Bridal Hair Pieces

bridal-hair-pieces1Wedding day is one of the most beautiful days for any women. Every woman is exited for her look at the wedding day and this is something that she thinks about since her teenage probably. Besides getting a perfect wedding location and selecting a perfect wedding dress, another thing that brides must pay attention to is getting good bridal hair pieces. These add finishing touch and add loads of glamour to your look. Getting perfect accessory for the wedding would help you get a complete look which is why here are some details about bridal hair pieces.

Types of Hair Pieces

Brides have a list of options from which she can choose her wedding hair accessory. Tiaras are one of the most popular bridal hair pieces. They are crown- like accessory whose width could vary according to your own preference. They are fully embellishes with beautiful decorative accents. Best part of these is that they can go with any hair style, especially wedding updos, loose hair and short hair. Then you could try head bands as well. These are thick and lay flat against head rather than getting risen up, unlike tiaras. Generally, for wedding the head bands are made out of metal, cloth or crystals. The hairstyle that you could sport with it is wavy hairstyle and also sedu hair styles.

Some other hair pieces

bridal-hair-piecesYou could go for Ohair pins which add sparkle to the hair and the good thing is that they are tiny in size. Most elegant updos are also enhanced with the help of these pins which could be worn in different styles. You could also tie ends on buns to make them look neater. Bun wrap is another option available in bridal hair pieces. They add beauty to even an ordinary bun and these could be combined with decorative hair pins and other accessories as well. You can use it with a firm knot besides a bun as well.

Snoods can be used to get a unique style to your hairstyle since it adds a vintage appeal to it. Snood comes with different designer crystals and sparkling accents. Good thing is that you can search for snoods that are especially meant for brides so that you do not ha tough time thinking which one would suit you. Then make use of hair clips, decorative combs, barrettes, wreath, etc to make your hair style look appealing.

Wedding Reception

A party that is thrown after the wedding of a couple is known as wedding reception. Generally the groom’s family arranges the reception and the purpose of arranging this event is to make the newly married couple meet the guests as a married couple for the first time. The reception party can be either a small one or a huge one depending upon one’s preference. Usually it is best to throw a reception in the evening time as it sets the mood of every guest and every couple on fire and you enjoy more that you can enjoy in a day party. However, to have a reception in the daytime is not a bad idea too.

Wedding Reception Planning Ideas

Wedding reception is like a very pleasant get together with the entire family members and friends together under one roof. The host receives every guest personally and formally and after that the crowd indulges in talks with each other. Every one greets the newly married couple and gives away the gift. The host can also present the guests with reception honors but it is not necessary to do so if they have already made wedding honors to them.

Main things that people you must arrange for at a wedding reception:

  • A wedding cake in a special shape and design.
  • Soft classical and pop music so that every one can tap their feet.
  • Different cocktails for the guests if it is not prohibited in your family.

Every wedding reception is incomplete without toasts. The father of the bride, the maid of honor and the groom generally makes the toasts. The cake is cut by the couple and is then distributed among the guests. The couple then dances with hands in hands together and others join them too. The food that is served is made especially after taking in consideration after everything like; the theme of the party, the guests taste, the couples preference and the time of the party.

It is advised that you order the cake from the best baker around your area as a bad cake can spoil the fun. Above all a good baker has a variety of designs and flavors of cake to offer to you. If somehow you are not interested in any designs in the booklet, you can always get it personalized.

So make your wedding reception a grand one for your guests as well for yourself with all the things mentioned above.

Wedding Planning

If you have your wedding just around the corner and you have not yet done the wedding planning then it can be a problem in the end. It is therefore that you do wedding planning well in time to avoid last time hurdles and so that you have a perfect wedding. It is very important that you have everything fixed in time like:

  • Invitation card for the wedding
  • Wedding decoration
  • Wedding dress of the bride as well as of the groom
  • Music that would be played in the party
  • Wedding favors that you want to do
  • Photographer for the wedding
  • Flowers for the wedding
  • Cake for the wedding
  • Wedding gift

Wedding Planning Ideas and Tips

These are some main things that one must keep in mind while doing wedding planning but apart from these there are several more that you must take care of. It is very much necessary that you distribute all your wedding invitation cards four weeks before the date of wedding.

