Bella Swan Eye Makeup

bella-swan-eye-makeupTwilight was a huge hit and so was Kristen steward’s eye makeup in that movie. The star whose character name was Bella Swan had attractive eye makeup which grabbed many eye balls. So if you are also Bella Swan eye makeup fan, then here are some of the quick tips.

Things You Will Need

Eye shadow primer, black cream eye shadow, silver cream eye shadow, flat shadow brush, dark pewter gray eye shadow, fluffy shadow brush, blending brush, light chocolate brown shadow, dark chocolate brown shadow, pencil brush, matter eye shadow in your own flesh tone, small blending brush, gel eyeliner in a dark gray color, flat angled liner brush and a black mascara.

Method of doing Bella Swan eye makeup

To do eye makeup, you must apply eye makeup primer. This helps to protect the eyes. Just dab a small amount of it on the entire eye lids and brown bone use for fingers to massage it. Allow it to rest for at least 5 minutes and then begin with the rest of the process. Apply black cream eye shadow to the lids with the help of flat eye shadow brush. Then in order to cover the black shade with silver one, apply silver cream eye shadow to the eye lids with brush. With the blending brush, carefully blend the two shades to bring out a good color. This can be done by gently sweeping the brush from side to side.

Take pewter eye shadow and pat it on the lids over which you earlier have applied black and silver eye shadow. Do this with the help of fluffy eye shadow brush and then blend lightly. Blend the crease of eye with the help of blending brush. This helps to create a soft line over the crease and it also helps the makeup to appear less harsh. Now apply light chocolate brown shadow over the crease with the help of blending brush. Do this with controlled brush strokes so that you do not mess the makeup you just did. Then apply dark chocolate brown shadow with pencil brush on outer crease and the blend.

Line the lower and upper lashes with dark gray gel liner with the help of flat liner brush. Sweep black mascara over the lashes several time and you are done. So this is how you can do Bella Swan eye make up on your own.

Some Basics of Applying Eye Shadow

applying-eye-shadowApplying eye shadow is one of the most difficult parts of applying eye makeup. Most of the people do not know which shade has to be applied on which part of the eye. So if you too have a problem with the application of eye shadow, then here are some quick tips.

The basic step to apply eye shadow is to apply eye shadow primer first. This helps the eye shadow to stay on the skin for a long period of time. After this, you must select the shade of eye shadow. Now, the colors which make the color your eyes pop should be preferred the most.

Today, shades like blue, greens and black are actually preferred by the makeup experts since they bring out the color of eyes perfectly. Contrasting the colors in accordance with jewelry piece could be another option. Do not ever apply dark shade of eye shadow over the brow bone unless you really want to don a dramatic look. Applying eye shadow over brow bone is a necessity though as it highlights the eyes. But things get tricky with the highlighter part. When you apply shadow on the eye’s crease, then make sure you blend it outwards and not towards brow bone. If you choose to wear three set shadow, then go for a shadow with great base.

Application of shadow

The key to get the eye makeup right is to start with light shade and then go darker. Brush the base color over the entire eyes. Then over the lids apply lid color and that is the medium shade. Finally, apply the highlight which is the darkest shade over the lower lids but do not be heavy headed. Finally, shimmer is applied however, this is optional. Prefer applying it when you wish to attend party.

Eyeliner and mascara

After applying eye shadow, complete applying eye makeup by application of eyeliner. For this, draw a neat line just above the lashes. Then, on the lashes, apply several coats of mascara. The shade of mascara should be black but you can experiment with blue mascara as well.

So this is how you can apply eye shadow and get the perfectly attractive eyes. You would need to practice several times before getting it right but after you would know how to do it, you would enjoy doing it every time you do makeup.

Applying Blush

applying-blushApplying blush is one of the most important parts of makeup. It makes the cheeks represent able and brings out reddish glow over the face. However, not many women know how to apply blush properly over face. Firstly, it is the selection of the shade that matters. Choose the blush that goes with attire. Then you must select if you wish to go for cream based blush or powdered one. If you are attending party, hen cream based makeup is recommended. Then after this comes the technique of applying blush. If you have no idea about it then here is how you can apply blush.

How to apply blush?

