What is 70s Disco Hairstyles

Disco hairstyles do not die it just get recycle over the years. Even though these hairstyles became popular during the 1970s era, it always finds its way back into the fashion culture.

Many of the trendy hairstyles seen today are inspired from the disco hairstyles such as the wedge haircuts and shaggy haircuts. Some of these hairstyles can be just a repeat to some who have lived the 1970s era but for the younger generations, the hairstyles are relatively new and modern for them.

Popular Disco Hairstyles

Disco Hairstyles

Afro-Look Disco Hairstyles

Disco hairstyles are popularized between the 1960s and 1970s. One of the famous ones is the Afro look, which started by the African-Americans women. It can be added with single colors and even two-toned hair colors. The Afro look had been a symbolic hairstyle of the period along with the bell-bottomed and sequins jeans and disco balls. Today, the hair technology had brought a more advanced level to the hairstyle giving more artistic designed shapes for the hair.

Long Straight Hairstyles for Disco

Another type of disco hairstyles is the long straight hair, which is popular for both girls and women of the 70s era. The long hair is often divided into two ponytails whereas every ponytail is wrapped with a ribbon piece. Such hairstyle still exists today.

Feathered Look for Men & Women

The feathered look is another popular type of disco hairstyle. It is popular both for women and men alike. With this style, the hair is cut into layers so it would look like feathers. Thick and long sideburns are also popular part of disco hairstyles.

1970s Disco Hairstyles Today

No matter how many years have passed, there’s one carryover from the time that we’ll never let go of: ‘70s hairstyles. Feathered, flat-ironed, or big, glorious Afros—there’s no expiration date on really, really groovy hair from the ’70s.

The ’70s were all about four distinct personalities, it was either bohemian straight, punk, sex bomb, or disco.

Whether you envision yourself as a chic hippie with long, straight hair parted down the center or rocking the halo-like curls of a disco queen, adopting these looks inspired by our favorite icons of the era will have you ready to boogie all night long.


Disco hairstyles have proven timeless, resurfacing in fashion cycles despite originating in the 1970s. Contemporary trends often draw inspiration from disco, like the iconic wedge and shaggy cuts. While these styles may evoke nostalgia for some, they offer a fresh and modern appeal to younger generations.

From the iconic Afro to long straight hair with ribbon accents, disco hairstyles continue to make a statement. The feathered look, popular for both men and women, remains a classic choice, showcasing layered hair akin to feathers. Today, ’70s hairstyles persist, offering a variety of looks from bohemian to disco-inspired, ensuring that groovy hair never goes out of style.

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