You must start with all the wedding preparations early. For every wedding, it is important that the venue gets fixed on time as if you delay the things then it might be possible that you do not get the venue of your choice. Call up at all the venues that you have in mind and see what they have on offer. Keep a track of all and then book the venue according to the date. Order for the flowers and other decoration material on time and also decide the theme of the wedding. Your wedding planner can for sure take time in arranging things of your preference.

You should also get your wedding dress prepared in time. Just visit the most famous boutique around your area and try different dresses. But you must buy only that dress that suits your body statement and not that is in fashion. You can also go for designer dress for yourself made on order.

Book the wedding favors as well and wedding gifts. For wedding favors you can select from hundred’s of things. The best way to buy wedding favors is to book them online. Lastly, book a cake that seems to you as the world’s best cake. After all you will never get a chance to cut your marriage cake again as it happens for once only. So, to have a perfect wedding plan everything on time.

Wedding Photos

Wedding is a special day filled with special moments. Everybody likes to have good time at this day of their life and wish to capture this moment for the rest of their lives in a photo album. If the moment is so special, then the photos have to be special. So, it is necessary to hire a good photographer who should be a professional. He must know what kind of pictures you wish to have and the places where you want them.

Guiding the Photographer for Wedding Photos

Firstly, you must know what kind of pictures you want. You must understand the view point of fiancé as well in this matter and together, decide the whole thing. Then, get an idea of the kind of place where you wish to get wedded. It could be beachside wedding or anything that makes you happy. You must consider the ambience, lighting and space in which your photographer would be doing his work.

Hire the photographer who would do this job perfectly and do have a budget in mind. Hire the best photographer possible in your budget. Also, reiterate the wedding date often. You could gather ideas and questions in the mind that you could clarify in the prior meetings. Then choose the final location for the wedding. Keep in mind that you would want to get photographed very nicely and so choose venue that provides adequate lightening and a great background for every photograph. When you get these, book the venue.

Now that you have selected the location, you must give its details to the photographer. Tell him about its size, location and ambience so that he can get ideas about the photographs that are needed to be clicked. Feel free to share your ideas with him. This way, you both can exchange ideas and make better ideas. You can discuss about ideas on pictures and specific scenery that you would love to have in your wedding album.

Finally, set the whole plan with the wedding photographer to get the wedding photos right. Make sure you get what you asked him to do. When the big day comes, you must be so comfortable with the photographer that he should not have any problems clicking the photographs per your requests.

So this is how you can get the wedding photographs to be as perfect as your wedding day. Have a great photo album and keep it safe for the rest of the future to remember your D-Day.

Wedding Music

Your wedding is one day of your life that you want to remember all through out your life. At the same time you want to make it special too and that is why you plan and arrange everything in a perfect manner so that your guests and you two have the best time. One very vital thing about every wedding party and reception is wedding music. Wedding music plays a very important role in making your reception a big success.

There are many types of wedding music that one can opt for and this particularly depends on the theme of your wedding. Some people have religious type of wedding; some go for a romantic one, some plan their wedding in a contemporary manner while some go for a typical traditional wedding.

Wedding Music – Wedding Songs Ideas

So the choice of music also needs to be specific based on the style and the theme. It is always a good option to have the opinion of both the bride and the groom while selecting the songs and the music. Generally, Canon In D music by famous Johann Pachelbel is the first choice when it comes to wedding music. You must decide on which parts of the ceremony do you want the music to be played. It is to be noted that excess of music is surely a big mistake.

Wedding music should be played on certain moments. For e.g. prelude, the bride’s entrance, music at the time of lighting up the unity candle and at postlude. One can either appoint an individual vocalist for the same or you can also play the music on your own. If you are choosing to play the wedding music on your own then make sure that you select, compile and listen to your C.D. well in advance.

Now days there is trend of arranging live music shows at the wedding but this option is suitable for contemporary theme weddings. You can also arrange for a mother and son dance song and a father and daughter song. Then there can be slow classical music that is played for everyone to dance around in the reception. For a contemporary wedding a saxophone player or a pianist is one great option. This will make the guest as well as the couple sway in the feelings of love.

So choose the wedding music with ease and make your wedding a day to cherish and a pleasing time for your guests.

