What are Messy Haircuts – How to Get the Messy Hair

Messy haircuts are now very trendy in fashion today. Those ever popular straight hairstyles are beginning to look bored for many people.

What Does Messy Hair Mean

Some characters couldn’t care less about getting their hair into a neat style, while others actually prefer the unkempt look. Regardless, they all sport Messy Hair. This characteristic is often used to distinguish the character as unconventional; it may suggest that they’re a nonconformist, indifferent to their appearance, lack the means to groom themselves, or simply exude a cool vibe.

Frizzy, tangled hair is commonly depicted on characters who’ve just woken up. This is a relatable experience for many people, except those with very short haircuts. However, this depiction may change if Wakeup Makeup is in effect. It often disappears by the next scene change, implying they’ve run a brush through it off-screen. However, it may persist if the character isn’t a morning person, for whom coffee seems to be the best conditioner.

Long, tangled locks are frequently associated with The Ophelia archetype, contributing to their image of eerie, disheveled beauty. Even seemingly sane individuals might adopt this look to enhance their unconventional appearance. Untidy hair, particularly dark strands, is also characteristic of the Looks Like Cesare trope.

Brilliant but eccentric, absent-minded, or downright deranged scientists often exhibit Einstein Hair, a Sub-Trope of Messy Hair. Similarly, animalistic or nature-connected characters and Wild Children are portrayed with Wild Hair. Shonen Hair, typically found on spirited young men, sits at the intersection of Messy Hair and Anime Hair. Messy Hair is also common among conductors and musicians.

Messy Hair often overlaps with Stubborn Hair, as many characters with this look struggle to create a tidy style no matter how hard they try. It’s also a subtrope of Bad Hair Day and Bedhead-itis, where messy hair can be a symptom but typically doesn’t last beyond one episode.

The trendy looks of hairstyles today are heading towards wider and fuller filling. However, creating a messy haircut is not as spontaneous and easy as it seems because it requires hard work and the knowledge on how to do it. Using curling iron or hot rollers to put movement and fullness to the hair will surely work for a messy haircut.

Messy Haircuts

A great messy look has fullness without being too rounded or full. It has the movement even without getting curled. Layered haircuts are the best styles for messy haircuts. It becomes more popular over the years because it provides a beautiful and classic look with minimal change. Technically, the changes are not that minimal because the hairstyle may require a cut and possibly some color highlights for the enhancement of other features.

Every woman of today regardless of what age is getting tired of her daily routine hairstyle. She often reaches the point that looking and deciding for hairstyle changes will improve her look. A messy haircut layering does not require major change in the length of the hair. To achieve a different look on this hairstyle, the hair can be added with ringlets, waves, curls, or highlights. Since the length and amount of layering can be changed, numerous hot looks for different face shapes are also available.

How to Get the Messy Hair Look

Use the Right Products

Choosing the right products is essential for achieving the perfect messy look. Avoid hair that’s squeaky clean and product-free, as it can appear too sharp and polished. Instead, opt for products like mousse, hairspray, sea salt spray, putties, and clays to create that effortlessly cool, messy vibe. For those with long or fine hair, opt for lightweight products like mousses and sprays to add volume without weighing down your locks. Medium and short hair types can benefit from stronger products like clays and gels to enhance texture and create a playful look.

Keep It Loose

Avoid tight or slick buns, braids, or ponytails if you have long or medium-length hair. The key to mastering the messy look is to keep it loose when pulling your hair up off your shoulders. Try throwing your hair into a relaxed bun on top of your head or create a casual braid that you can piece together effortlessly, especially for a day at the beach.

Get Piecey

Achieving a piecey texture is crucial for both long and short hair to nail the messy look. For short hairstyles, apply styling product to the roots and run your fingers back and forth across your scalp to create a cute, tousled effect. With longer hair, ensure that some tendrils fall down naturally from a bun or ponytail. You can tease these strands slightly to add more body, especially if you have fine hair.

Don’t Follow Any Rules

Unlike certain hairstyles that require a step-by-step process, achieving a messy look is all about breaking the rules. Whether you’re sweeping your hair up, pinning it back, or letting it swoop across your forehead, do it with ease and without overthinking. Remember, unwashed hair is ideal for a messy look, but you can also use mousses, sea salt sprays, and other products to achieve similar results.

Messy haircuts have become increasingly trendy, signifying a sense of nonconformity, coolness, or even eccentricity. This style is often associated with characters in media to depict uniqueness, disheveled beauty, or brilliance. Achieving the perfect messy look requires the right products, keeping the hair loose, creating a piecey texture, and breaking traditional hairstyling rules. It’s about embracing imperfection and effortless charm, making it a versatile and appealing option for those seeking a change from more polished styles.

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