How to do Indie Hairstyles Step by Step Guide

Indie hairstyles are strikingly different. It is greatly influenced by the independent rock movement. Over the decades, indie hairstyles have remained as delightfully boyish and fuss-free as their original roots.

Indie hairstyles have similarities with the traditional pixie cuts and shag hairstyles. It is often pixie, wavy, cropped, and short. It is totally textured as well. Some indie haircuts sported by other music movement are lighter when it comes to hair coloring. The colors come in vast ranges of panic shades that are most favored by many modern independent bands. Relatively, indie hairstyles are low in maintenance and natural-looking.

Cropped Indie Hairstyles for Women

Indie Hairstyle

The close cropped look is a daring indie hairstyle for women. It is blended with little texturing in order to achieve chunkiness. This hairstyle can come in pixie cut however; it should be fashioned by professional hair stylists as it requires the flipping and flopping of shears. The best part in this hairstyle is that it does not require hours for blow drying. The only downside of this hairstyle is that it does not blend well with face that does not showcase a wonderful bone structure. In this case, the wearer will look disturbingly masculine.

Professional Shag Indie Haircut

Another type of indie hairstyle is the professional shag, which is a little longer than the pixie cut. It is blended with decent texturing to achieve the unbrushed look of an avant-garde. This hairstyle comes in layered, piecey, and short look. It is a wonderful hairstyle for those who have naturally thick hair. It is also flirty and cute, which is ideal for girls who want to tousle up their hair.

Longer indie hairstyles require little more attention. Again, the use of products like mousse, gel, or wax helps create a tousled, unbrushed look and provides more definition. Although this trend requires minimal styling, the most important thing is to maintain the cut itself. This is easily manageable with short hair. Indie hair is also characterized by its use of color; often, streaks can be added to either brown or blonde hair. Typically, black streaks can be found on blonde hair, while bright pillar-box red or blonde streaks are common on brown hair.

The good news is very little straightening or heat is needed. The best styling tool for this kind of cut is your fingers!


Indie hairstyles, deeply rooted in the independent rock movement, maintain their boyish charm and effortless appeal over the years. These hairstyles, reminiscent of traditional pixie cuts and shag styles, are often short, textured, and low-maintenance, reflecting a natural and carefree aesthetic.

From daring cropped looks to layered shags, indie hairstyles offer versatility and individuality. While shorter styles require minimal styling, longer indie hairstyles can be tousled with the help of styling products. What sets indie hair apart is its creative use of color, with streaks adding a pop of personality to the look. Embracing the essence of indie culture, these hairstyles celebrate self-expression and authenticity, making them a timeless choice for those seeking a distinctive and unconventional look.

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