The face shape matters in applying blush. You must apply blush over center of face, over the high cheekbones. If you have round face, then you can try giving illusion of slenderness by applying blush in V shape sideways over the cheekbones. Blend it well and if required, apply a bit over the chin as well. For colors, choose dusty pink or rose shade. Remember that the basic for applying blush is concentrating over the apples of cheeks. If you choose to wear powdered blush, then sweep in one direction. Take some of it in a big brush and tap off the excess before application. If you choose cream- based blush, then apply dot of it and blend in direction of hairline.

Applying blush on different shapes of face

For round face, you know now how to apply blush. However, if you have square face, the technique is a little different. You can dap a bit of blush over chin and forehead to soften the square angles of your face. Again, the key lies in blending it well. So do so and get the perfect look. In case the shape of your face is rectangular then apply blush below the eye’s outer corners. This would help you to deal with the length of face as it makes the face look smaller. If you have oval face, then apply blush over cheekbone’s most prominent part. Then blend it well and you are done. so this is how one can apply blush in different face shapes.

So the only thing that you have to do is to buy the must have shades of blush ons which are pinks, orange, peach, red and bronze. Choose shades according to attire and whole look and apply it just the way it is mentioned above.

Short Tapered Up Bob

short-tapered-up-bobLadies with short hair can enjoy, since they have short tapered up bob hairdos to turn to. These hair styles are very trendy, in that they offer the most sensational appearance that one can be comfortably with in so many events. Ideally, if you are also tired of the traditional long hair styles, you can opt to switch to short tapered up bob hairdos. They are very accommodating; you will only need to trim your hair to your desired short length. Well, short tapered up bob hair styles can extend to the chin level past that they will be medium haircuts.

Short tapered up bob hair styles are characterized by vintage appearance. The tapered up ends of these hair styles have the effect of adding on the glamorous, soft and feminine appearance. These hair styles are further defined by lengthy layers at the front accompanied by a graduated section at the back of the hair styles. The graduated back is usually enclosed by a thick linage. Consequently, this has the effect of developing soft chin level heights that can be smoothen out so easily by the use of a hair straightening iron. Short tapered up bob hairdos are available in a number of forms, including: short tapered up bobs with twin side swept bangs, short tapered up bobs with side swept bangs, short tapered up bobs with straight bangs and so on.

An appealing short tapered up bob hair style must be accompanied by some additional features to make it look cute and sexy. Most of the short tapered up bob hair styles look extremely sexy when they are incorporated with bangs (straight bangs/ side swept bans). Bangs can be tapered or blunt; the idea is to add more value to the bob. Moreover, you can opt to play around with the colors to achieve a deeper look tan the current one. For instance, light skinned ladies can comfortably o for vivid colors wile brunette ladies should seek more of deeper colors.

short-tapered-up-bob1There exist a number of trendy short tapered up bob hair styles in fashion today, they consist of all the following. The first group consists of the stylish short tapered up bob hairdos. These ones are defined by tapered ends that fall right on the jaw line. They are composed of layers that add textures as well as weight to the air styles making them to offer the sexiest appearances. Furthermore, they are accompanied by strait bans that fall just above the eye brows. The second category of short tapered bob hair styles consist of groovy tapered up bob hair styles. They are characteristically defined by grooved layers that fall on the cheek level and have tapered ends. They are also defined by groovy side swept bangs.

The other unique set of short tapered up bob hair styles constitutes of the on-trend short choppy tapered up bob hair styles. They are defined by straight bangs that fall some distant from the eye brows. In addition, they are characterized by straight falling layers all through the head. These air styles are sexy and trendy.

Choppy Bob Haircut

choppy-bob-haircutThe fashion world has witnessed so many changes, ranging from makeup to dressing. Hair styles have developed from simple styles to more complex and sophisticated hair styles. This transition from one form of hair style to another has been widely witnessed among celebs. One of such great hair styles that have rocked the eyes of many is the choppy bob haircut. Choppy haircut was borrowed from the 80s; the hair style was popular in that era. Nevertheless, its fame becomes even greater in the recent past after some modifications were carried out on the hair style. Choppy bob haircut bears so much of the choppy culture that was evident in the 80s.

Choppy hair has a direct effect of expressing ones feelings as well as ones personality. Choppy bob haircuts are not meant to express any form of carelessness. However, they are simple haircuts that present beauty and uniqueness. A simple choppy bob haircut is defined by either long or short bangs that are accompanied by bold highlights and cuts. Most choppy bob haircuts are either brown or black. Most individuals will settle for black color since it brings out the choppy traits. Choppy bob haircut are just amazing, they are the perfect choice to look nasty once in a while.

