Pageboy Hairstyles

Pageboy hair styles are very sensational and cute. The hair styles emerged from English pageboys. The hair styles are characterized by straight hair that extends past the ear downwards. The hair styles are also defined by front straight bangs that lie just above the eyes. These hair styles are further described by hair that extends to the shoulder, the ends of these hair styles are usually rolled. The hair styles may vary in the formats in which they are designed but the mother design remains the same. Among the individuals who are prone to these hair styles are actresses and actors, actually they admired the fashionable look obtain by these hair styles.

The pageboy hair styles are traditionally cultural hair styles. Basing on their originality, the hair styles are one of a kind. These hair styles can be incorporated with bob hair styles to achieve a more cultural look. These hair styles fit with the various hair styles including: short hair styles, long hair styles, and medium hair styles. The difference between pageboy hair styles and bob hair styles is quite minimal, since the hair styles can be merged to form a classical look that is well defined with highlights and lowlights.

Bobs & Pageboy Hairstyles

Here are some of the best bob hair styles that can be incorporated with pageboy hair styles. Pageboy hair styles can be merged with: curly bob and pageboy, the resulting pageboy is usually characterized by curls that have volume and highly textured; line bob and pageboy, the resulting pageboy is edgy and flattering, the hair style actually does give more description to the jaw line; and the third one is layered bob and pageboy, the combination of pageboy and layered bob gives a thicker appearance. Pageboy hair styles occasionally need to be styled every now and then to eliminate the possibility of the hair styles appearing unkempt.pageboy-hairstyle1

With the recent trends in hair styles sector, pageboy hair styles can be termed as advanced bob hair styles that have been modified further. Most of the pageboy hair styles in fashion are geometrically cut to obtain a brightening look. The most recent pageboy hair styles are defined by straight bangs that are blunt at the end. The bangs are located a few inches from the eyes, so they give the eyes the deepest description. With the layers falling on the sides they extend to the neck level. This way the eyes and all the other facial traits are extensively defined.

Other pageboy hair styles are the flipped pageboys. These hair styles are characterized by sprayed ends that are obtained by blow drying the hair outwards. The bangs associated with these hair styles are traditionally short and trendy. They can be blonde or black depending on the interests of the person. Blonde women do usually get the best shiny looks out of them. Light haired women are usually advised to use highlights, while the dark haired ladies are usually advised to use highlights. Pageboys can also be slightly layered or thinned out.

Special Occasion Hairstyles

A woman does not need to be genius in order for her to do her hair every day. Every year, more and more women spend billions of money on different hair products for moisturizing, thickening, smoothing frizz, adding body, highlighting, colors, straightening, and curling just to make their hair perfect for the special occasion. In this article, we will tackle on what a woman needs to known about special occasion hairstyles. Read along.

What You Need to Know about Special Occasion Hairstyles?

When we speak of special occasions, what women automatically have in mind is achieving special occasion hairstyles. This is not a problem as there are many options to choose from in creating the best hairstyle for the special occasion regardless of the preferences, budget, or length. A woman just has to be careful in her selection so she can achieve the magnificent hairstyle for the special occasion.

Special occasions may include weddings, proms, homecomings, holidays, parties, or any other formal events. These are the best times that women’s hairs are called for more flair hairdo. For some special occasions like prom or wedding, the hairstyle should be more elaborated and formal while a homecoming dance or casual holiday party, hairstyle should come with mildly smart look.

Before deciding for your special occasion’s hairstyle, you need to consider various factors that may affect your hair. These factors include costs, time, look, facial shape, attire, stylist, and mood. If you are on budget, a salon-styled and very formal hairstyle will be more effective. If you can yourself, create an easy formal hairstyle that would fit your special occasion. To achieve a new look, you can add highlights or color to your hairstyle. In this way, you can increase the cost of your hairstyle.

Time is a considering factor, thus if you have a whole day to do the hairstyle preparation for the special occasion, make it more elaborated. On the other hand, if time is shorter, you can just create less special and more casual hairstyle instead. Your look for the occasion is a relative factor, thus wear a hairstyle that is casual or easy going, or sophisticated and sleek.

Facial shape is important when choosing a special occasion hairstyle. Make sure that you choose the right hairstyle for your facial shape. In this way, your features are complemented and enhance. In case you are wearing very formal attire with plenty of details for the special occasion, choose a hairstyle that will not obscure your makeup, jewelry, or wardrobe. In case that your outfit is more casual, add some elegance to your hairstyle.

Hiring a stylist for your special occasion hairstyle can give your more complex look with ease. However, if you plan styling your own hair, you can do an easier and simpler style that will give you the confidence. Mood is important for special occasion hairstyles as it projects your entire look. If you will attend an occasion that comes with romantic evening, consider gentle, loose waves, or sophisticated style. On the other hand, you can do curls and other styles if the occasion is an exciting and fun event.

Holiday Hair Styles

Holidays are the time to enjoy life by attending various parties, functions and events with friends and family which is why paying a special attention towards your look is mandatory. Besides choosing elegant outfits and cool accessories, you must try and have hairstyle because hairstyle can add a lot to your personality. Normally we spend hours in salons to get the perfect look and then pay hundred and thousands of dollars. So if you do not want to be one of them then you must try and do your own holiday hairstyles at home. If you do not know anything about them then here is what you require knowing.

