What is the Best Spikey Hairstyles for Women 2024

Apart from men, spikey hairstyles are also popular among women. Numerous choices of spikey hairstyles are available that women can choose from. Most of these choices would definitely make women look chic and sexy. Spikey hairstyles nowadays have also become a latest rage among famous celebrities. There are short and long spikey hairstyles that are … Read more

How To Look Younger Makeup Tips

Makeup application requires creativity and skills just like art. It is an art form that makes our face attractive, appealing and enhanced in many ways. If the makeup application is done in the professional way, it surely gives satisfying results. It even helps restore self-confidence and add dignity in society of the person. Even the … Read more

How to Choose Your Wedding Cake Guide and Tips

A wedding cake holds a significant role in any wedding event, serving as the focal point that symbolizes the culmination of reception planning. This tradition dates back to ancient Roman times when cakes were served during marriage feasts. It was customary to cut a piece of cake from the bride’s head, symbolizing goodwill. Furthermore, cakes … Read more

What Is The Best Hairstyle For Rectangular Face

There are different hairstyles recommended for every facial shape. In determining hairstyle that suits you, you must identify first your facial shape. A rectangular face shape is easily identified if you have longer face and less width. The hairstyle to be chosen should complement as well with your rectangular face shape so you can look at … Read more

How to do Indie Hairstyles Step by Step Guide

Indie hairstyles are strikingly different. It is greatly influenced by the independent rock movement. Over the decades, indie hairstyles have remained as delightfully boyish and fuss-free as their original roots. Indie hairstyles have similarities with the traditional pixie cuts and shag hairstyles. It is often pixie, wavy, cropped, and short. It is totally textured as well. … Read more

What is Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is great especially if you want to retain the freshness of your face from humidity, sweat, and heat. There are many international brands available in the market that offer waterproof makeup such as blushers, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, foundation, and more. These make ups will give you the natural look throughout the day without … Read more

How to do Gothic Makeup Step by Step Guide

What Is Goth Makeup? Goth makeup reached its peak in the ‘90s, fueled by rock and alternative music, inspiring individuals to experiment with heavy eyeliner, dark smoky eyes, and oxblood lip colors. However, for those who identify as goth, this aesthetic goes beyond a passing trend. Goth makeup allows individuals to express themselves creatively with … Read more

How to do Halloween Makeup Step by Step Guide

Halloween makeup is something that we do once in a year. Its signature is usually a wicked look of seductress or green face. Without the ingenuity, creativity, and the bold color touches of this makeup, the Halloween costumes will surely be incomplete. Aside from the costumes, Halloween makeup can transform anyone into a character they try to … Read more