What Happened to Black Hair Magazines

Black hair magazines are great reference for women of different ethnicities. In these magazines, various articles are offered related to popular hairstyles for black hair and stylish trends. They also address common problems faced by women of color. The magazines may tackle special considerations and treatments for popular hairstyles of African American. The magazine also … Read more

What Hairstyles and Color Are In For Fall 2024

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How To Do Old Fashioned Hairstyles Guide and Tips

When discussing vintage hairstyles, our minds often turn to classic Hollywood, where stars graced the red carpet with a variety of glamorous hairdos. Old Hollywood hairstyles are all about drama and glamour. The big stars of the 1940s and 1950s are sported with distinct hairstyles making them more iconic. Various Old Hairstyling Options Old Hollywood … Read more

What Hairstyles Are In Fashion Now

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What Are The Best Hairstyles For Older Women

Nowadays, the modern society had been dominated by different culture that projects youthful looks as well as youthfulness. There had been cosmetics designed by experts to hide the signs of aging. There are also treatments both advanced and technological made to reverse or prevent the signs of aging. Surgical procedure is one of these treatments. … Read more

What Is A Clipper Haircut

Another term for clipper haircuts is fade haircut, which is one of the easiest to maintain hairstyles for men. All types of clipper haircuts are extremely quintessential and masculine for men. During the early 90s, the haircut came to fame in the mainstream fashion but became popular in the 20th century among African American youth. The … Read more

How to do Victoria Beckham Pixie Haircut

Every hairstyle that is popularized by Victoria Beckham had become an icon in the fashion industry. One of her popularized hairstyle is the pixie haircut wherein her brunette tresses are chopped off into short and barely there look. This haircut is featured with wispy bangs, razored and layered all over. It is also closed-cropped at … Read more