes.

The Petra Nemcova hairstyle is another great look of pattern hairstyle. Its added huge, long spiral waves and cute chain wrapped around the head and across the forehead gives the hairstyle a stunning finish. This hairstyle can also fit all types of hair and would absolutely look great on longer face shapes.

If you want a more sexy look, the Carolyn Murphy hairstyle is an ideal pattern hairstyle for you. This hairstyle can work best in any climate conditions. To achieve this hairstyle, soft tresses should be left out around the face to add definition and shape to the wearer. Moreover, hair must be pinned up into soft up style.

Will Smith hairstyle is a pattern hairstyle that is tidy and smart. It is also very easy to manage and extremely great on thick and curly hair. The sides in this hairstyle are kept short and a length is left on the top to give a great shape for the face.

Ashton Kutcher hairstyle is a popular pattern hairstyle for young men today. The length of this hairstyle should be kept at shoulder level to add movement and body on the hair. It is featured with full textured bangs, which is great for a wearer who has high forehead.


Pattern hairstyles, often inspired or popularized by celebrities, offer a variety of stylish options for both men and women. From Andie MacDowell’s versatile curls to Cameron Diaz’s tapered cut with side-swept bangs, these hairstyles cater to different hair textures and face shapes, ensuring a flattering look for everyone.

Petra Nemcova’s stunning waves and Carolyn Murphy’s soft, sexy updo demonstrate the versatility and elegance of pattern hairstyles. Meanwhile, Will Smith’s tidy and manageable hairstyle and Ashton Kutcher’s shoulder-length textured locks provide inspiration for men seeking a fashionable yet easy-to-maintain look. Ultimately, pattern hairstyles offer individuals the opportunity to express their personal style while staying trendy and chic.

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