How to do Jessica Simpson Hairstyles Step by Step Guide

Jessica Simpson had been a style icon when it comes to hairstyles of golden locks and curls. She also made different transitions with her hairstyles including smart long layered and straight bob styles. She is famous for her big hair and own line of hair extensions. Among the famous hair extensions she offer are the clip-in hair extensions that can be bought at different beauty supply stores. These hair extensions can give anyone their desired created hairstyle.

Jessica Simpson Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas

Jessica Simpson Hairstyle

One of the hairstyles that Jessica Simpson regularly wear is the back pinned up in a soft up style while the front hair is left hanging around the face and curled. Such hairstyle is ideal for square face shapes. Updo hairstyle is also included with Jessica Simpson hairstyles. This hairstyle projects stylish, formality and sophistication. Jessica Simpson can also be seen wearing a French bun or knot on her shoulder or long length hair, which is truly elegant. However, before choosing this kind of hairstyle, the face shape and hair texture must work as well.

The amazing updo hairstyles of Jessica Simpson are sexy and soft. It projects a smart look as well as it adds character to the style of the wearer. The beautiful bob hairstyle of Jessica Simpson is very effective in showing her shiny, straight, and smooth hair. Its sweeping bangs are surely a great and hot move. Jessica Simpson looks fresh and cool with her cascading and crispy curls. Such hairstyle is perfect for a casual day out or beach. It even gives the wearer a chance to shine with energetic and fresh look.

How to do Jessica Simpson’s Side Bangs: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Sectioning

Begin by sectioning the hair from the part (where the hair naturally separates) to the corner of the eye on the opposite side. This creates a clear section for working on the bangs.

Step 2: Creating the Longer Fringe

Determine the desired length for the longer fringe. This can vary depending on personal preference and style.

Angle your fingers by lifting your elbow (for right-handed individuals, lift the left elbow) to establish the cutting angle.

Start cutting along the determined angle, beginning with the longest point near the part and gradually moving towards the shorter side.

Step 3: Layering for Longer Fringe

To add dimension and texture to the longer fringe, create layering using the over direction technique.

Over direct the hair towards one corner of the forehead while cutting. This technique leaves one side of the fringe shorter and the other longer, resulting in a sweeping effect.

Step 4: Creating the Shorter Fringe

Determine the starting point for the shorter fringe, which is typically higher up on the forehead compared to the longer fringe.

Using similar techniques as before, establish the desired length for the shorter fringe, ensuring it is shorter than the longer fringe.

Step 5: Additional Layering and Styling

To enhance the layered look and ensure the bangs flow seamlessly, add additional layering by cutting sections of hair at a slight angle.

Style the bangs using Aubrey Organics Wild Ginger Styling Creme Oil to tame frizz and add shine.

Blow-dry the bangs, using a brush to smooth them out and create the desired shape.

Lock the style in place using Paul Mitchell’s Worked Up, a light hold hairspray, for a polished finish.


Jessica Simpson has left a lasting impression with her versatile hairstyles, ranging from glamorous curls to sleek bob cuts. Renowned for her voluminous locks and hair extensions line, she epitomizes elegance and style. With signature styles like the soft updo and French bun, she showcases sophistication and glamour. Her side-swept bangs add a touch of allure, complementing her cascading curls and smooth, shiny bob. Through her hairstyles, Jessica Simpson inspires individuals to experiment with different looks, embracing their unique beauty with confidence and grace.

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