How to Apply and Remove False Eyelashes

False eyelashes come in many various colours, shapes and sizes. Eyelashes are an essential asset to the look of your whole face. They not only filter out dust around your eyes but they make your eyelashes act as little frames that open and brighten your eyes. No matter how much eye makeup you wear, nothing sums so much to the look of your eyes as nice long, thick eyelashes.

If false eyelash glue gets in your eyes don’t worry just relax your eyes for a while or if they get too bad take the eyelashes off and wash your eyes out then you may be able to apply the eyelashes again if you dry your eyes out. After applying false eyelashes, letting them dehydrated, take an eyelash curler and softly curl your new false eyelashes along with you own lashes.

False eyelashes only on particular occasions will keep your eyes from increasing an infection or an annoyance from the adhesive. False or fake eyelashes help outline your lashline without mascara and, in most cases, without liner on the upper lid. False eyelashes also plump your lashes without using an profusion of products which often results in clumps and smears. You can obtain thin out of thick false lashes and get just the look you desire without using multiple applications of color.

False Eyelashes
False Eyelashes

How to Apply False Eyelashes

  • Take the eyelashes out of the packaging carefully as some false eyelashes can be very elegant.
  • Add a thin layer of adhesive. The key to good looking lashes is chaste glue/adhesive so make sure you spend your money on the right glue as cheap ones are a waste of time.
  • Hover the false eyelashes over the eye and slowly place the false eyelashes in the external corner first, making sure they are the right size for your eyes and not to big.
  • To enhance the look of your new lashes apply liquid eyeliner over both.
  • To use your false eyelashes again, clean them as per the manufacture’s directions.

How to clean false eyelashes?

  • To make your false eyelashes make dirt free, place them on a counter and put a few drops of water over them.
  • After a minute or so, the glue will be simple to draw off the strip part with your fingers.

False eyelashes come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, enhancing the overall look of the face by framing and brightening the eyes. Proper care and application are crucial for comfort and aesthetics. Glue mishaps can be resolved by relaxing the eyes or washing them gently.

Using eyelash curlers after application helps blend natural and false lashes seamlessly. Limiting their use to specific occasions prevents potential eye irritations. False eyelashes provide definition to the lash line without the need for excessive mascara or eyeliner, avoiding clumps and smudges. Applying them involves careful handling, precise adhesive application, and fitting to the eye’s size. Cleaning false eyelashes ensures longevity and hygiene, involving gentle water soaking and adhesive residue removal.

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