What Is An Updo Hairstyle

What Is An Updo

An updo is a women’s hairstyle that involves ‘sweeping the hair’ or arranging the hair into an ‘upstyle’, usually for a special or formal occasion. There are many different styles for updos, including sleek, romantic, or ‘messy yet elegant’ looks.

Hair updos can be compared to sculptured masterpieces because each variation serves a unique purpose, whether it’s for a fun, funky, formal, or whimsical look. They can be styled with a casual feel or require hours of labor, depending on the desired style or occasion.

Hair Updos

Hair updos have a touch of elegance that is why it is often used in many formal occasions and special events such as proms and weddings. This hairstyle is available in many different variations as long as it matches the perfect style and dress. As what is mentioned above, hair updos are not that easy to achieve because it requires good styling techniques and hours to create it.

Hair Updos – For Short, Medium & Long Length Hairs

Hair updos are applicable both for long and short length hair. Although short length hair has lesser varieties of hair updos than long length hair, there are sexy and cute ones that can be used in special occasions. In some cases, women with short length hair use hair extensions in able to achieve the kind of hair updo they want. The secret in achieving great hair updos for short hair is to wave to curl huge portion of the hair as possible before pinning backwards to the center. The created bundle towards the back may appear very cute.

For medium and long length hairs, numerous styles can be created as well for hair updos. The techniques of loops, swirls, and the famous French twists can be applied for updo hairstyles. Hair updos is also available in full style wherein the entire hair is bundled up leaving only the area of the face open. There is also the half-updo style wherein the hair is hanging from the sides or left to cover the face.

A half-updo means just that! Instead of all the hair being pulled up, generally, only the top half is pulled away from the face and pinned back, while the rest of the hair is worn down.

A down-do is a style that is worn entirely down. Whether it is hair worn down with curls or waves, or a more romantic formal braid style that is actually pinned or secured while worn down.

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