Pageboy Hairstyles

Pageboy hair styles are very sensational and cute. The hair styles emerged from English pageboys. The hair styles are characterized by straight hair that extends past the ear downwards. The hair styles are also defined by front straight bangs that lie just above the eyes. These hair styles are further described by hair that extends to the shoulder, the ends of these hair styles are usually rolled. The hair styles may vary in the formats in which they are designed but the mother design remains the same. Among the individuals who are prone to these hair styles are actresses and actors, actually they admired the fashionable look obtain by these hair styles.

The pageboy hair styles are traditionally cultural hair styles. Basing on their originality, the hair styles are one of a kind. These hair styles can be incorporated with bob hair styles to achieve a more cultural look. These hair styles fit with the various hair styles including: short hair styles, long hair styles, and medium hair styles. The difference between pageboy hair styles and bob hair styles is quite minimal, since the hair styles can be merged to form a classical look that is well defined with highlights and lowlights.

Bobs & Pageboy Hairstyles

Here are some of the best bob hair styles that can be incorporated with pageboy hair styles. Pageboy hair styles can be merged with: curly bob and pageboy, the resulting pageboy is usually characterized by curls that have volume and highly textured; line bob and pageboy, the resulting pageboy is edgy and flattering, the hair style actually does give more description to the jaw line; and the third one is layered bob and pageboy, the combination of pageboy and layered bob gives a thicker appearance. Pageboy hair styles occasionally need to be styled every now and then to eliminate the possibility of the hair styles appearing unkempt.pageboy-hairstyle1

With the recent trends in hair styles sector, pageboy hair styles can be termed as advanced bob hair styles that have been modified further. Most of the pageboy hair styles in fashion are geometrically cut to obtain a brightening look. The most recent pageboy hair styles are defined by straight bangs that are blunt at the end. The bangs are located a few inches from the eyes, so they give the eyes the deepest description. With the layers falling on the sides they extend to the neck level. This way the eyes and all the other facial traits are extensively defined.

Other pageboy hair styles are the flipped pageboys. These hair styles are characterized by sprayed ends that are obtained by blow drying the hair outwards. The bangs associated with these hair styles are traditionally short and trendy. They can be blonde or black depending on the interests of the person. Blonde women do usually get the best shiny looks out of them. Light haired women are usually advised to use highlights, while the dark haired ladies are usually advised to use highlights. Pageboys can also be slightly layered or thinned out.

Mini Bouffant Hairstyles

Mini Bouffant Hairstyles Ideas During 1960s Era

Mini Bouffant HairstyleEarly 1960s had been a popular era for mini bouffant hairstyles and in large section; Jackie Kennedy popularized the hairstyles. During the era, the hairstyles were considered an attractive and elegant special-occasion fashion for hair. For most women of the era, a bigger bouffant style projects better style and fashion. Apparently today, new versions of mini bouffant hairstyles are still chic but submissive and with additional understated.

Mini bouffant hairstyles appear to be glorious hairstyles that actually call attention to women whatever outfit they are wearing. It greatly escorts formal gowns mini dresses as well. In mid 1960s, the hairstyles had reached its peak of thrilling attraction as more women are clamoring to sport it. With this, the hairstyle became equal with star-studded occasions and romantic evenings.

Mini bouffant styles have been an ideal hairstyle for women of the 1960s. Not only because of its classic and elegant style but also of the glamour look it gives. In the latter part of the 1960s, the hairstyles have reached to another level and more updated versions by using huge rollers and gel solutions. Some women even used grapefruit cans as replacement to rollers in order to achieve great hair locks.

How to Achieve Mini Bouffant Hairstyles

To achieve mini bouffant hairstyle, hair should be washed primarily with cold water and applied with strong conditioner as well. This is an important step to do before going through the steps of the hairstyle.

Bowl Haircuts

Bowl HaircutBowl hairstyles are also known as pot haircuts. It is sometimes called as mushroom haircuts. In this haircut, the sides and back are cut short as if a bowl is placed on top of the head. All visible hair below the rim is cut off or even shaven off in this haircut. The most popular wearer of a bowl haircut is Moe Howard, one of the personas of the “Three Stooges”.