The choice of a choppy bob haircut will depend on the interest of a person. You can choose either a long, short or medium choppy bob haircut. However, due to intermediate traits, the medium choppy haircut presents to be more useful and convenient. The haircut is known to be versatile, meaning that it can match with the characteristics of so many individuals without hiding some of the most important facial appearance. The medium choppy bob haircut can be modified to suit the needs of a person with very minimal problems. The haircut has never disappointed anyone since it makes a person look cute as well as presentable at the same time.

Among the major choppy bob haircuts in fashion are: the classic A-line bob, this one is defined by its ability to present beauty and frame the face in the most convenient way. The bob is typically classical to the extent that so many ladies will settle for at any cost. The choppy bob is maintained by carrying out a center part of the hair and then have the ends of the hair brushed. This choppy bob haircut is the fulcrum of almost all the other choppy bob haircuts.

Another famous choppy bob haircut is the Beckham bob for men. The bob is characterized by sharp hair that constitutes different sizes of hair strands. The variation in hair lengths creates the major trait of the bob, which is recognition. As any other choppy bob haircut, the Beckham bob has the capabilities of framing the face as well as maintaining one’s beauty. The bob does not require any sort of bangs to be accomplished. Actually what you need is your hair. This form of bob is also very versatile, you can adjust it to suit your needs at all angles.

Choppy Layered Hairstyles

choppy-layered-hairstyleThe major difference between choppy layered hair styles and other hair styles is the manner in which this hair styles are cut. The cutting of layers for choppy layered is done at a given angle. This special trait makes the hair style look unique. The choppy layered hair styles are popular with movie stars as well as musicians among other individuals. They present the greatest beauty that a woman may need to stand in front of others. The choppy layered hair styles do match well with most hair styles. So, we can glad say that these hair styles are versatile.

Choppy layered hair styles can be worn by varied individuals, it all depends on the type of hair a lady has. Those who have an upper hand with these hair styles are the ladies with thick/ curly hair. The effects of these hair styles are in concentrating weight of the hair around your face by making the hair hang freely. Ladies with long hair are widely favored by choppy layered hair styles. Since, one can have the layers chopped in such a way that the whole facial region is decorated with choppy layers. There are also several short hair styles that match best with choppy layered hair styles.

There are several cute short choppy layered hair styles that include the following. (1) The stylish short layered hair styles. The hair style is defined by cut choppy layers that hang some distance away from the eyes, the hair style usually come in golden fade. (2) Medium choppy layered haircuts; the hair style is characterized by messy choppy layers that spread inwards towards the face. (3) Chic short layered hair style, this hair style is characterized by layered hair that hangs across the eyes. (4) The straight layered hair style, the hair style is defined by spread layers, one in a straightened mode while the other one slants across the left eye.

Most choppy layered hair styles are usually short. Well, short hair styles do accommodate almost all sorts of choppy hair styles. They can accommodate short hair ranging from individuals with round face, oval faces, rectangular face, and square face and so on. These hair styles are definitely the right styles for women who wish to appear different from the others. Celebrities like short choppy hair styles since they are easy to adopt and adapt with. They do not need much like all the other hair styles.

When you have long hair, you will definitely enjoy, since it does not take much to come up with choppy layered hair styles. You will need some crème and a blow dryer. With the two items you can go ahead and apply little crème at the terminations of the layers. Afterwards, have the hair blow dried. So, now you should know that choppy layered hair styles are very cute and marketable. To get the best looks, I will suggest that you go through some major magazines as well engine search all the necessary celebrities that use the hair styles.

Hair Loss in Women

hairloss-in-womenLoss of hair is a condition that can be experienced by anyone, be it a male or a female. However, the manner in which the hair is lost is what brings the difference. Unlike in men, women do have different episodes of hair loss. It is customary for most men to lose hair on the top of the scalp, a condition known as pattern baldness. Nevertheless, hair loss in women is normally a serious event that calls for medical attention as quickly as possible. For better clarifications, women are advised to consult a dermatologist.