Wedding Invitation

Your wedding is the best time in your life and everything related to it has to be perfect. The most important of all the things is the wedding invitation. It is considered to be the most vital thing related to your wedding as it informs the guests about the date, venue and time of the reception party. And above all the wedding invitation card actually gives an idea about your style and the type of party that you would be throwing.

There are hundred of invitation cards that one can choose from for his or her wedding and you can even get your card personalized. Getting your card personalized means that you choose your own color, font and style of writing, ink, printing format, design and accessories that you want to be attached to your card.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Choosing your Wedding Card
While choosing a card for your wedding, you can also add to it a small gift like a chocolate box, cookies gift hamper or any other small gift piece in crystal etc. This makes you leave a great impression on your guests and also it reflects a royal side of you. When it comes to finalizing the text that would be inserted in your card, you can either go for a matter that is already prepared by the wedding invitation card shop owner or you can create your own matter. It is advised that you must proof read your verse at least twice before sending it for final printing. If somehow you still feel that there are some alternations that you require, you can always tell the printing people about it.

Unique Wedding Invitation
To make your card look unique, beautiful and royal it is advised that you go for translucent wrappings and satin ribbons. It would be a wonderful experience when your guests would open up the knot of the satin ribbon and read the matter inside. Go for lined envelopes to enhance the card’s beauty. The outer cover is for your guests address and inner one contains the name of your guest’s name. Get your address printed on the backside of the card so that it returns to you incase of a failure delivery.

Important things to follow:

  • Always get at least 15-20 extra cards printed.
  • Send the invite about three to five weeks before your marriage.
  • Mention complete address on the card.
  • Use a contrasting color pen to jot down the address and name of the guest on the card.

Wedding Favors

A wedding favor is basically a small gift that is given to all the guests in a wedding party or reception as a symbol of appreciation and thankfulness. The bride and the groom do the wedding favors together to all the attendants of their marriage. Earlier the wedding favors were limited to giving away sweets in an elegant and royal designer box to the guests but modern world has changed it all. Now days, the choice is just not limited to sweets and there are thousands of options available to choose from.

One can find wedding favors in all type of ranges. Some items are expensive and some are quite cheap but this does not mean that there is any compromise with the quality. Manufacturers now days focus entirely on quality even if the price is kept low for a thing.

Wedding Favors Ideas

So if your wedding is just some days away and you have still not decided about the wedding favors then you can just read on to get some fruitful ideas:

  • One very royal wedding favor is wine and champagne glasses with your name, wedding date and day prescribed on it in italics. This is one of the hot shot wedding favor now days and goes well with al theme weddings too. You can also get the name of the host who so ever it is prescribed on it.
  • Gel candles in glass shaped like a martini glass is another option to go for. The candle comes in an amazing packing of black and silver box with black satin ribbon. The bright lightening candle also looks great on the guest’s table.
  • Another reception favor is a CD of the couples favorite love songs plied together. Photo frame in crystal and silver with a snap of the couple also makes a great gift.
  • Pack of designer chocolates designed exclusively for your wedding is again a heart filling option. Chocolates shape can be of your own choice and you can order the packing in the color that matches the ambience and theme of your wedding.

Apart from all these one can go for card-holders, designer bottle openers, champagne holders, valets, small show pieces, bookmarks, designer pens, ceramic small kitchen items etc. So plan your wedding and make it a blast by choosing any one of the wedding favors and make your wedding an event to remember  for all.

Wedding Colors

Who does not want to have a wedding that is liked and remembered by the couple itself and all the friends’ and relatives? After all it happens just once in your life and remains forever. So we all wish to have a wedding, which ignite your senses even after years of your marriage when you look at your wedding pictures and wedding video CD. But how can you add style and glamour to your wedding? Well, in every wedding every general thing is common. For eg: every wedding venue would have a food corner, chairs, tables, flowers, carpets, ribbons, curtains etc but with some simple things one can create magic in his wedding. And that simple thing is; choosing the right wedding colors.

Wedding colors indicate the theme, the mood and the nature of your wedding. For eg; if you choose soft colors like pink, peach etc, they create a romantic atmosphere. On the other hand vibrant and bright colors have a dramatic effect. So, you must choose your wedding colors with a lot of patience. Things like season of the year, time of the day, venue (indoor and outdoor), your wedding dress etc shall be kept in mind while finalizing the color for your wedding. The wedding planner is the right person to sort help from. If your wedding is in spring season then you can order for soft colors like lilac, baby pink, sea green etc. The planner would himself arrange for the same and contrast color curtains, carpet, chair and tablecloth and flowers.

