Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles

Generally, a diamond face shape has narrow chin and forehead, and wide cheekbones. With this features, adding width and fullness to the chin and forehead area would be essential. This can be done by adding side part or wide bangs and creating a hairstyle that adds fullness on the chin area. The side parts should be kept close to the face too.

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles Options

Hairstyles that pull the hair back off the face, with choppy layers, a center part, and bare forehead should be avoided by diamond face shape. Bangs should be considered for short hairstyles. According to expert hairstylists, bangs keep the diamond face shape look longer. The bangs can be swept on one side so the top of the head will look wider. This will give a balance effect to the diamond face shape especially if it comes with wispy and soft layers to frame the face. To create a fuller look on the bottom of the face, it is suggested to try a gradual bob haircut that falls on the chin.

Soft long layers with bangs can also give structure to the overall look of a diamond face shape. It also keeps the face from fullness around the narrow portion and looking long as well.

Hairstyles Length For Diamond Face Shape

An ideal hairstyle length for diamond face shape is chin length. The length is often on the front jaw line whereas fullness at the nape area of the neck is created. Longer hair length is best with shoulder length haircuts with layers, curls, or waves starting from the jaw line. Shorter hair length is best with some layers and wide wispy bangs touching the cheekbones. Unfortunately, there is no hairstyle that will soften the chin of a diamond face shape.

Celebrities Picture Having Diamond Face Shape

Rihanna Short Crop Hairstyle Scarlett Johansson Hairstyle

Oblong Face Hairstyles

Oblong Face HairstylePeople with oblong face shape would often wear hairstyles that add volume and width to the sides of their face. In this way, it makes their face look less oblong in shape. Before opting to wear an oblong face hairstyle, check first if you really have an oblong or oval face shape.

Generally, it is very confusing to determine an oblong face shape from an oval face shape. The only difference between the two is that oblong face is much longer than the oval face. So before choosing hairstyles that are appropriate for you, determine first if you have an oblong face or an oval face.

Oblong Face Hairstyling Options

Avoid Long Hairstyles
Men and women who have oblong face shape are recommended to wear short and medium hairstyles. Long hairstyles are not recommended as these will make the head appear longer. However, long hairstyles can still be made with some adjustments and create an illusion that will make the oblong face less long. A layered hairstyle will also do for oblong face shape. Just make sure that the hairline is not exposed too much.

Short Hairstyles for Oblong Face
Short hairstyles are also great for oblong face however, it should be chosen carefully and make sure that it will add volume on the sides. Moreover, the hairstyle must not very short because this will not help in adding width on the sides of the face. A boyish hairstyle that is just above the ear is not best on oblong face as it will only make the face look longer. The shoulder-length bob or chin-length bob hairstyle would be best for oblong face shape.

Hairstyles with Bangs
Hairstyles with bangs gliding through the eyebrows can surely add more style to oblong face shapes. It can help hide the oblong feature of the face instead making it more attractive.

Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

The objective of wearing a good hairstyle is to compliment the face and its facial structure and not the body structure.Hairstyles for Plus Size Women Hairstyle is an ornament as well. As long as you know how to wear your hairstyle, you can always bring out your character from it and divert the attention of other people to your face from your size. With the chubby face that plus size women have, they can always achieve a cute look. With just a little experiments on the hairstyles, plus size women can achieve a look that will emphasize their best features.

Hairstyles for Tall Plus Size Women

For tall plus size women, it is best to wear long length hair and straighten it out completely. This hairstyle will give the sleek and slender look. It can bring out the best features as well.

Hairstyles for Plus Size Women with Different Face Shapes

Plus Size Women with Square Face Shape
Plus size women with square face should wear gorgeous locks to accentuate the best features of their face. This hairstyle can be tied into a ponytail by parting the hair side either to the right or to the left, and then pull the hair back. It is best in short hairstyle just below the jaw line as this can give a soft texture to the overall appearance. It is also considered as one of the best hairstyles recommended for plus size women.

Plus Size Women with Round Face Shape
Plus size women with round face shape should wear bangs whether on the left or right. Bangs can help narrow the face shape and accentuate the other facial features. Typical curls are also great as hairstyles as well as medium hairstyles with bangs.

Plus Size Women with Heart or Triangular Face Shape
For plus size women with heart or triangular face shape, it is best to wear layered haircuts that bring out the volume of the face. Since the jaw line is narrow and the forehead is wide on this facial shape, plus size women can also cut their hair short above their shoulder. In this way, the neck will stand out and make them look slimmer.

Plus Size Women with Oval Face Shape
An oval face shape can wear almost wear any types of hairstyles but for plus size women, they can pull their hair back and curl them up. This hairstyle will make them look cute and would take away few years from the face. It can be worn in short long length.

Rectangular Face Shape Hairstyles

There are different hairstyles recommended for every facial shape. In determining hairstyle that suits you, you mustRectangular Face Shape Hairstyle identify first your facial shape. A rectangular face shape is easily identified if you have longer face and less width. The hairstyle to be chosen should complement as well with your rectangular face shape so you can look at your best.