All About Bowl Haircuts

Historically, bowl haircuts are famously worn by common people from several nationalities because of its relatively easy and neat non-professional cut. This kind of haircut is done conventionally by putting a cooking pot or bowl on top of a head fitting the size of the ears’ level. In other cultures, bowl haircuts are often attributed to poverty since the wearer signifies that he or she cannot afford to pay a barber for haircut. Bowl haircuts are quite common among Amish and other indigenous tribes like the Yanomamo.

In the recent years, bowl haircuts have resurfaced as a counterculture style for rock music scene. The style had been credited to the mop top hairstyles of the Beatles and the early stylized bowl haircuts of Ramones. In the United States, bowl haircuts have gained popularity among pre-teen and teenage boys during the 1980s. It also became popular in some American locales. However, its popularity had faded during the mid 1990s.

Old Hairstyles

Old HairstyleWhen we speak of old hairstyles, we immediately think of the classic Hollywood wherein stars are seen wearing different hairstyles as they graced the red carpet events. Old Hollywood hairstyles are all about drama and glamour. The big stars of the 1940s and 1950s are sported with distinct hairstyles making them more iconic.

Various Old Hairstyling Options

Old Hollywood Hairstyles
Among the unforgettable Hollywood stars who became famous for their hairstyles are Elizabeth Taylor, Veronica Lake, and Audrey Hepburn. Despite the old hairstyles that these actresses have worn during the early years, the hairstyles are still being worn by the modern Hollywood today. Their old hairstyles remain to be sophisticated and hot among Hollywood stars of today including Drew Barrymore and Eva Mendes. These actresses have recreated the old hairstyles at its excellent fashion statement and impact.

Old Long Hairstyles
Long hair is one old hairstyle that is not only popular until today but remains to be classic. This is done by dividing the hair in sections and straightening it from back to front with perming iron. Once straightening is done, create some sleek curls on the hair ends with the use of curling iron. Try to loosen the curls to achieve a softer look.

Old Wedding Hairstyles
The wedding hairstyle is another type of old hairstyle that works well in different occasions not only in weddings. This style is simple, sophisticated, and does not need too much effort to create. Another old hairstyle great for wearing today is the short hairstyles in which the popular ones are the finger waves or Marcel waves.

Korean Hairstyles

Korean hairstyles are now trendy fashion among young girls and women of today. These hairstyles are generally inspired from Korean celebrities. Conventionally, the most beautiful Korean hairstyle for Korean women is long straight black hair because of its charming and gorgeous look. However, over the years, many types of Korean hairstyles were introduced for women. And these hairstyles were popularized not only within Asian countries but also in other western countries worldwide.

Korean Hairstyles and Popular Haircuts Ideas

Curly Hairstyles for Korean Girls
The lovely curly hairstyle is a Korean hairstyle that can be natural and noble charm. It is achieved by having elegant loose curls and matched it with chic ribbon to give a lovely and sweet look. This hairstyle is filled with femininity but also looks sweaty. Apart from chic ribbon, this hairstyle can be matched too with long strings of beads with decorated roses.

Ponytail Hairstyle
Lovely ponytail hairstyle is another Korean hairstyle that looks naughty and less feminine. Its slightly messy braid is not trivial but lovely. This hairstyle can be matched with various accessories for a more cute appearance.

Korean Short Hairstyles with Scarf
If you opt for a little mysterious temptation look, the Nostalgia short hairstyle will work for you. Such hairstyle shows the maturity and charm of the woman. A scarf can be used to style this hairstyle along with grand and gentle apparels.

Harajuku Hairstyles

Harajuku hairstyles are popularized by an area in Tokyo of the same name. The area is a center station for girls and boys with fashion style and known internationally for their culture. Among the fashion styles seen among them are wearing unique clothes ranging from the punk, hip-hop, gothic style to the anime character style. The styles of the Harajuku lay much on the bright and harmonizing dark them along with glamorous beads. It melts the masculine and feminine elements as well as its functions.

