How to do Military Hairstyles Guide and Tips

Hairstyle is one of the most remarkable features for military men and women. Military hairstyles are very trendy as well that is why many civilians are trying to emulate it.

Popular Military Hairstyles

Military Hairstyle

Generally, there are four different military hairstyles that are highly popular. These hairstyles are the induction cut, the flattop, the crew cut, and the high and tight cut.

Induction Cut of Military Hairstyle

The induction cut of military hairstyle is the shortest cut. It is absolutely clipped haircut and without touches of razor cuts. The hair cut is only done by professional barbers. On the other hand, induction haircut has a civilian version, which is also done by professional barbers. It is also used with razors.

Flat-Top Haircut

The flattop cut is worn by many armed forces on the upper brass because of its professional look. Several celebrities even sport this kind of military hairstyle with élan. The flattop cut is carefully clipped on top of the head to resemble a flat board. This hairstyle is perfect choice for those men who wanted to look real sporty and masculine.

Military Crew Cut for Boys

For a more juvenile look, the crew cut is a perfect choice among military hairstyles. This haircut is often seen in school children especially during summer season. Its style is very similar to the induction cut however the only difference is that it can be achieved through trimming instead of clipping.

High and Tight Haircut

The high and tight cut is achieve by pulling the hair high and tightening it above the head. The hair around the back and sides is trimmed very short and clipped so that the scalp cannot be seen. Also, the hair on top on top of the head is maintained longer. The hair on top of the head is also erected so the haircut remains standing.

Military Haircut


Military hairstyles have gained popularity beyond the armed forces, with civilians seeking to replicate their sharp and professional look. The four main military hairstyles—induction cut, flattop, crew cut, and high and tight cut—offer a range of options for both men and boys.

The induction cut is the shortest and most clipped, while the flattop provides a stylish, board-like appearance. The crew cut offers a youthful look, perfect for summer, and the high and tight cut combines short sides with longer hair on top, creating a distinct and bold style. These hairstyles not only exude confidence and masculinity but also reflect discipline and precision, making them timeless choices for anyone looking to make a statement with their hair.

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