How to Get Rectangular Face Shape Hairstyles

Search for Rectangular Face Shape Hairstyles
To begin with your search of rectangular face shape hairstyles, look for photos of people who have rectangular face shapes and yet project appealing hairstyles. It is essential that you already have the idea of hairstyle in mind that suits you prior to making a salon appointment. Kirstie Alley and Gwyneth Paltrow are two famous celebrities with rectangular face shape. You can use them as your photo reference for your hairstyle.

Check Hairstyling Options for Rectangular Face Shape
The haircut recommended for a rectangular face shape should balance the face. In this way, the facial features will be framed and help project a slimmer effect on the face. Layers or bangs can also be considered. A hairstyle that uses hair on the side part instead on the center is best for rectangular face shape since it does not exaggerate the face length. A medium-length hairstyle is the best option as well. As much as possible, avoid wearing hair with short cuts or long style.

Styling the Best Suited Hairstyle
Whatever kind of hairstyle you wear for your rectangular shape, make sure that you can style it the way it will best suit you. Do not make the hairstyle complicated that you need a hairdresser to fix it for you. Learn to fix the hairstyle on your own and look the best that you can be for your rectangular face shape.

Heart Face Shape Hairstyles

Heart Face Shape HairstyleHeart face shape appears to have narrow jaw line and wide temples combined with delicate, small, and pointed chin. With this kind of face shape, adding width to the jaw line is essential since the cheekbones and eyes are the strongest points of the face. For those who have short hair and yet with heart shape face, keep the top layers long and soft while those who have long hair should try wearing side-swept bangs. Wavy layers are also best for long hair as it makes the pointed chin appear rounder. Blunt cut bangs or harsh choppy layers are not good hairstyles for heart shaped face.

Hairstyling Options for Heart Face Shape

Medium hairstyles are perfect options for heart shape face since it gives more structure to the face. This kind of hairstyle brings out the cheek bones a bit more of the usually pointed chin heart shape face. It can be added with bangs to balance the facial features. Slightly swept bangs is a medium hairstyle that use slight bangs and come in simple multi-layer cuts to enhance the facial features of a heart shape face. This hairstyle has choppy ends that frame the face.  Just the same, the crown of the hair is still the attention of such hairstyle without any extra waviness or curls are added.

Another type of medium hairstyle is a style that can frame and accentuate the facial features of a heart shape face. This hairstyle lifts the cheekbones and eyes by framing the hair around the chin area. Bangs are slightly parted on this hairstyle and some few layers are highlighted as well. A medium hairstyle with natural waviness is ideal for heart shape face since it makes the wearer look simple and sexy. The bangs of this hairstyle are swept slightly toward the outer edges and bring more attention to the eyebrows and eyes. The multi-layers are flowed down freely by the natural waviness making gentle refinement of the cheeks and lips.

Pear Face Shape Hairstyles

Pear Face Shape HairstyleYou can say that you have a pear shape face if your face is little bit wide on the cheekbones area, have a narrow forehead, round chin, and wide & dominant jaw. This facial shape is the opposite of the heart shape. If you have this kind of facial shape, go for hairstyles that widen your forehead and narrow your chin. The hairstyle should be full and wide on top. In addition, the best hair length should be at the chin.

Hairstyling Options for Pear Face Shape

To make the forehead appear wider for a pear shape face, side-swept bangs can be added on the side part. Classic shag with layers and a wedge are good hairstyles as well for a pear face shape. If the chin is to be emphasized, avoid growing the hair beyond the shoulders. As much as possible avoid wearing hairstyles that add fullness and width at the jaw. Adding fullness on the top of the head is the best technique in determining the best kind of hairstyle for pear face shape.

Wearing the right haircut or hairstyle for pear shape face can enhance one’s facial features in striking ways. Thus, the selection should be done carefully. In making the selection, exposure of the forehead should be the main objective as this will prevent attention of a full jaw line. Moreover, it makes the wearer look uniquely flattering. A stylish headband or clip to push the hair back or hold the bangs would be a great option. Tucking the ears behind the ears give a slim look and draw out the cheekbones. If possible, hair longer than the neckline and excessive curls should be avoided by pear shape faces.

Triangular Face Shape Hairstyles

Triangular Face Shape HairstyleA triangular face shape is similar to a heart-shaped face wherein the forehead area is wider than the narrow area of the lower jaw and chin. This kind of facial shape has prevailing jaw lines that wearer would want to lessen the exposure. In choosing an appropriate hairstyle for your triangular face shape, you must be aware on the complications that go with it that include length, color, texture, and style.

Hairstyling Options for Triangular Face Shape

There are many different effective hairstyles for triangular face shapes that give justice to the overall appearance of the wearer. Hairstyles that widen the forehead area are generally more productive for the wearer since it helps lessen the visibility of the prevailing jaw lines. The objective of these hairstyles is to distract people from focusing on the chin area. Layered hairstyles are more appropriate for triangular face shape than straight cuts with wisp bangs. It brings out the upper face area and lessens the dominancy of the strong jaw lines.

