What Is A Clipper Haircut

Another term for clipper haircuts is fade haircut, which is one of the easiest to maintain hairstyles for men.

All types of clipper haircuts are extremely quintessential and masculine for men. During the early 90s, the haircut came to fame in the mainstream fashion but became popular in the 20th century among African American youth. The styles of clipper haircuts that we see today are shorter and aggressive version of the original clipper haircuts. And these styles have become popular both for women and men of all ages.

Clipper Haircuts for Men

Since clipper haircuts have less length remarkably they are easy to maintain at its extent. This is the main reason why the haircut became popular among men. Some styles of clipper haircuts are even selected as the official haircut of some international arm forces.

In most barber shops across the world, clipper haircuts are often requested because of its versatility to be styled in numerous ways. This haircut is shorter at the back of the head and at the nape while its length increased gradually towards the front of the head and at the crown.

The hair length of this haircut may always depend on the wearer’s preference. If the wearer prefers to have long length, then the haircut can be incorporated with Mohawk styles of either long or short.

The History of Manual Hair Clippers

Originally, hair clippers were manual and lacked any electrical components. However, with the advent of cheap electric clippers in the last fifty years, barbers have shifted to using electric clippers almost exclusively. (It’s difficult to find good manual clippers nowadays.)

Because of their ease and effectiveness at cutting, they became popular for cutting hair in institutional and challenging environments, such as in prisons and in the military.

A Thought on Maintenance

While clippers aren’t overly complex, keeping them in good condition requires some maintenance, namely keeping them lubricated, as the blades will dull and work ineffectively otherwise.

Clipper Blades

Blades are an area one should also consider carefully when first looking at clippers. The blade size controls how much hair is removed from the head. Choosing the right blades is very important for achieving the desired look. More information can be found on that here. Blades are most commonly made of stainless steel, with some higher quality ones made from ceramic. All materials have their strengths and weaknesses: stainless steel corrodes and dulls more easily over time, while ceramic is more expensive and can be more easily broken. On the flip side, stainless steel is more affordable, while ceramic stays sharper and doesn’t get anywhere near as hot with longer use.

Common Cuts

One of the most common kinds of clipper cuts is called a Fade Cut, which looks sharp and is easy to maintain. The hair at the sides is generally kept short with longer hair on top that fades together neatly. Overall, it’s a great and timeless cut that looks good on almost any man.


Clipper haircuts, also known as fade haircuts, have evolved into a quintessential and masculine style for men, popularized in the mainstream fashion during the early 90s and embraced by African American youth in the 20th century. Today, these hairstyles, characterized by their shorter and aggressive versions, are favored by people of all ages and genders. Their ease of maintenance and versatility in styling make them a go-to choice in barber shops worldwide.

Originally manual, hair clippers have transitioned to electric models, offering efficiency and precision in cutting. Maintenance is essential to keep clippers in top condition, with lubrication being key to blade longevity and effectiveness. Blade selection is crucial for achieving desired haircut styles, with considerations for material and size. Among the most common clipper cuts is the Fade Cut, a timeless style that exudes sharpness and requires minimal upkeep. Clipper haircuts not only offer practicality but also serve as a statement of style and individuality in today’s fashion landscape.

FAQ about What Is A Clipper Haircut

What’s the Difference Between Scissor and Clipper Cuts?

Why not use scissors, and what’s the big difference between them and clipper cuts, you ask? Well, scissors generally work well for longer hair and allow for careful control over the length, whereas clipper cuts are tidier and easier. Ultimately though, it comes down to what you want out of your cut. Clippers and scissors can both work well.

What is the difference between a hair clipper and a trimmer?

The main difference between hair clippers and trimmers is how close they cut to the skin. Clippers are designed for use on longer hair, whilst trimmers have shorter blades and are intended for use on areas with shorter hair, including facial and body hair.

What is the difference between clippers and shears?

The reason is this – professionally sharpened, crafted steel shears slice the hair cleanly to create a perfect haircut. On a microscopic level, this makes a clean end, lending to fewer splits and shinier hair that lays flat. Clippers, on the other hand, leave a jagged or torn edge if you were to look under a microscope.

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