How To Feel Beautiful In Your Own Skin

Enhancing your beauty isn’t just about cosmetics; it’s about embracing your inner radiance and projecting it outwardly. Here are some timeless tips to help you unlock your true beauty potential.

1. Be Confident in Yourself

To be really beautiful you have to take pride in yourself as a person. If you are outwardly pretty, but inside you are unhappy, or simply unrecognized, your aura of beauty will be somewhat askew. See if someone gave you a gift wrapped in shiny, eye-popping paper, with glorious flowing ribbons and silk bows, but when you opened it, it was empty. You would be upset and the image of the beautiful gift would be destroyed. Even if the outer perfection is momentarily so dazzling as to be seemingly “perfect” remember this perfection will eventually and inevitably fade, leaving a “less-than-perfect,” inwardly empty shell.

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The lesson, then, is to take pride in yourself as a person-let your self-confidence, warmth, poise, spirit, grace, humor-shine through. That is beauty.

2. The Satisfaction of Your Face

Take satisfaction in beholding your face. Let it be the mirror of your soul, your emotions, your feelings, your passions, your experiences. Don’t be fanatical with lines and wrinkles-think of them as the expressions of your life. This doesn’t mean you can’t minimize them by learning how to take care of your skin, by applying makeup that enhances your best features, by wearing a hairstyle that is becoming-by making yourself as beautiful as you can be.

3. Your Aim Is To Beautiful

Beauty is building the finest of what you are and what you have, and believing in your own beauty. A good friend once said that if you think you are beautiful, chances are others will too. Self-confidence is a large part of beauty.

Each of us has imperfections-eyes too thin when you wanted doe eyes, skin sallow when you wished for a glow, hair thin and curly when you wanted it thick and straight. But what you think is a drawback may be what makes you you-it is the characteristic that distinguishes you from everyone else. This doesn’t mean you can’t, with knowledge and help, reduce some of those features you consider to be drawbacks and maximize those you love. But first you have to come to terms with your face and decide to make it as pretty as you can.

4. Try to be Yourself – Be the One You Adore

Don’t make an effort to look like someone else. First of all, most of the people you see in magazines, in films or on television shows-those “perfect images” -are made up to look perfect for the camera, to be as beautiful as they can be for their roles. It is an unhealthy waste of time to try to look like them because you are setting yourself up for failure – you can never look exactly like those women anyway, so you can never win.

Consider, those women without their makeup and hairstylists and wonderful camera people are just like you. Their beauty is calculated to please-it is not a pure natural phenomenon. Many of these women, when they look in the mirror, see lines and shadows and spots, just as you do. And yet, conversely, some of them are even more beautiful in person.

5. Being Gorgeous Takes Work and Time

Only in fairy tales are women born perfect and stay that way without any effort. But your beauty routine should be a pleasure. Taking care of your skin, putting on makeup, styling your hair, spending time on yourself-is not a narcissistic self indulgence but an essential luxury to which you are certainly entitled.

Beauty schedule is to be simple, effective and takes little time. But to make it work, you need the discipline of making such personal care a habit. To do that, you need to be motivated, for once you have the motivation to take proper care of yourself, you want to make your beauty routine a daily part of your life.

6. First Know Yourself

Take care of how you present yourself to others, and make sure that what you think you project to people is what they see. But sometimes our facial expressions and our physical habits give an unattractive impression. We all need to see ourselves honestly, or at least as others see us. Part of this is noticing habits (are you blinking or squinting?), inflections and tone of voice (are you expressing excitement or are you screeching?), attitude (are you quietly attentive or patronizing?) and making a conscious effort to change or tone down the characteristics you dislike and enhancing those you consider attractive.

7. Find Your Own Fashion Technique

After taking care of the image you present to others, find your own style-one that reflects your personality and looks and fits your life. Understand the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is what designers decide we should be wearing, whether it is in clothes or makeup or hairdos. Style is your own special magic-an aura that is you. And it is something you can develop and nurture. Ask the professionals, look at magazines for clues to what would become you, what techniques and products will enhance your best features. In hair, in makeup and in clothes, you can find a style that reflects the way you feel about yourself, because style is an extension of your own individuality.

This does not mean that once you have found a style that is “you” you should be locked into that look. Have the confidence to be flexible, to try new fashions, but always remember not to be a victim of fashion-to let your own beauty shine through.

A woman of style is memorable and has an individuality that sets her apart from others. A beautiful woman has an attitude of self-confidence that radiates a style and charm all her own.

8. Learn at What Time to Break the Rules

Be flexible as much as necessary to be able to change. First learn the rules-how to care for your skin, how to style your hair, how to wear makeup that accentuates your best features and is appropriate for the occasion. Then learn when to use your judgment to bend the rules so that you are not that predictable. Sometimes flamboyance is terrific; sometimes being a head turner is wonderful; and sometimes being the center of attraction is wrong. Sometimes wearing no makeup is just fine, and at other times wearing an overdone face is just fine, too; but there are times when outlandish fashion is inappropriate.

Incorporating self-confidence, self-awareness, and individuality, true beauty transcends mere appearances. By nurturing your inner confidence and developing your unique style, you can radiate beauty from within, making a lasting impression wherever you go.

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