Harajuku Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas

The Harajuku hairstyles are usually eye catching, glamorous, and extreme. It is supported with extreme make-up as well. To achieve this kind of hairstyle, one must razor and dyes his or her hair with bright colors. The hair must also be down and wild.

Harajuku hairstyles give the wearers the chance of playing with their hair and create a style that can fit on their own. These hairstyles are great for those fans of Japanese anime and street style. It became an urban cult not only along the shopping district of Tokyo but also in different parts of the world. 

Harajuku hairstyles are signature hairstyles that are provocative and dramatic. Teens continuously invent new designs for the hairstyle in order to achieve more original look and outfit. Such hairstyles rule today as a way of expressing one’s personality through edgy outfits and colors too.

Medieval Hairstyles

Medieval HairstyleThe medieval period was filled with dark stories and mysteries. It is the time when created history emerges as well as other fascinating stories of knights and royalties. This period also features varieties of hairstyles that have inspired many hair stylists over the decades. Medieval hairstyles are still in vogue today not only because of its beauty but also of its sophistication.

Medieval hairstyles are often defined in curls and long length hair. The curly appearance of this hairstyle is often attached with golden balls at the end of the hair strands. During the medieval period, women with long hair are signified with distinguishing factor being a high social status in the society. Covering the hair with bonnets during the period has something to do with a religious belief most particularly in commoners. To be on the safer side, common people during the period used small fancy items to decorate their hair.

Hair braiding is also popular in medieval period. It is also another option for common people during the medieval period. Short hairstyles are also very popular during the period. Apart from having long hair, women belonging to the higher status of society during the period used golden threads and ribbons on their hair. These women also piled up their hair in two stacks on either head side.

The stacks are sometimes unbraided or braided. Wires are being used to shape up the hairstyles. Medieval hairstyles are not only complicated to style but also expresses vanity and richness because of its dirty styles. It was considered dirty in the sense that during the medieval period, washing hair is not frequent and bathing was rare. The hairstyles are created to last for substantial amount of time and being freshened up rarely.

Geisha Hairstyle

Geisha hairstyles portray a sensual mystery and sexy femininity to women. It is a very popular type of hairstyle among Asian women especially Japanese women. This hairstyle is usually combined with a kimono dress. To give additional flair to the hairstyle, the kimono dress is usually associated with butterfly sleeves. The kimono dresses are also available in mini-skirt length and non-traditional geisha colors such as baby blue and pink.

A geisha hairstyle is usually worn with hair piled high on the head top. It can be styled with several rolls or buns if the hair of the wearer is naturally thick. The rolls or buns are placed strategically around the crown of the head or at the nape of the neck. On the other hand, if the wearer has a shorter length of hair, a traditional geisha wig is also available. Such wig is usually lightweight and fun to wear as well. A geisha hairstyle can be accessorized with hair ornaments such as skinny strand of pearls, tiny bows, artificial flowers, and lacquered chopsticks.

How to Achieve Geisha Hairstyle

Achieving a geisha hairstyle can be very time-consuming therefore enough time should be allotted. Moreover, the hair of the wearer must be prepared as well by applying mousse throughout after washing with volumizing shampoo.

Geisha Hairstyle Picture

Geisha Hairstyle Picture

Chinese Hairstyles

Chinese hairstyles are becoming popular not only with fellow Asian countries but also in countries from theChinese Hairstyle Picture western part of the globe especially those have great admiration for Asian fashion. Chinese hairs are perfect and very straight for making fabulous textures, layers, and curls. 

Popular Chinese Hairstyles

Among the popular styles for Chinese hairs include messy hairstyles for short hair, popular layered hairstyles, short hairstyles, and layered hairstyles with bangs.

