What Are Some Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium hairstyles can be classified as shoulder length hairstyles. Medium hairstyles are a great choice for people who want to show some versatility, when styling their hair.

When one creates a medium length hairstyle, there are many options to style one’s hair. Ponytails, elegant or simple up do’s, medium layered and textured styles, long bobs and many more options to choose from. When you are styling medium length hairstyle, curls, waves, flips and bangs are great choices so you will be able to create a variety of styles that can be worn for any occasion.

Straight Medium Hairstyle Photo
Straight Sleek Medium Hairstyle

Straight Sleek Medium Hairstyles for Women & Teens

Medium hairstyles are great, one good mid-length haircut is the straight and sleek look. In this style the hair is silky and shiny and falls right above your shoulders or slightly past your shoulders with nice and straight ends.

Medium Length Half-Updo Hair Style for Prom

Picture of Prom Half updo for Medium Hair
Prom Half updo for Medium Hair

Another great shoulder length would be a half up do, where the top of the hair is pinned up and the back of the hair is left out, where the back of the hair can be curled, flipped, or just let loose.

Half updo’s can be worn as a casual or formal hairstyle like prom or wedding. You can have the back of your hair falling down to your shoulders, while the top is pinned up into a bun or a softy ponytail, where the medium hairstyle can be accented with bangs.

Pictures of Medium Hairstyles for Women

Medium Hair Styles for WomenLatest Medium Hair PhotoPicture of brown Shoulder hairstyle
Medium Length Teenager Hair styleMedium Haircut women with highlightsMedium Sedu Hairstyle Picture for Women

Shoulder Length Hairstyles Tips

Shoulder-length hairstyles are incredibly low-maintenance yet versatile. Despite requiring minimal effort, they offer numerous styling options that can give the impression of extensive grooming in just a few minutes.

Medium-length hairstyles complement well with color highlights, lowlights, tapered cut ends, and soft curls at the ends, adding depth and dimension to the overall look.

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