How to Bleach your Hair Step by Step Guide

There are various reasons why people bleach their hair. People either preferred to color their hair blonde or would want to make their dark hair lighter. However, bleaching hair should be done by a professional to achieve finer results. You can visit a salon or hire your own stylist to do it at the comfort of your home.

Hair bleaching works through its main ingredients of hydrogen peroxide or ammonium persulfate. These ingredients are also known as oxidizing agents that change the melanin composition in hair through oxidation. As an effect, the melanin is transformed into colorless or white. There are different things needed in bleaching hair that include bleaching powder, toner, hair color additive, hair coloring brush, shampoo & deep conditioner, mixing bowls either glass or plastic, shower cap, and protective eye gear. Metal bowls are not recommended to use.

How to Bleach your Hair – Step By Step Guide

How to Bleach your Hair

Here is a detailed process on how to bleach your hair:

  • Create a mixture of bleaching powder and crème developer, and the mix it well.
  • Divide the hair into sections and start at the back but not on the roots to achieve finer results.
  • Apply bleach to the hair evenly by using hair coloring brush. Be careful in applying too much of the bleach on the scalp.
  • Tie the hair and enclose it with a shower cap. Leave the hair for about 60 minutes but not more to avoid risk of chemical burns that can destroy hair.
  • Wash the hair with shampoo that contains PH neutralization properties. If the hair does not display expected results, use deep conditioning and protein treatment.

In summary, hair bleaching offers a transformative way to change hair color, whether lightening dark hair or going blonde. However, it’s crucial to approach bleaching with care and ideally seek professional assistance. The process involves using oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide to alter the hair’s melanin composition. With the right tools and technique, such as bleaching powder and a hair coloring brush, achieving desired results is possible. Following a step-by-step guide ensures even application and minimizes the risk of damage. Proper hair care, including neutralizing shampoo and conditioning treatments, is essential for maintaining the health of bleached hair. By understanding the basics of hair bleaching, individuals can confidently experiment with their hair color and express their unique style.

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