How to Tease Your Hair Female Guide and Tips

Many people think that teased hairstyle is just out of fashion because of its towering beehive look and giant wigs. During the 50s and 80s era, the hairstyle had gained waves of popularity. The bigger it looks, the more it is enjoyable for people.

How to Tease Your Hair – Back Combing

How to Tease Your Hair

Teasing hair is also referred as back combing. It is an art of brushing or combing the hair towards the root to tiny tangles that make the hair stay in place. However, to some people, teasing hair can be difficult and time consuming but the truth is it is not. As long as it is done properly, it can add volume and life to any types of hairstyles as well as making the hair look puffy and heavy. On the other hand, if the teasing is not done properly, it may cause severe damage on the hair. Thus, you need to follow instructions on how to tease your hair carefully and thoroughly.

  • In teasing your own hair, the things required are blow dryer, flat iron, brush, metal comb or rattail, hair clips, and hair spray.
  • First, you must properly wash your hair. Once dried, straighten the hair with flat ironing or blow drying.
  •  To remove all tangles, brush the hair properly and do not try to style it because the teasing procedure may damage the hair texture and create more tangles. Therefore, wait until the hair gets cool completely.

Once the hair is cool completely, split the hair on the crown with a comb into two-inch sections and clip the remaining strands back out of the way. This will create a volume on the crown. If the hair is too silky, spray a little amount of hair spray on the sections of the hair in order to be teased.

Use one hand to hold the section straight up in the hair and back comb the hair. The other hand will comb downward in short strokes near the roots. For an extra oomph, repeat in another hair section just below. In replace of comb, a flat-backed brush can also be used. Finally, lightly smoothen the teased section with brush and use hair spray to keep it in place.


Teasing, or backcombing, is a technique that adds volume and texture to hairstyles, popularized during the 50s and 80s. Despite misconceptions about its difficulty, teasing can be easily mastered with the right tools and technique. Properly washing and straightening the hair are essential steps before teasing. Dividing the hair into sections, backcombing near the roots, and smoothing the teased sections create volume and hold. While teasing can add drama and flair to hairstyles, it’s important to be cautious to avoid damage to the hair. Overall, teasing is a versatile styling method that can elevate any look with volume and texture.

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