Hair loss in women involves a number of factors of which some of them are very technical as compared to the others. Such potential factors consist of the following:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): The syndrome results due to hormonal imbalances in a woman’s body. The syndrome is associated with the production of excessive male hormones by a woman’s ovaries. These hormonal changes do result in a number of conditions, such conditions are: hair loss on the scalp; infertility; facial hair growth and so on.
  • Iron Deficiency Anemia: This condition arises due to some pressing factors, such factors include-heavy monthly periods and anti-iron rich diets. These two factors make the blood to be deficient of red blood cells which are essential in the transportation of energy. The lack of enough energy means that most of the activities in the body will be retarded and one of such activities is hair growth.
  • Hereditary hair loss: The genetic hair loss factor is called androgenic alopecia, a condition which is normally inherited from the parents’ lineage. The commonest symptom in women is experienced as thinning of hair at the hairline. In worst case scenarios, the condition may spread across the whole scalp, increasing its severity.
  • Telogen Effluvium: This is a condition normally experienced after major medical procedures, such procedures include; big surgeries, after pregnancy, after a sudden weight loss and so on. During the period this condition is experienced, hair is known to shift in a faster rate from its growing phase to its resting phase. Afterwards, the hair moves quickly to its shedding as well as telogen phase. Most women do experience hair loss after a considerable duration of time after the events causing telogen effluvium occurred.
  • Hypothyroidism: Women among other people are known to be vulnerable to thyroid disease. A deficiency of thyroid hormone leads to hypothyroidism. Ideally, thyroid hormone is known to be responsible for almost all the metabolic process in the body. so, lack of enough thyroid hormone may led to brittle an breakable hair.
  • Lupus: This one of the most fatal condition that any woman can experience. The condition involves a fatal autoimmune illness. The illness makes the body immune system to attack some of the healthy tissues mistakenly. This follows that; the immune system may potentially attack the hair follicles leading to hair loss.

The above factors are among some of the commonest causes of hair loss in women. These causes are controllable and treatable.

Punk Haircuts for Women

punk-hairThere are some hair styles that are meant just for a given group of individuals in this planet. Such hair styles are the messy and shaggy hair styles. Among such hair styles are the punk hair styles, these hair styles are characteristically trendy and presentable. Well, you cannot actually say that they are sexy; from my own perspective I will say that they are cute and crazy. If you want to test how crazy your general appearance will be, then these are the hair styles for such experiments. They can be further defined as messy and casual hair styles.

Punk haircuts are usually meant for younger women. It will not look appropriate for elderly women to settle for these hair styles, since they will look funny on them. However, young women can assume the best looks out of these hair styles. One of the trendy punk hair styles for women is the Mohawk. Mohawks are very trendy; they exhibit all sorts of craziness that a lady may wish for. These traits have made the hair styles to be popular among female rock musicians and their fans. Most of the Mohawk styles are defined further by spiky hair that protrudes in all directions, some towards the top and the others towards the sides.

Punk hair styling is all about highlighting and crazy as well as messy hair styles. So, punk hair styling can be adopted for long hair styles, short hair styles, and medium hair styles. Apart from the Mohawk, punk hair styles can be defined by wavy hair that is somehow unkempt. At most times, ladies will opt for spiky wavy hair, with the spikes directed in all directions. One can also employ the use of side swept spiky fringes to give a deeper description of the eyes, such descriptions are deepened even further by applying eye shadows that bear the tone of the haircut.

The most unique attribute of punk haircuts is seen in the highlighting techniques. Most blonde ladies may prefer colors that are bright as compared to their skin, such as whitish-gray accompanied with some traces of red tones on the front spiked bang. Other blonde ladies may go for pink colors that are accompanied with some traces of light blue color at the front hair that falls over the forehead. Most of the ladies with spiked hair do like giving their hair a common tone. For instance, a lady can decide to give her spiked punk hair a purple combined with black tone, while others may decide to give their hair a tone that is a mixture of pink and gold colors.

All these color tones appear great if they are properly done. Not forgetting that there are other unique punk hair styles that are described by thick spiky hair which bears a common color, such as whitish color. These hair styles do usually extend to the shoulder level and they are really messy. Last but not least, a black Mohawk, characterized by forward falling middle spiky hair is the one in fashion.

To Be Smart on Everyday Hairdos

Day to day outfit matters so much. The urge of looking presentable and focused calls for some basic practices as far as beauty and smartness is concerned. Everyday hairdos are the best way to go about daily hair makeover. Going to the office with shaggy and messy hair will definitely diminish your appearance. Therefore, you need to engage yourself with every hairdos that are easy to keep and maintain, actually something that can take you not more than fifteen minutes to put together. Everyday hairdos do need your full attention when they are done for you, since you are the one who will be adjusting the hair style on daily basis.

