Short Tapered Up Bob

short-tapered-up-bobLadies with short hair can enjoy, since they have short tapered up bob hairdos to turn to. These hair styles are very trendy, in that they offer the most sensational appearance that one can be comfortably with in so many events. Ideally, if you are also tired of the traditional long hair styles, you can opt to switch to short tapered up bob hairdos. They are very accommodating; you will only need to trim your hair to your desired short length. Well, short tapered up bob hair styles can extend to the chin level past that they will be medium haircuts.

Short tapered up bob hair styles are characterized by vintage appearance. The tapered up ends of these hair styles have the effect of adding on the glamorous, soft and feminine appearance. These hair styles are further defined by lengthy layers at the front accompanied by a graduated section at the back of the hair styles. The graduated back is usually enclosed by a thick linage. Consequently, this has the effect of developing soft chin level heights that can be smoothen out so easily by the use of a hair straightening iron. Short tapered up bob hairdos are available in a number of forms, including: short tapered up bobs with twin side swept bangs, short tapered up bobs with side swept bangs, short tapered up bobs with straight bangs and so on.

An appealing short tapered up bob hair style must be accompanied by some additional features to make it look cute and sexy. Most of the short tapered up bob hair styles look extremely sexy when they are incorporated with bangs (straight bangs/ side swept bans). Bangs can be tapered or blunt; the idea is to add more value to the bob. Moreover, you can opt to play around with the colors to achieve a deeper look tan the current one. For instance, light skinned ladies can comfortably o for vivid colors wile brunette ladies should seek more of deeper colors.

short-tapered-up-bob1There exist a number of trendy short tapered up bob hair styles in fashion today, they consist of all the following. The first group consists of the stylish short tapered up bob hairdos. These ones are defined by tapered ends that fall right on the jaw line. They are composed of layers that add textures as well as weight to the air styles making them to offer the sexiest appearances. Furthermore, they are accompanied by strait bans that fall just above the eye brows. The second category of short tapered bob hair styles consist of groovy tapered up bob hair styles. They are characteristically defined by grooved layers that fall on the cheek level and have tapered ends. They are also defined by groovy side swept bangs.

The other unique set of short tapered up bob hair styles constitutes of the on-trend short choppy tapered up bob hair styles. They are defined by straight bangs that fall some distant from the eye brows. In addition, they are characterized by straight falling layers all through the head. These air styles are sexy and trendy.

Choppy Bob Haircut

choppy-bob-haircutThe fashion world has witnessed so many changes, ranging from makeup to dressing. Hair styles have developed from simple styles to more complex and sophisticated hair styles. This transition from one form of hair style to another has been widely witnessed among celebs. One of such great hair styles that have rocked the eyes of many is the choppy bob haircut. Choppy haircut was borrowed from the 80s; the hair style was popular in that era. Nevertheless, its fame becomes even greater in the recent past after some modifications were carried out on the hair style. Choppy bob haircut bears so much of the choppy culture that was evident in the 80s.

Choppy hair has a direct effect of expressing ones feelings as well as ones personality. Choppy bob haircuts are not meant to express any form of carelessness. However, they are simple haircuts that present beauty and uniqueness. A simple choppy bob haircut is defined by either long or short bangs that are accompanied by bold highlights and cuts. Most choppy bob haircuts are either brown or black. Most individuals will settle for black color since it brings out the choppy traits. Choppy bob haircut are just amazing, they are the perfect choice to look nasty once in a while.

The choice of a choppy bob haircut will depend on the interest of a person. You can choose either a long, short or medium choppy bob haircut. However, due to intermediate traits, the medium choppy haircut presents to be more useful and convenient. The haircut is known to be versatile, meaning that it can match with the characteristics of so many individuals without hiding some of the most important facial appearance. The medium choppy bob haircut can be modified to suit the needs of a person with very minimal problems. The haircut has never disappointed anyone since it makes a person look cute as well as presentable at the same time.