Apparently, most people who have triangular face shapes prefer to wear long hair because it compliments their facial shape. The right short hairstyle makes the triangular face shape look proportional and balanced. Its heavy top layers make the hair fuller and rounder. With no bangs, the face shape look longer and more attention is brought to the forehead than the jaw line. For a right medium hairstyle, the sides should be away from the jaw line and fall softly so it can cover the appropriate portions. It is best with side swept bangs creating a diagonal direction to the eyes. The right long hairstyle for a triangular shape should be long soft wavy. The soft waves and layering of the hairstyle create a natural soft appearance to the facial shape.

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Hairstyle for Fine HairHairstyles for fine hair are quite difficult to achieve. Only a good hairstylist with skills in precision cutting can make the hairstyles perfect for the wearer. The hairstyles can be explored with styles like heavy bangs, short, and layers.

Hairstyles that require excessive blow drying are not good for fine hair as this will only dry the hair and make the hair even more prone to breakage. Moreover, do not wear hairstyles that are prone to split ends because fine hair has a tendency to split easily.

Popular Hairstyles for Fine Hair

The perfect hairstyle for fine hair is the bob style. This can be very manageable style for fine hair. A fine hair always works well with bangs no matter what the face shape is. Waves and curls also benefit immensely for fine hair. This is good especially if the wearer has a long face as it will ease and contrast the severity of the vertical lines on the face.

Hairstyles for fine hair should be kept in shorter cuts or shoulder lengths. It should be created with layers to achieve illusion of thickness for the hair. Avoid those hairstyles that associate razor cuts as these will only make the hair appear shredded. Razor cuts for fine hair are only applicable if the hair stylist is professional in razor cutting.

Hairstyles for Women with Big Noses

Hairstyles for Women with Big NosesWomen with big noses do not need to worry much on what kind of hairstyles to wear as there are plenty out there available that do not only flatters your certain attributes but also balances your facial features. Hairstyles for women with big noses can be equally as stylish and hip as the rest. Just choose the particular hairstyle that will not emphasize the distinctive nose but will flatter instead.

Hairstyles to be Avoided By Women with Big Noses

Short Hairstyles – Pixie Cut
Women with big noses must avoid short hairstyles especially the pixie style haircuts. Although these hairstyles are very cute, it will just give emphasis on the appearance of the big nose. Pixie style haircuts only look best on those women with petite features and petite frames.

Hairstyles with Bangs
Hairstyles with bangs should also be avoided by women with big noses since it create a visual break in the face. Although bangs can create wonders on the face once placed strategically, it can widens and lengthens the face as well resulting to giving emphasis on other facial features such as big noses.

Flat- Straigth Hairstyles
Moreover, avoid those hairstyles with sharp edges and straight instead go for the hairstyles that are blended and soft. Flat hairstyles should also be avoided as this also give emphasis on big noses.

Flattering Hairstyles for Women with Big Noses

Women with Big Noses HaircutsAmong the flattering hairstyles to wear by women with big noses include layered styles, soft wave & curly style, and updo styles.

  • Layered Hairstyles – The layered hairstyles add softness to the facial features as it creates visual breaks distracting the eyes from focusing on the big nose.
  • Soft Wave & Curly Styles – The soft wave and curly style widen the face and help shrinks the nose. It can be done with loose perms or rollers to create visual softness to the hair.
  • Updo Hairstyles – Meanwhile, the updo hairstyles do not only add volume to the hair but also freedom.

Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hairstyles ideas for round faces can be unlimited. There is no right or wrong hairstyles for round shaped faces.However there are hairstyles that compliment round face shape womens, and should be taking into consideration, when choosing a round shaped face.

How to Determine If you have a Round Shaped Face

A round shape face is quite self explanatory, it is very easy to determine, if you have a round face by looking in the mirror. Round faces usually have a circular dimension.

Hairstyles for Round Shaped Faces

Layered Hairstyle Picture for Round Face Shaped WomenLayered Hairstyles for Women with Round Face:

Layered hairstyles with lots of texture are a great choice for a round shape face, it is best to avoid simple and straight hairstyles with massive bangs.

Soft and subtle wisped bangs should do the trick with round face layered hairstyles, or you can opt to go for no bangs at all.

Round Face Shag Hairstyle PhotoShag Haircuts are Perfect Choice for Round Faces:

Shags haircuts are a great look for a round shaped face, because these hairstyles provide the right amount of length under the chin and they frame and shape the face beautifully, since the shag promotes lots of layers, it gives the hair more body and bounce.

Short Hairstyles for Round Shaped Faces

Short Hairstyles for Round FacesShort hairstyles are a great choice for round shaped faces, because they bring out the best features and give shape to the face. A great short hairstyle for round face would be a crop style short cut, with lots of layers and smooth textures.

Short crop styles are great for women with round faces, because they promote volume and give definition to the style and accents the round shaped face. Long and medium length hair styles also suits a round shaped face.