How to do Parted Hairstyles

Any way of parting the hair can change the look of one’s style completely. Parting hair in different patterns and ways gives the wearer the great versatility look. The most traditional way of parting the hair is either off to one side or straight down the middle. A couple spin-offs of the natural parting can also give a fun twist to the hairstyle.

Middle or Clean Side Parted Hairstyle

Side Part
Side Part

A middle or clean side parted hairstyle gives a sophisticated and sleek look to the wearer. This hairstyle is easy to achieve by using a flat iron to straighten and flatten the hair in sections of one inch. A weave or zigzag parting can give a great deal of attraction to the hairstyle especially for updos.

A side part — à la Olivia Munn — works on all face shapes. However, it to be most popular on oval faces. Oval shapes can pull off practically any side or middle part, but I find the side part or deep side to be the ideal look.

If you have a stronger brow, part your hair to show that off as more of the face is exposed on that side.

There are varying degrees of how far over you can make your side part. A dramatic deep side part can bring fun and old-Hollywood glamour to any look if you’re wanting to switch it up for a night without making any permanent changes.

In the case that a deep side part looks too severe, Reis recommends a diagonal option. Section your hair toward the back in a diagonal line so that as it reaches your crown, the part ends up more or less in the center. You still get the carefree side-swept effect in the front, but both sides of the head are evenly balanced in the back.

Center Parted Hairstyles

Parted Hairstyles

Center parted hairstyles can look great in almost all face shapes. It can help create a very attractive and stylish look. With this kind of hairstyle, the wearer’s face will be open up and create a brighter look. It definitely put the face under focus. This hairstyle is not only popular as a casual and formal wear; it is also popular in runway fashion presentations because of its simplicity and easiness. Both runway models and celebrities love wearing this kind of hairstyle.

A super-precise center part like Kim Kardashian’s is considered classic and gives off a clean, polished effect. Of course, this part has gained much traction in the last year or so, thanks to TikTok and Gen Z, who have now named this the best part. And there’s a reason why it’s the internet’s favorite.

The middle part is one of the most fashionable hair trends, it gives a more youthful look without appearing childish. It tends to work best on faces that are more or less symmetrical but can also help elongate shorter, wider face shapes. A middle part gives a slimmer look, for heart shape, it will balance features, such as your forehead or chin, while softening your cheekbones.

It can be the least forgiving if there are any uneven areas on the face, as it can draw attention to them, and on long faces, it can exaggerate the shape.

The Off-Center Part

If you want to try a center part but are afraid it may be too harsh for you, a slightly off-center part is the easiest way to give the illusion of a middle part without drawing attention to any uneven area.

It throws the eye off, so nothing looks out of balance, but gives off the illusion of a center part. This is sometimes the best option if you have a cowlick in the front, and it is also less severe than dividing hair in the middle.

Try sectioning your hair slightly away from the middle as Blake Lively does, but not so far that it ends up veering into side part territory. By creating this part, it still gives somewhat of an even flow if you are wearing your hair out or pulled back.

The Hidden Part

Don’t let bangs intimidate you; in fact, anyone can pull them off. Plus, they hide your part. There are various bang styles to choose from depending on the facial structure.

With blunt bangs like Kerry Washington’s, you can certainly experiment with a side part, but naturally, the hair tends to fall in the center. It’s kind of that three-point system, and leaving the part in the middle will make your hair look balanced on each side, parts are more apparent if you have a free forehead, but if you have bangs covering it, your part won’t be seen.

Parted Hairstyles For Both Medium & Long Hairs

Parted hairstyles can work for both for medium and long length of hair because of the effects it creates to the wearer. Apparently, short length hair does not benefit much from the effects created by this hairstyle. Just like the length, any texture of the hair whether curly, wavy, or straight can work well with parted hairstyles. This hairstyle gives enhancement on the look as being vintage yet modern, attractive, and mysterious.

How to Part Your Hair Using Two Different Types of Combs

Hey beautiful! Today, I’m going to show you how to part your hair using two different types of combs. Parting your hair is a fundamental step in hairstyling, and getting it right can make a big difference in your overall look. So, let’s dive in!

Step 1: Using a Tail Comb

First, let’s start with a tail comb. Tail combs are great for creating precise and detailed parts. Simply slide the tail comb down your hair, starting from the front of your head towards the back. As you do this, you’ll notice the hair separating into two sections on either side of the tail comb.

Step 2: Using a Regular Cutting Comb

Now, let me introduce you to my favorite tool for parting – the regular cutting comb. These combs have a unique design with a missing tooth, which makes them perfect for creating clean and defined parts. Lay the cutting comb flat on your head, ensuring that the open tooth part is positioned where you want the part to be. Then, gently press down and slide the comb along your scalp to create the part. You’ll see the hair naturally divide into two sections with a clean and precise parting line.

Step 3: Refining the Part

Once you’ve created the initial part using the cutting comb, you can go back with the tail comb for any refinements. Use the tail comb to adjust the parting line or make any fine-tuning to ensure it’s exactly how you want it.


And there you have it! That’s how you part your hair using two different types of combs. It’s easy, quick, and gives you a perfectly styled look every time. So, go ahead and give it a try! Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find what works best for you. Thanks for watching, and stay beautiful!

Hair parting plays a crucial role in transforming one’s hairstyle, offering great versatility and the ability to create different looks. Whether it’s a middle part, side part, off-center part, or hidden part, each style brings its own charm and complements various face shapes and features. Parting hair can open up the face, create balance, and even add a touch of mystery to the overall appearance.

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