Among the major choppy bob haircuts in fashion are: the classic A-line bob, this one is defined by its ability to present beauty and frame the face in the most convenient way. The bob is typically classical to the extent that so many ladies will settle for at any cost. The choppy bob is maintained by carrying out a center part of the hair and then have the ends of the hair brushed. This choppy bob haircut is the fulcrum of almost all the other choppy bob haircuts.

Another famous choppy bob haircut is the Beckham bob for men. The bob is characterized by sharp hair that constitutes different sizes of hair strands. The variation in hair lengths creates the major trait of the bob, which is recognition. As any other choppy bob haircut, the Beckham bob has the capabilities of framing the face as well as maintaining one’s beauty. The bob does not require any sort of bangs to be accomplished. Actually what you need is your hair. This form of bob is also very versatile, you can adjust it to suit your needs at all angles.

Short Messy Sassy Hairstyles

Short Messy Sassy HairstyleHairstyles represent and define the best personality of the wearer. For young women of today, the best hairstyle to wear that would match their style and attitude is the short messy sassy hairstyles. As a matter of fact, many celebrities opt to wear the hairstyles because of the style statement and punk style it gives. To achieve short messy sassy hairstyles, you need to cut your hair short and be creative. You can check out on the Internet for the best style to wear whether for elegant or casual, it’s your decision.

Celebrities with Short Messy Sassy Hairstyles

Short messy sassy hairstyles are the latest craze in fashion today. It had redefined what is appealing, comfortable, and sexy in hair in today’s time. Some of the famous celebrities today have become new proponents of the hairstyles that include Poppy Montgomery, Kirsten Dunst, Sienna Miller, and Keira Knightley.

There are designers that consider short messy sassy hairstyles as a look that influence the “don’t care hair” attitude. Some people even call the hairstyles as tousle or bed-head, and the new version of rock chic. Some people even recognize the hairstyles to be so hot since it eliminates the need to spend huge amount of money for hair perfection. When it comes to basic styles and simplicity, the hairstyles are a lot quicker to create and cost much less.

Achieving Short Messy Sassy Hairstyle Look

If you want to achieve the appropriate messy look for your short sassy hairstyle, always wash your hair with the right conditioner and shampoo for your hair type. A sizeable amount of mouse should be applied on the hair appropriately to achieve the messy look. By using fingers, rough dry the hair while blow drying or air drying it. To lock the hair into place, use a hairspray and adjust the hair strands accordingly if needed.

Chin Length Layered Bob Hairstyles

Chin Length Layered Bob HairstyleMany people conclude that long flowing hairstyle gives an extra charming look to the overall personality of the wearer. However, if you are someone who has a very busy lifestyle, the hairstyle will not work well for you. It would be best if you will wear chin length layered bob hairstyles instead. With this hairstyle, you can still achieve and set your fashion statement.

Easy to Maintain – Chin Length Bob Hairstyles

Chin length layered bob hairstyles are easy to maintain, manageable and are very chic and trendy. It gives the wearer the most refreshing look. Because of these reasons, many people are seen wearing the hairstyle including famous personalities and celebrities. Today, chin length layered bob hairstyles are much in vogue for women. Many women have been trying this chic fashion statement regardless if they need to cut their beautiful long hair short.

Being a manageable hairstyle, chin length layered bob hairstyles have various hair color and haircut ideas in which you can choose from for your cool and different look. Among these include layered chin length, bob cute chin length, graduated short bob, short choppy, and razor hairstyles.

Chin length layered bob hairstyles can be tried by all women regardless of hair type whether it is curly, fine or wavy. It is worth trying whether you opt for a layered cut at the base and crown or front layered haircut. To look gorgeous and stunning, combine the hairstyles with side sweeping bangs.

Hairstyles For Fat Faces

Hairstyles For Fat FacesIf you have a fat face and double chins, you must be careful enough in choosing the appropriate hairstyles that will go best to your facial features. A hairstyle that will add length and not width to your face is essentially needed. To hide the fatness of the face, tapering the ends below chin would be necessary.

