How to do Cornrows Hairstyles

Cornrows is a very groovy look, but be warned: you need to have an elegantly shaped head as this can be quite a severe hairstyle. If you want to try the corn rows hairstyle for the first time, it’s a good idea to go to a salon and have it done professionally, but if you are good at plaiting, try doing cornrows using the following instructions.

Things you need for Corn Rows Hairstyle:

A rat tail comb with a sharp tip for precise parting.
Butterfly clips to keep sections of hair separated.
Optional: duct tape clips for extra security.
Let’s start with the basic underhand braid, demonstrated in two different hand positions. This is crucial for mastering the cornrow technique later on.

Hand Positions

Hand Position 1:

Divide the hair into three equal sections.
Hold your hands close to the scalp with fingers extended and slightly apart.
Pinch the middle section between your index and middle finger and thumb.
Bring the right section under the middle, making it the new middle section.
Repeat with the left section, alternating between right and left under the middle.
Maintain a neutral hand position to avoid cramping.

Hand Position 2:

Once off the scalp, flip your hands to a palm-down position.
Braid the hair under, using your middle finger to grip each section.
Continue braiding, maintaining consistent tension.
Remember to run your fingers through the hair periodically to prevent tangling.

Cornrows Hairstyles
Cornrows Hairstyles

Step By Step Instructions for Cornrows Hairstyle

As you braid, focus on consistent finger spacing for uniform braids. Avoid looking underneath while braiding for tension and control.

Tilt the head forward when braiding behind the ear to prevent tight pulling. This reduces the risk of hair loss.

For cleaner parting, work in small sections, gradually building up.

To start, use a rat-tail bone comb and butterfly clips for sectioning.

Now, let’s learn the basic underhand braid in two ways. Section hair into three parts, holding close to the scalp. Alternate bringing outer strands under the middle one.

The second technique involves flipping hands to braid under the strands once off the scalp for tighter braids.

Practice patience, maintain consistent tension, and detangle hair before braiding. Use product sparingly.

Experiment with different patterns and designs once mastered. Seek feedback and stay comfortable during braiding to avoid hand fatigue.

Incorporate these tips to hone cornrowing skills and create beautiful styles. Practice makes perfect!

Cornrows are a stylish and groovy hairstyle option, but they require precision and patience. It’s advisable to seek professional help if you’re new to this style. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can master the art of cornrowing. Key tools include a rat tail comb and butterfly clips for sectioning. Learning the basic underhand braid is crucial, focusing on consistent finger spacing and tension. Remember to tilt the head forward to avoid tight pulling behind the ears. Practice regularly, experiment with different patterns, and incorporate feedback to perfect your cornrowing skills.

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