What Is Airbrush Makeup – How To Get Airbrush Makeup Look

Airbrush makeup is one of the advance technologies that science can offer today.  It consists of a gun, hose, and compressor. This kind of makeup procedure is best for those busy people who have no time to do the traditional makeup application.

It is not only easy to apply but also takes less minutes to do. It is very light to wear, thus anyone can able to wear it in whatever ways. Airbrush makeup does not only produce natural look but also available in various color shades that people can choose from.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup Application

The application of airbrush makeup is not possible without the use of air compressor. The air compressor sprays numerous micro droplets on the skin that blends well with person’s skin complexion.

How Airbrush Makeup Works

Airbrush makeup consists of four basic elements: pigment, resin, solvent, and additives. The pigment typically comes in crushed powder form and is mixed with a liquid to provide color. There are two types of resin: acrylics and cellulose.

Application of airbrush makeup involves using an air-powered tool to dispense product in a spray-like form. A foundation shade cartridge is inserted into the machine, and the foundation is then dispensed into the applicator and sprayed onto the skin. Over time, these machines and cartridges have become smaller and more portable for at-home use.

The resin, along with the film former, helps the pigment adhere to the skin’s surface and enhances the stability of the makeup. Solvents in airbrush makeup are typically water, oil, or alcohol-based, which are hypoallergenic and beneficial for the skin’s health.

In addition to face coverage, airbrush makeup can also be used for other makeup applications such as eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. It’s important to ensure that any products used are specifically formulated for airbrush application.

Different Types of Airbrush Coverage

As mentioned above, airbrush makeup tends to give more of a semi-matte finish, and it’s buildable, too. Airbrush makeup can be layered, allowing individuals to achieve their desired level of coverage. You can start with a sheer application and gradually build up to medium or full coverage with additional layers.

Airbrush makeup also provides a flawless appearance by ensuring even application to the skin. It offers a buildable coverage ranging from sheer to full while creating a lightweight, natural-looking, and skin-like finish.

Is Airbrush Makeup Good

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

  • Apparently, airbrush makeup can only last for about 10 to 20 hours but the normal range would be up to 16 hours.
  • It does not give the skin irritation and its whole system is surely healthy since it does not hit the skin.
  • It does not get spoiled since the makeup is resistant from tear, smear, and sweat.
  • The makeup is also best for sensitive skins and produce clear image on photos as well as on cameras.

Downsides of Airbrush Makeup

One of the biggest cons of airbrush makeup is the inability to blend or customize your finish once it’s been sprayed on. Scibelli explains that once the makeup has dried, it becomes harder to make any adjustments, leaving you essentially committed to the final product.

Additionally, traditional makeup is generally easier to incorporate into your everyday routine. It’s more accessible, easier to apply, and offers a wide range of product choices and variety of looks you can create. Most importantly, many brands offer a diverse range of shade options.

How To Get Airbrush Makeup Look

There are great airbrush makeup tools on the market if you want to try them out yourself. Brands like Temptu and Luminess make user-friendly airbrush machines to give you that flawless feel.

But if you want to get that “airbrush” look without the tool, you can turn to regular makeup to achieve the same effect. Scibelli recommends Beauty Pie’s Traceless SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen + Primer to lock in makeup and control oil production on the skin for that velvety airbrush feel. He also loves Pat McGrath Labs’ Sublime Perfection Blurring Under-Eye Setting Powder, which he says is perfect for blurring fine lines, dark circles, and under-eye bags.

It’s important to look for a lightweight foundation like Tarte’s Face Tape, so that you get long-lasting, buildable coverage that won’t look too cakey or crease throughout the day. Then, you’ll want to make sure to set everything with a setting spray.

All in all, when deciding which method of makeup application you should opt for, it’s all about personal preference. It does’t say one is better than the other; it is more dependent on what you are looking to achieve and your comfort level with application. At the end of the day, it all depends on the occasion and the desired makeup look.

Airbrush makeup offers a quick and convenient way to achieve a flawless look, ideal for busy individuals. While it provides a lightweight and natural appearance, it also has limitations, such as the inability to blend once applied. Advances in technology have made airbrush tools more accessible, but traditional makeup still offers versatility and a wider range of options. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and desired results.

FAQ About Airbrush Makeup

What Is The Difference Between Airbrush Makeup And Regular Makeup?

The main difference between regular makeup and airbrush makeup lies in their application method, texture, and finish.

Airbrush makeup is applied using an air-powered tool that dispenses a very thin liquid formula in a spray-like form. This formula is typically water-like and needs to be thin for proper spraying. It comes in various finishes, from ultra-matte to radiant glowing, and is best for those seeking a natural look with light coverage. Airbrush makeup is long-wearing and photographs well without causing flashback in photos. It is non-transferable for the most part, making it suitable for those who sweat easily or live in humid climates. However, it may look drying on mature or textured skin types.

On the other hand, traditional makeup comes in various formulas, ranging from sheer to maximum coverage. These formulas have advanced over time and now offer added benefits such as built-in primers, hydration, and mattifying properties. Makeup artists prefer traditional makeup because it can be easily manipulated and customized for different skin types and desired finishes. Traditional makeup is great for medium to fuller coverage and can be sheered down for lighter coverage. It is suitable for all skin types and photographs well. It is especially preferred for mature skin as it offers more emollient formulas that minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In summary, while both airbrush and traditional makeup have their advantages, the choice between them depends on factors such as skin type, desired coverage, and overall look. Airbrush makeup is best for those seeking a natural, weightless look with light coverage, while traditional makeup offers more versatility in coverage and customization.

Is Airbrush Makeup Better For Weddings?

Airbrush makeup can be a great choice for weddings, although the decision ultimately depends on personal preference. Its long-lasting and typically drier formula makes it ideal for special occasions like wedding days, as it requires fewer touch-ups throughout the event.

How Long Does Airbrush Makeup Last?

Airbrush makeup is renowned for its longevity and can typically last for up to 18 hours, depending on factors such as the application technique, skin type, and the specific product used.

Can I Apply Airbrush Makeup Myself Or Do I Need Help From A Professional?

You can apply airbrush makeup yourself if you have the necessary equipment and skills. However, It does require a lot of practice and precision.

Is Airbrush Makeup Waterproof Or Sweat-Resistant?

Many airbrush products are water-resistant or sweatproof to some extent. However, the level of water and sweat resistance can vary depending on the formulation. They may require touching up after prolonged exposure to water or excessive sweating.

Which Skin Type Is Not Ideal For Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup can appear drying on mature or highly textured skin, making it less ideal for these skin types. If you sweat easily on your face or reside in a humid climate, however, airbrush makeup can be a suitable option for you.

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