How to do Halloween Makeup Step by Step Guide

Halloween makeup is something that we do once in a year. Its signature is usually a wicked look of seductress or green face. Without the ingenuity, creativity, and the bold color touches of this makeup, the Halloween costumes will surely be incomplete. Aside from the costumes, Halloween makeup can transform anyone into a character they try to portray.

Halloween makeup is a great alternative for those uncomfortable masks especially for kids. Kids do not enjoy wearing masks that are constricting and hot especially if they roam around the streets for their trick or treat activities. With the proper Halloween makeup, one can easily disguise without the hassles.

How To Do Halloween Makeup

Face Painting & Halloween Makeup

Face paints are great materials for Halloween makeup. However, before applying the paints make sure that your face is washed and completely dry. For those who have oily skins, the choice of witch hazel is perfect as this stay better on oily skin. If you have skin allergies, ensure that the cosmetics or paints to be used are allergy-free. Real paints are not recommended instead go for those paints or cosmetics that can suit your skin.

Halloween Makeup for Children

Halloween makeup for children may not be advisable. However, if the situation requires, children may still wear the makeup as long as there is an adult supervision. Do not put on makeup on the eye area of the children because they tend to touch and rub their eyes or face more often. Among the popular Halloween makeup that people wear include the clown, the scar, wrinkles & bumps, moles & warts, teeth, fairy or princess, vampire, and animal looks.

How To Do Halloween Makeup

Whether you’re attending a party or just staying in, these 13 last-minute Halloween makeup looks are perfect for getting into the spooky spirit. So, let’s dive into the tutorials and learn how to achieve these fun and easy looks!

1. Catherine Pierce Inspired Vampire Look

Inspired by the iconic Catherine Pierce from “Vampire Diaries,” this look is all about channeling your inner vampire. Here’s how to achieve it:

Start by contouring your face to add depth and slimness, using a contour and highlighter palette.

Create a soft, smoky eye using brown shades from your eyeshadow palette, focusing on the top and bottom lids.

Add a touch of red eyeshadow to intensify the look, focusing on the lash line and crease.

Use a precise brush to draw veins underneath your eyes, reminiscent of vampire instincts.

Line your lips with a lip liner and apply a red lipstick, creating an ombre effect.

Add fake blood drips using red face paint for a dramatic finish.

2. Cheshire Cat Inspired Look

Get ready to embrace the whimsical and slightly creepy vibe of the Cheshire Cat with this makeup look:

Use eyeliner to trace the outline of your Cheshire Cat mouth, extending it to create a playful smile.

Define your nose with a button shape, incorporating it into the overall cat-like appearance.

Outline the teeth with eyeliner and fill them in with white face paint for a striking contrast.

Add black face paint to create the illusion of a disappearing mouth, blending it seamlessly with the white.

Apply purple eyeshadow to create depth and dimension around the eyes, enhancing the cat-like features.

Finish with a cat-wing eyeliner and white eyeliner in the inner corners for a magical touch.

3. Electra: Lightning-Powered Superhero Look

Feel like a superhero with this electrifying makeup look inspired by James Charles’ Electra persona:

Apply blue face paint to create a mask-like base, covering your eyes and brows for a dramatic effect.

Define your features with blue eyeshadow, focusing on nose contours and inner eye areas.

Use white face paint to draw lightning strokes across your face, adding an electrifying touch.

Complete the look with a natural lip color and mascara for a powerful finish.

4. Neon Skull Makeup Look

Embrace the neon trend with this modern twist on a classic skull makeup look:

Use white eyeliner to sketch out the outline of a skull on your face, creating a base for the neon colors.

Fill in the skull with vibrant shades from your eyeshadow palette, blending them seamlessly for a neon effect.

Add depth and dimension with black face paint, emphasizing the hollows of the skull and defining the features.

Finish with colorful accents and highlights to complete the neon skull look.

5. Illusion Spider Makeup Look

Create a spooky optical illusion with this spider-themed makeup look:

Apply black eyeshadow to create a black eye effect, blending it out for a bruised appearance.

Use black face paint to draw spider legs around your eye area, extending them for a creepy crawl.

Add white face paint to create the illusion of teeth, making them sharp and realistic.

Define the spider legs and teeth with black eyeliner for added dimension.

Finish with a smoky eye and mascara to complete the look.

6. Blank Canvas Makeup Look

Get creative with this blank canvas makeup look that allows you to become a work of art:

Apply blush or eyeshadow to add color to your face, creating a vibrant base for your canvas.

Use white face paint to cover half of your face, leaving the other half blank.

Sketch out abstract shapes and lines on the blank side of your face using black eyeliner.

Add pops of color and highlights to the white side of your face, experimenting with different patterns and designs.

Complete the look with bold lip color and mascara for a stunning finish.

7. Pennywise Face Mask Makeup Look

Turn your face mask into a Halloween accessory with this Pennywise-inspired makeup look:

Apply white face paint to the top half of your face as a base for the Pennywise design.