Updos are Elegant

In holiday time, one of the most appreciated hairstyles is elegant updos. Even though they are time consuming but they go with almost every outfit, especially evening dresses. You could do it in dinners, parties or any other special outing. You could do a full hair updo or half updo. Best part of these is that they can be worn in any hair length and texture. Even though a professional would do it in a better way because of practice, you could do it too. Plus updos are not worn by everyone on daily basis so it can’t be called a regular hairstyle.

Create waves for a holiday event

If you plan to attend a Sunday brunch or some mid day party then having waves is a great option, especially if you have straight hair. Just spray hair voluminizer and dry the hair with the help of blow dryer after washing the hair. Then take small comb which would help you divide hair into several sections. Now take hot rollers and roll each section along with it and then secure it with a metal pin. When you are done with each section, wait for about 10 minutes and then remove them off. Use a light mist of hair spray to settle the styling.

Wear a Large Chignon

You could also have a large chignon in case you have long hair. For this blow dry the hair by lifting with the help of round brush and then pull the hair strands to make ponytail at the base of neck. Make a large bun out of it and clip the ends with bobby pins. So this is how you can make a large chignon. Try and sport it as it is one of the best holiday hair styles.

Dolly Parton Wigs

dolly-parton-wigDolly patron, a famous celebrity in almost all spheres is also known worldwide for wearing wigs. Dolly patron wigs looks so natural that no one can actually make out that she is wearing a hairpiece. It has been years now that she has been wearing them as her original hair are very fine plus light too and so cannot be dealt with harsh chemicals and other styling methods.

Dolly Parton wigs gives her this benefit of achieving the look she desires inn just a matter of minutes and she does not really have to rush to a salon every time she needs a hairdo. She has various wigs and so it becomes more easy for her to change her looks time to time. After knowing this if you are also inspired by wigs and plan to buy one then her are some things that you must look for in a wig so that you match to Dolly Parton wigs:

See to it that the wig is of finest quality and is made of human hair. This would give more texture and softness to the wig and also increases the life. A very important thing that you must know before buying a wig is; the hairstyle that you wish to sport. Always see the length of the wig, the hairstyle and the color. Because if you buy a wig without checking how it looks on you, you would surely end up meeting a disaster.If you find all these then you sure are very close to Dolly Parton wigs.

Bridal Hair Pieces

bridal-hair-pieces1Wedding day is one of the most beautiful days for any women. Every woman is exited for her look at the wedding day and this is something that she thinks about since her teenage probably. Besides getting a perfect wedding location and selecting a perfect wedding dress, another thing that brides must pay attention to is getting good bridal hair pieces. These add finishing touch and add loads of glamour to your look. Getting perfect accessory for the wedding would help you get a complete look which is why here are some details about bridal hair pieces.

Types of Hair Pieces

Brides have a list of options from which she can choose her wedding hair accessory. Tiaras are one of the most popular bridal hair pieces. They are crown- like accessory whose width could vary according to your own preference. They are fully embellishes with beautiful decorative accents. Best part of these is that they can go with any hair style, especially wedding updos, loose hair and short hair. Then you could try head bands as well. These are thick and lay flat against head rather than getting risen up, unlike tiaras. Generally, for wedding the head bands are made out of metal, cloth or crystals. The hairstyle that you could sport with it is wavy hairstyle and also sedu hair styles.

Some other hair pieces

bridal-hair-piecesYou could go for Ohair pins which add sparkle to the hair and the good thing is that they are tiny in size. Most elegant updos are also enhanced with the help of these pins which could be worn in different styles. You could also tie ends on buns to make them look neater. Bun wrap is another option available in bridal hair pieces. They add beauty to even an ordinary bun and these could be combined with decorative hair pins and other accessories as well. You can use it with a firm knot besides a bun as well.

Snoods can be used to get a unique style to your hairstyle since it adds a vintage appeal to it. Snood comes with different designer crystals and sparkling accents. Good thing is that you can search for snoods that are especially meant for brides so that you do not ha tough time thinking which one would suit you. Then make use of hair clips, decorative combs, barrettes, wreath, etc to make your hair style look appealing.

Audrey Hepburn Hair Style

audrey-hepburn-styleAudrey Hepburn hairstyles are known all across the world because of the neatness and classic look that it gives. There is a hairstyle for every occasion if we talk about Audrey Hepburn. One can try out any of the hairstyles from her list from updo’s to straight falling hair. You might be thinking that there is only one style in updo and in straight hair but this is not the case, and this is why Audrey Hepburn is known for her hair do’s. You would be shocked to know that there are around more than twenty hair updo’s that she has wore till now and believe it or not but all of them are totally different from each other.

Get one of Audrey Hepburn Hairstyle

There is a hairstyle for every body and every face cut if it is an Audrey Hepburn hairstyle. For eg; if you have an oval face then you can try out French rolls and women with round face can go for French twists. Not just this, but for different occasions there is a particular hairstyle that you can try out. If you have to attend a wedding then there is a short cut style braids with bangs.

Now you might be thinking that it would take too much time and a lot of dollars to get one of Audrey Hepburn hairstyle, but the fact is that you can get a hairdo at home itself and that too without spending much time. So choose your style and try out her amazing hairstyles.