Messy Chinese Hairstyles for Short Hair
The messy hairstyle for short hair is a latest trend for Chinese hairstyle. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain because of its messy look. The wearer does not need much effort in wearing such kind of hairstyle. However, if the wearer wants to look sexy and trendy on his or her messy look, use the appropriate shampoo along with a blow dryer.

Layered Haircuts for Chinese
The ever popular layered hairstyles are also part of Chinese hair fashion. It definitely looks good whether the wearer have a short or long hair. Apparently, this hairstyle appears better on long hair because the layers can be trimmed enough or razor edged to frame the face. It can be worn with bangs as well to add variation.

Chinese Short Hairstyles
Short hairstyles look great on Chinese hair since it appears funky, chic, and cute. It can be added with various hair shades and colors whether for thin or thick hair. This kind of hairstyle is very popular among women since it is very simple to wear and manage. It should be used with the proper accessories that include styling gels, blow dryers, combs, brushes, and other styling aids.

Layered Hairstyles with Bangs
Layered hairstyles with bangs or sweeping bangs are best on women with angular jaw line. The razor cut ends of this hairstyle make the face look very attractive. The bangs can also give a slimming effect to the wearer depending on the face shape.

Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles suggest a break from the most recent trends while guarantying eternal beauty and fashion. The typical hairstyles of the past didn’t used curling irons or hair dryers. As an option, the eteranal curls were twisted with fingers, pins, clips and lots of hairspray. Vintage Hairstyles acquired the creative skill of hairdressing. Even though certain underlying fundamental principles were followed, no restraining rules were ever applied and free scope was given to the expression of individual artistry. Vintage hair dos have for eternity been a real fashion trend for people who like the stylized times of the 1940’s. If you are one of those and the feminine look of that time gives an inspiration and will make you think of a very feminine updo which is custom suited for straight hair. It seems great coupled with bangs.

Vintage Hairstyles Advice

A vintage hairstyle harmonizing with a vintage wedding dress is nothing short of fabulous and for the bride wishing a bit unique but still classic for her wedding day, the vintage styles are great. The similar relate for proms and formal occasions taking your look to the style and elegance of the golden age of Hollywood . Vintage hairstyles append the finishing touch of authenticity to period costumes for theater, dance, plays, and even Halloween costumes. These hairstyles detain sexy glamour, class, polish and mystery to a women’s glance and our look at present must be unique and individual, yet still trendy and up to the minute in style. Utilize these instructions for 3 types of vintage hairstyles: pin curls, rag curls and finger waves.

Creating Vintage Hairstyles

  • Comb
  • Clips or bobby pins
  • Comb
  • Clips
  • Comb
  • Sheets or rags
  • Pick or chopstick
  • Hairspray
  • Flowers or vintage hair accessories

Create Pin Curls
Separate damp hair addicted to narrow sections. Twist a part of hair just about your index finger to make a tight curl. Push the curl flat alongside your head. Protected with a clip or bobby pins. Persist making curls in rows. Eliminate clips or bobby pins. Style the curls through picking them by chopsticks or a pick. Assemble the curls in the style that you desire. Secure a few curls to the top of your head or at the back of your ears. Pin through clips and spray your hair liberally by hair spray. Append flowers or vintage hair accessories to the base of the curl if preferred.

Make Finger Waves
Element damp hair and comb down one wide part. Move your fingers one or two finger-widths behind the fragment. Push the hair to the surface to form a wave. Safe the wave through a clip. Persist down the part of hair, creating waves every 2 fingers or so. Replicate on the remaining sectors of hair. Permit the hair to dry for some hours, and then remove the clips. Close the ends with finger curls on the nape of the neck.

Set Rag Curls
Cut terrazzo of old sheets or clean rags to create rags on 1 inch wide and 5 inches long. Comb damp hair addicted to sections on an inch wide. Put a rag next to a part of hair so to the rag is about 1 inch over the scalp. Wrap the strand of hair just about the rag in a spiral direction. Tie the ends of the rag collectively. Ensure no hair is sticking out. Reiterate on the rest of the sections of hair. Permit to dry, and then eliminate the rags.