Use red and black face paint to create the signature Pennywise features, such as the red lips and creepy grin.

Draw on the face mask with face paint to mimic Pennywise’s face, incorporating the mask into the makeup design.

Add details such as teeth and shading to make the Pennywise face come to life.

Complete the look with a spooky eye makeup and dark lip color for a chilling effect.

8. Ghostly Face Mask Makeup Look

Transform your face mask into a cute ghost with this fun and whimsical makeup look:

Apply blush and eyeshadow to add warmth and color to your face.

Use white face paint to create the base of the ghost on one side of your face, extending it to the face mask.

Draw on the ghost’s features, including the eyes and mouth, using black eyeliner or face paint.

Add purple eyeshadow accents around the ghost to enhance the spooky vibe.

Complete the look with colorful lips and mascara for a playful finish.

9. Half Pumpkin Face Makeup Look

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with this half-pumpkin, half-human makeup look:

Apply orange face paint to one side of your face, creating the base for the pumpkin.

Sketch out the outline of the pumpkin’s features, including the eyes, nose, and mouth, using black face paint or eyeliner.

Fill in the pumpkin features with black face paint, adding depth and dimension to bring them to life.

Use green face paint to create the pumpkin’s stem and leaves, blending them seamlessly with the orange.

Complete the look with a natural makeup on the human side of your face, adding balance to the overall design.

10. Glam Skull Makeup Look

Add a touch of glam to your Halloween makeup with this stunning skull-inspired look:

Apply foundation and contour your face to create a flawless base for the skull design.

Use black face paint or eyeliner to sketch out the outline of the skull on one side of your face.

Fill in the skull with white face paint, blending it seamlessly for a smooth finish.

Add black face paint to define the hollows of the skull and create depth and dimension.

Use rhinestones and glitter to add sparkle and glamour to the skull design, focusing on the eyes and forehead.

Complete the look with bold lip color and dramatic lashes for a glamorous finish.

11. Spooky Winged Eyeshadow

Prepare Your Eyes:

Start by priming your eyelids to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the night.

Applying Base Shade:

Take a burgundy-red eyeshadow and apply it just above your crease. This will serve as the base for your spooky winged eyeshadow look.

Creating Depth:

Use a slightly darker shade of red to add depth to your crease. Blend it out seamlessly with a lighter red shade to soften any harsh lines.

Winged Liner:

Grab your favorite liquid eyeliner and create a winged liner look, extending it slightly further down than usual for added drama.

Smoking Out:

Take a dark brown eyeshadow and use it to smoke out the winged liner, focusing on the outer corners of your eyes for a sultry effect.

Applying Lashes:

For added drama, apply your favorite lashes. We recommend the Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push Up collection for voluminous lashes that make a statement.

Finishing Touches:

Complete the look with a black or dark lipstick to complement the dramatic eye makeup.

12. Skull Inspired Makeup

Base Shade:

Begin by applying a neutral brown eyeshadow all over your lid as a base for the skull-inspired look.

Winged Liner:

Create a winged liner using a black liquid eyeliner, extending it slightly further down than usual to enhance the skull effect.

Drawing Teeth:

Use a brown lip liner to draw rectangle-shaped teeth on your cheeks. Fill them in with a burgundy eyeshadow to add depth and dimension.

Skull Detailing:

Utilize the same eyeshadows used in the crease to add definition and shading around the teeth and cheekbones. Blend out the colors for a more realistic skull appearance.

Adding Lashes:

Apply lashes to enhance the overall look. We recommend the Kiss Lash Couture style “Cool” for a dense and dramatic effect.

Final Touches:

Add white face paint or a white eyeliner to highlight the teeth and enhance the skull-like appearance. Finish with a neutral lipstick or leave the lips bare for a more skeletal vibe.

13. Creepy Blood Drip Makeup

Winged Eyeshadow:

Start by creating a smoky winged eyeshadow using dark brown and black eyeshadows.

Creating Blood Drips:

Use a brown eyeliner pencil to draw dripping lines extending from the winged liner. Fill in the drips with black eyeshadow to create a realistic blood effect.

Lip Detailing:

Line your lips with a burgundy lip liner and fill them in with a black liquid lipstick, such as NYX Liquid Suede in “Alien.”

Adding Detail:

Use a white eyeliner to add detail to the lips and eyes, creating a creepy yet glamorous look.

Final Touches:

Apply black face paint or eyeshadow to shade and contour the face, emphasizing the spooky vibe of the look.


And there you have it! Whether you’re aiming for a sultry winged eyeshadow, a haunting skull-inspired look, or a creepy blood drip makeup, these tutorials offer everything you need to elevate your spooky season. From last-minute inspirations to classic favorites, these easy tutorials are sure to make a statement and get you into the Halloween spirit. So, grab your makeup brushes and let your creativity run wild!

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