Choosing your Wedding Colors

For winter wedding: opt for colors like deep red, sea blue, purple, very dark pink, coffee, silver grey etc.

For summer time wedding: peach color, yellow and blue shades are the best to choose from.

For autumn time wedding: you can go for burgundy color, dark green, copper and red color.

It is suggested that you go for satin and silk curtains in summer time to give your wedding a more royal look and in summers you can go for net instead of silk. Use of artificial flowers also creates a dramatic effect in the ambience. Designer candles in contrasting wedding color can add more to the beauty of the venue. You can always choose any of the colors mentioned above or you can also make your mind run and think of unique color patterns but whatever you may do, just make sure that your wedding dress also matches the theme color of your wedding.

Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony might be a general summary for others but for the couple who is going to be bonded together with each other for whole throughout their life, it is a once in a lifetime moment. For them it is one perfect time of their life and so it is very important that everything falls in place and is perfect.

For a perfect wedding ceremony it is necessary that you plan everything in such a manner that you do not have to run here and there in the last minute. Everything from the venue to the wedding favors should be booked in time. Your wedding dress needs to be finalized on time, the food menu that you have ordered should be checked, and the decoration of the venue, wedding band all need to be ready.

Getting the Best Wedding Ceremony

Here are some tips to have the best wedding ceremony:

  1. To get a good venue for your wedding it is suggested that you start looking for it at least one month in advance. Reason behind this is that it is quite possible that someone else book the venue that you want to book.
  2. Choose the food menu keeping in mind the season of wedding, the taste of the guests and time of the wedding.
  3. Wedding cake is one very important thing. Do your research well on the latest flavors and shapes and then order for it. Opt for the best baker around town. These days square and hexagonal shape is most preferred. In flavors; butterscotch, chocolate and vanilla are hot shots.
  4. Plan a theme that suits your wedding dress. For e.g. if you are wearing a light blue colored gown then an aqua theme is going to be right for you. A red theme would be perfect if your gown is white and cream colored one.

Wedding Ceremony Requirements

Other small things for wedding ceremony:

  • Arrange for the photographer and go for a trial session with him. If possible, call him on your engagement so that you both can be comfortable with him/her during your wedding
  • Hire a good vocalist for the wedding and choose the music of you’re the couple’s choice.
  • Place the wedding favors nicely on each table and if possible get them tied up with a satin ribbon.

Follow all these steps and we assure that you will have a big time wedding. You will cherish the memories even years after of your marriage.

Wedding Band

Wedding happens once in a lifetime and everything related to it become a special memory for the bride as well as for the groom. The wedding dress, make up, celebrations, arrangements and every small thing is arranged in its special way. And when it comes to wedding band; we all want to have the best wedding band for the would be spouse.

Wedding band is also known as wedding ring and is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. But many people wear it on right hand too. This wedding ring is an indication that the particular person is married or engaged. So, it is very important that you choose a beautiful wedding band for your would be partner. If you fail to select a good ring for her then it might spoil all her mood.

Choosing the Right Wedding Band

Here are some tips to choose the right wedding band:

  • Do not trust anyone for this and appoint someone for this task. After all, it is her who will be wearing this band so the best thing to do is take her along while selecting the ring.
  • Do not compromise on the quality and it should be original diamond. Stay away from American diamonds and go for pure diamond.
  • Going for designs that are traditional is a big NO. Buy good and trendy designed ring that appeals every body and catches attention of people even after years of your marriage.
  • Now days, wedding bands in platinum are very much preferred and also platinum looks great on every skin. So, instead of yellow gold, go for platinum.
  • If budget is not a problem then go for a solitaire, as nothing can be better than that.

If you do not find the design of the ring that you have in your mind at the jeweler, then you can always get it designed by giving the jeweler an idea about your choice. You can have a look at various designs of wedding bands on various websites and can take a print out of the design that you wish to buy for your would be. Get the ring made on order by the jeweler by giving away the print out to him. Ensure that it fits the finger of the person who is suppose to wear it otherwise it would be very disappointing at the time of wedding. So, take the measurement well in advance.