How to Get Eva Longoria Hairstyles Step by Step Guide

Full Name: Eva Jacqueline Longoria
Date of Birth: March 15, 1975
Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, Texas
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Nationality: American, Mexican
Height: 5’2″
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ex-husband: Tyler Christopher
Boyfriend: Tony Parker
Occupation: Actress, Model

Eva Longoria Hairstyle

Eva Longoria Parker keeps her beautiful caramel and milk chocolate based hairstyles fresh. She does this by regularly altering the length, the fashion, the portions, and even the trimming features. She wears a wide range of hair lengths, methods, shades and even borders ranging from none to side-swept and back.
Eva was last seen on July of 2009 while leaving her famous Los Angeles restaurant with her hubby Tony. Her latest July 2009 pointed, smooth haircut is mixed in length with much larger strings bending down towards her chin.

Before this hairstyle Eva was growing her hair and was seen in long verdant gloomy locks. Her hairstyle change was perfectly timed to acclimatize to the blistering hot temperatures in California and her home state Texas.

Besides going much smaller all around in an unreal bob style, Eva has a newly created full side-swept trimming. This style perfectly drops off a side part.

Eva Longoria’s Stunning Hairstyles

With her gloomy, spectacular beauty, Eva has acquired the hearts of many. This sexy star of Desperate Housewives certainly admired these past few years that many women all over the world have imitated her fashion and style.

Eva frequently wore her dark brown long and silky hair tresses. Her somewhat wavy long haircut matches her gloomy looks flawlessly. She was observed with her shiny layered long haircut which is parted properly on one side and the layers faintly bending inside.

Another layered haircut that Eva wore was one that includes layered trims diminishing just below her shoulders – but this time, it is parted nearly at the middle, paler in color and comes with tender playful waves instead of shiny layers. With this same paler brown shade; Eva had worn her hair very long and straight with the sides clearly covering her face in a layered cut.

Although she’s most of the times seen with long hairstyles, Eva also wore an angled bob hairstyle in medium brown color. This haircut is very short at the back, increasing in length towards the side with its bottoms bending inside to border the face, this bob is evocative of the Victoria Beckham-popularized edition of the bob known as the “pob.”

How to Get Eva Longoria’s Hairstyle

Step 1: Begin with dry hair. Apply a nickel-sized quantity of hair cream all over the outer surface, dispensing it slowly and regularly. Be cautious not to apply the product to the scalp. If the scalp gets oily, it will make the hairs even.

Step 2: Next, by using a big natural-bristle brush, sweep the hair backwards, up and away from the face, and let them fall in a free off-center part.

Step 3: Smoothly finger-comb backwards and sideways of the hair into a short ponytail. It is recommended that you use an elastic, so you don’t frizz or harm your hairs. Don’t pull too firmly.

Step 4: Now you are going to style the ponytail you made into a little round shape at the joint of the neck, which is called as “easy swirl.” Do this by pouching the bottom of the ponytail, and, while holding the tail, wrapping it around the base of the elastic, as if you’re sculpting a donut.

Step 5: Holding your small carved donut, you need about 8-10 hairpins to fix it against the joint of your neck. Place the pins steadily, until you have a complete circle.

Step 6: Scatter with tight holding spray. Remember, because the hair’s pulled into a unfastened spin, it’s okay, and even projected, that some of the trimmings will come out, which will give a very pretty and casual style.


In summary, Eva Longoria Parker’s hairstyles reflect her versatile and ever-changing sense of style. From long, silky tresses to short, angled bobs, she effortlessly switches up her look while maintaining her stunning beauty. Her hairstyles are often imitated by women worldwide, showcasing her influence in the world of fashion and beauty.

Eva’s hairstyles range from sleek and straight to wavy and layered, highlighting her dark brown hair and complementing her glamorous appearance. She’s known for her signature side-swept trims and playful waves, adding depth and dimension to her locks.

For those looking to achieve Eva’s hairstyle, the key lies in using the right products and techniques. Starting with dry hair, applying hair cream evenly and using a natural-bristle brush to sweep the hair away from the face sets the foundation. Creating a short ponytail and styling it into a “easy swirl” adds a touch of elegance, while finishing with hairpins and holding spray ensures the style stays in place.

Overall, Eva Longoria Parker’s hairstyles are a testament to her beauty and versatility, inspiring women to experiment with different looks and embrace their own unique style.

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