Everyday hairdos can range from formal hair styles to casual hair styles. A person’s everyday hairdo will be dependent on the nature of event he or she is going to attend. Formal activities such as work place events and office duties call for more of formal everyday hairdos rather than casual everyday hairdos. The best hairdos to wear for formal events include the following among others: long layered hairdos, short hairdos such as the various bob hair styles, cornrows braided hair styles, the various pony tails hair styles, and so on. Some of the major casual hairdos can include: dreadlock, emo hair styles, and so on.

How you can determine your everyday hairdo is a very important factor. The various things that will lead you to the best as well as easy hairdo are: settling for elegant hair styles that matches best with what you will be doing daily, if you are an office based individual then you will need formal hair styles while if you are a casual based individual you will be in need of casual hairdos; when settling for a given hair style, make sure that it matches best with your facial traits such as face shape; never go for something too common it might not create a strong impact towards your admires; and always make sure that the hair style you settle for can be managed easily without any complication or whatsoever.

To be more presentable you will have to consider age factor. There are some hair styles that do look presentable exclusively on young aged individuals while there are other hairdos that look best with people of higher ages. You will find that hairdos such as pigtails and cornrows braided hairdos offer a younger look as compared to some of the long layered hair styles. So, as you can see every day hairdos need to easy and fun to wear as well as stylish and sexy.

Ideally, everyday hairdos are supposed to offer you with the simplest methodology of maintenance, they should not be something that you will be forced to seek the assistance of a hair dresser for you to look great with it. To be smart on everyday hairdos, you will have to learn how to equip yourself on how to do trendy fashion for your everyday appearance. Always feel free to consult a hair dresser for daily tips and tricks on how to do your hair.

Fringed Bangs Hairstyles

fringed-bangs-hairstyleThe latest trend in hair styles has seen so many simple and easy to do hair styles emerging from the closet. These hair styles have been appearing courtesy to musician, actress, and models and so on. Fringed bangs hair styles are good examples of such hair styles. These hair styles are highly presentable and unique. Fringed bangs hair styles have been remarkable on most world events such as weddings and proms all through the world. The fashion industry has seen so many developments done on these hair styles in such a way that so many people have grown fond of them.

Fringed bangs can be defined as follows. They are actually obtained by shaping and then cutting the front hair in such a way that the hair hangs over the forehead when smoothly combed. These hair styles are highly versatile, in that they can be obtained by cutting the hair that is just above the eyebrows or they can be obtained by side sweeping the bangs once the y have been formed, or a person may chemically treat them so as the can lie flat on top of the forehead and so on. Fringed bangs hair styles can be used to add some intensity bon the look of your eyes by cutting the longer enough to cover the eyes.

fringed-bangs-hairstyle1To be able to know which fringed bangs hair styles will suit you best, you will need to know the various types of fringed bangs. They include the following: shaved bangs, choppy bangs, short bangs, power bangs, shaved bangs, parted bangs, v-shaped bangs, straight bangs, side swept bangs also called slangs, blunt bangs, long bangs, wispy bangs, pin-up bangs, and brow-skimming bangs, and so on. Among all these fringed bangs hair styles the most commonly used are the: short bangs, which are basically obtained by cutting the just above the forehead; straight bangs which are obtained by combing the hair directly above the forehead, the other ones that are commonly used are blunt and long bangs.

Fringed bangs hair styles can be obtained by considering clipping in bangs for every hair type. Clipping bangs for fringed bangs hair styles are available in both human hair and synthetic hair. For both categories there are options that one can settle for. For instance, one of the best options is the synthetic clipping bang. The synthetic clipping bang is made by hairdo and it is the most efficient and cost effective criterion of obtaining fringed bangs. Thus, synthetic clipping bang offers the best alternative if you are not ready to make use of human clipping bangs. They possess heat capabilities; hence you can comfortably use heat tools on them.

However, human hair clipping bangs are in fact the best option for fringed bangs hair styles. One of the best examples of human hair clipping bangs is the easihair human clipping bang. Easihair clipping bangs are known to give a sexy, natural as well as authentic look that will make you look presentable for quite a good duration of time.