Short Haircuts For Fat Faces

Short hairstyles for fat faces are only best if styled in the right manner. If the hair is too short in length or style, it will not look good on a fat face as this will only show much roundness of the face. Instead, choose a short hairstyle that ends a little below the chin or above the chin.

Layered Bob Haircut
A smoothly layered bob cut is great for fat faces. In this hairstyle, the length should past the cheeks as this will give a smooth appearance to the area of the cheek making it look less fat. It can be added with side bangs to avoid showing of the forehead.

Short Shag Hairstyle Look
A short shag is also best for fat faces as this help lessen the width of the face. To make this hairstyle look more beautiful, it can still be modified further. Probably, this hairstyle can be considered as a best hairstyle for fat faces.

Stylish Updo for Fat Faces
One cool hairstyle for fat faces is the stylish updo wherein the hair is piled on the crown certainly adding length to the hair. This hairstyle can be added with voguish hair accessories to make it more attractive.

Short Pixie Haircut
A short pixie haircut may also be a good option for fat faces since it is very easy to maintain and achieve. This hairstyle can be added with layers and spikes to make it more fashionable.

Short Choppy Hairstyles

Short choppy hairstyles are great options for those people who want to achieve an exciting new look. These hairstyles are versatile and have numerous styles that are suitable for every occasion. It is the modern or trendy look of the traditional short layered cuts. It lightens up the thick hair and adds body to thin hair as well as style and sophistication to every clothing. It also looks very striking when added with hair highlights or colors.

Short Choppy Hairstyles Picture Gallery

Short Choppy Hairstyles

Types of Short Choppy Hairstyles

Both punk colors and traditional colors can be applied on short choppy hairstyles. Similar to other short hairstyles, short choppy hairstyles are easy to maintain and style. The hairstyles come in different types that include choppy crop cuts, short choppy shag, choppy bobs, and choppy layers. These types can be punk, artsy, sexy, softly feminine, or sophisticated. These hairstyles are created by cutting the hair with a razor or in angles.

Choppy Crop Haircuts
The choppy crop cuts are best in short length hair such as pixie. It usually has plenty of texture and separation. It can easily be styled into artsy or punk hairdos with hair color and styling technique. This cut works best for a woman who wants to look sexy, polished for work, and sophisticated.

Short Choppy Shag Haircut
The short choppy shag has a longer length than the pixie but slightly shorter than the traditional bob length. This type of short choppy hairstyle can be incorporated with layered bangs and layers. It works best for both day and evening wear. It also adds texture and volume to the hair.

Choppy Bob Hairstyles
The choppy bobs are extremely popular in most celebrities today. The style of this short choppy hairstyle is compromise between the long and short hair. It is often called as the trendy version of the classic bob. It can be incorporated with layers to add texture and flip to the hair. The choppy layer is a type of short choppy hairstyle that is usually cut in different angles. As a result, the hair is created with lots of movement, texture, and volume.

Short Funky Hairstyles

Although highly popular, short funky hairstyles are not suitable for everybody. Such hairstyles are commonly seen on teens; however some adults wear the hairstyle as well to become more fashionable for today’s modern times. Before deciding to wear short funky hairstyles, it is important to consider the condition of the hair, the body, and the face shape. It is important to choose the hairstyle that will make you look trendy and classy.

Funky Hairstyles Picture Gallery

Short Fashionable Hairstyle Short Choppy Haircut

2010 Trendy Short Funky Hairstyles

Short funky hairstyles are great on people who are seeking for a more different hairstyle. It can be achieved by using various coloring methods. The colors can be multiple and the cut can be edgy or modern in style.

Short funky hairstyles are inspired from emo hairstyle look that include one long layer on the bottom keeping the length, cut-short, and black hair with bright colors. Messy shag is also a kind of short funky hairstyles that is layered throughout. It can create variety of looks because of its versatility. These hairstyles are great ways to liven up one’s look as long as it has the perfect cut and style.

Short Pixie Haircut Layered Shag Hairstyle
Pixie Haircut Layered Shag Hairstyle
The pixie haircut is one of the common types of short funky hairstyles. It is feminine by nature and can be styled in many ways by using styling products. Layered shags are also notable short funky hairstyles to try. The layers from this hairstyle vary in framing the face and length of the hair. The face will seemingly appear without reason or rhyme.

