What Are The Most Popular Hairstyles for African American

While African American’s used to rely heavily on traditional African hairstyles, this has changed dramatically over these years. This change is due to a number of reasons including a change of African hairstyles and an acceptance of the traditional hairstyles.

Today, the African American hairstyles tend to be very similar, if not exactly the same as the Caucasian American hairstyles.

Modern black hairstyles shine with textures and colors, giving African American girls a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

From traditional styles and tribal braids, to cool trendy short haircuts and bright colors, the choice is diverse as never before, so we are perfectly sure you’ll find your next hair goal in our vast collection.

Traditional African American Hairstyles for Short, medium & Long Hair

African American Long Hairstyle Picture

The traditional African hairstyles that the African Americans embraced for generations often included tight braids and slicked back hair. These hairstyles were easy to care for and often included parties to get the hair dressed properly.

The braids hairstyles were difficult to do, so professionals or naturally talented individuals would often assist in the braiding. These parties or get together’s for braiding were where most of the information relating to friends and family was traded and bonds were formed or strengthened.

Braids Hairstyles for African American Women

Braids Hairstyle for African American Women

The braids have not disappeared from the African American’s hairstyles. These braids have simply evolved. These braids can be used to add hair extensions or weaves in, or to style the natural hair in an easy to manage hairstyle. These braids often form crowns or other styles such as buns as one would use their unbraided hair. The braids are difficult to get tangled and require only minor care adjustments, making them easy to keep.

African American Short Hair Photo

Another major development in the African American’s hairstyle is the acceptance and embracing of the European hairstyles. This is to mean hairstyles that focus on smooth and well-shaped hair. This creates a sense of calm to the African American hair that it would not normally have. Often the hair is straitened and then styled in any number of different styles to enhance the facial and body features of the individual.

Shaggy Bob for African American Women

Actress Gabrielle Union flaunts her short and sassy shaggy bob. The tapered back helps shape the face, making it ideal for women with oval and heart-shaped faces.

Playful Pixie for African American Women

Update your short black pixie with a single curl, as seen on singer Janelle Monáe. Shape the curl using hair wax or your favorite edge control product.

Braided Bun for African American Women

Short looks can be super versatile. Actress Tracee Ellis Ross demonstrates easy, protective styles. Keep your braided bun sleek and edges laid with an edge control product like her own Pattern Mini Strong Hold Gel.

Flip Hairstyle for African American Women

Try flipping out your hair! Singer Saweetie showcases this sleek look. The 70s are back in fashion, so expect the 70s big hair flip out” to be popular this year.

In summary, the landscape of African American hairstyles has undergone significant transformations over the years. While traditional African hairstyles like tight braids and slicked-back hair were once predominant, modern trends now reflect a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary influences. Today, African American hairstyles are diverse and dynamic, ranging from traditional styles to trendy cuts and vibrant colors. Braids continue to be a prominent feature, evolving to incorporate extensions and weaves for added flair and manageability.

Moreover, there has been a growing acceptance and integration of European hairstyles, characterized by smooth, well-shaped hair. This shift highlights the evolving preferences and versatility within the African American community, offering individuals a wide range of options to express their unique style and personality.

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