Blunt Bob Hairstyles

Blunt bob hairstyles give a magnificent look for thick hair but never appropriate for curly hairstyles becauseBlunt Bob Haircut Picture bangs are attain beyond the forehead. In this hairstyle, the strict edging of the bangs give sharpness to the wearer. It is a good choice for those who have bob haircut and would want to have a different hairstyle. It is one of the most comfortable and timeless hairstyle to wear especially for those who have straight hairs.

A-Line Bob Hairstyle
Blunt bob hairstyles are also called as A-line bob hairstyle since it looks like the letter “A”. This hairstyle gives more focus on the overall appearance of the wearer. It also gives a thinner look on the facial area of the wearer.

How to Maintain Blunt Bob Hairstyles

Blunt bob hairstyles give one a changeable and fashionable look every day. It can help change one’s image completely because of the bangs. This hairstyle has an easy maintenance as well and does not require frequent styling and washing, which is suitable for office. To maintain its shape, the hair can be trimmed every six weeks. The stylish and classical look of this hairstyle can be used with different styling gel for maintenance. Different hair spray can also be used to keep the hairstyle for longer hours.

Pixie Haircut – Crop Haircut

Pixie haircut or crop haircut has the shortest hairstyle. Since it is short, this hairstyle is very easy to manage as well especially during summer season. To make it look cute and great, it can be styled with spiky bangs. Pixie haircut with layered and short spiky styles can framed the face nicely. It is suitable as well for those with heart-shaped face since the hairstyle is supple and wonderful. It may also look best on oval-shaped face and those with medium-textured straight hair.

Advantages of Pixie Haircut
Since pixie haircut is very easy to manage and maintain, it can be used simply with fingers and hair gels or hair spray for styling. Pixie haircut is ideal as a short prom hairstyle. Its long-lasting simplicity and preparedness makes it an ideal hairstyle for those people on the go. It can create sense further in control and increase one’s self-confidence.

Pixie or Crop Haircut Requirements
Pixie haircut is a very restricted hairstyle and does not fit for almost every people. To get perfect cut of this hairstyle, it takes a lot of time. This haircut requires beautiful facial appearance and perfect skin to make it attractive for the wearer. Moreover, regular trimming is also important for this kind of hairstyle.

Pixie Hairstyles Picture Gallery

Pixie Haircut or Crop Haircut PicturePixie Hairstyle

Short Haircuts for Men

Short Haircut For ManThere are various styles of short haircuts recommended for men. There are the highly-smooth, very sporty, and very short haircuts. However there are some short haircuts for men that may require time talking to the hairstylist to make sure that the hairstylist would understand what exact hairstyle that the wearer would want. As a suggestion to the men, it is best to tell your hairstylist what kind of personality you have or you prefer of projecting. It is also best to tell the hairstylist what kind of fashion sense you have either unique or common. It would also help if you would ask your hairstylist on what techniques he or she will be using for your haircut.

Latest Short Hairstyles for Men

The short haircuts for men should always appear creative and versatile to wear for all occasion. Here are some famous short haircuts for men that anyone can choose from:

Short Texturized Haircut – It is best for those who have coarse hair and longer face shapes as this haircut create a texturized and very sporty look with just the use of techniques of razor. In styling this haircut, one may need to apply some styling wax especially for damp hair then allow it to dry naturally. This haircut would look better if it would be much messier.

Men Razor Haircut – It is very fashionable to look at as well as very easy to maintain. This haircut is perfectly suited for those who have coarse hair. Moulding creams are best to apply when styling this haircut.

Twisted Quiff Boys Haircut – It is one casual hairstyle that can create various heights and movements for the wearer. It will best suit those who have smaller and rounder face shapes as well as those who have slightly wavy hair. To maintain its balanced shaped, regular trims are required. This haircut can be created with a peak on top with just using moulding cream in one direction.