Long Hair Care Myths

Growing long hair has plenty of myths. Some believe on these myths and some people do not. Some myths may be true to some people but some may not. Hair myths for long black hair may be different to hair myths of white long locks. The main reason for this is due to genetics factors. As we go along this article, we will learn more about the different long hair myths that can be use as guide in growing hair.

Popular Long Hair Care Myths

Long hair can be healthy and dry, and needs extraordinary treatment than short and medium length hairs. It should also be given with proper hair care and treatment. In this way, long hair will grow fast and healthy. Problems on long hair may occur due to hair products being used especially if the product is harsh and chemically dangerous. If the long hair is used with wrong products or chemical, it tends to grow slower.

One of the famous myths for long hair is that by cutting hair, its length grows faster. Contradicting this myth is another myth saying that long hair gets hurt when cut into shorter length, thus growth of the hair tends to become slower. In general, fact, cutting the hair makes it looks healthier because brittle and split ends are removed. It also improves the entire overall appearance of the hair.

Another myth for long hair is for black hair in which hair is stronger than other types of hair. This myth is relatively true because the internal structure of black hair is more receptive to breakage compared to other types of hair. To minimize breakage and rebuild the structure of relaxed hair, protein and moisture treatments are used. Brushing hair can make it grow faster but excessive brushing may lead to actual breakage most likely if the hair is relaxed. Dried hair scalp should be greased to achieve good moisture. This also makes the hair moisturized.

How to Cut Layered Haircut

Layered HaircutTo cut layered haircut, factors of giving good textured effect to the hair and knowing the cutting techniques to style the hair are important. The cutting should be done by a professional hairstylist in a beauty salon. Although, learning on your own on how to cut layered haircut can help you save money, you are required to do plenty of practice to achieve finer results as those ones done by professionals.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Cutting Layered Haircut

Before starting to cut layered haircut, the hair must be shampooed and dried with a towel. Do not dry the hair completely because damp hair is important in cutting layers. During the cutting process, keep spraying water on the hair in case the hair dries out. Among the basic cutting materials that you will need are scissors, comb, two mirrors, spray bottle, hair clamps, hair brush, and blow dryer.

Layered Hairstyles for Wavy or Curly Hair

If you have wavy or curly hair, always consider the hair length longer of few inches than the desired length because wavy or curly hair will look shorter in length after drying. Part the hair on the center and comb it straight down. Working on the left side should be done first before on the right side. Get a section of the hair from the left side close to the cheek or chin level and start snipping off its ends. Working on the lower sections of the hair can be done last. Repeat all the steps for the right side section of the hair.

Hairstyles and Hair Care in Winter 2010

Winter Hairstyles & Hair CareThe dryness of cold winter can be very dangerous to the hair. It makes the hair dry easily because of the changing from dry cold weather outside to dry indoor heating, and vice versa. To ensure that the hair or hairstyle does not get damaged or exposed to dryness, doing preventative steps of hair care must be taken. 

Winter Season Hair Care Tips

Wearing a cap, hat, or scarf to protect hair from the wind and cold is necessary. However, it should not be so tight to allow circulation on the hair scalp. Using conditioner everyday is part of hair care regime during winter season. Once the hair is moist, wash the hair with cold water to lock in moisture and give extra shine to the hair. Going outside cold weather with wet hair is a restriction. This will allow risk breakage to the hair because of freezing.

During winter season, the use of hot items like curling irons and blow dryers on hair is a big “no” since it will only damage the hair. In case you need to use any of the items, make sure to use a leave-on conditioner before using the items on the hair. The use of hot water can damage and dry out hair, thus avoid it. Hair products that promise replenishment on hair are best during winter season as this can moisturize the hair.

The popular hairstyles to wear during winter season include pinned-up, twists, waves, Mohawks, and braids.

Hairstyles and Hair Care in Summer 2010

Summer Hairstyles & Hair CareClimate gives severe effects to the hair, thus hairstyles and appropriate hair care must be chosen carefully. Although summer hairstyles can be very easy, hair tends to attract plenty of grime during season of summer. In case that you travel frequently during summer season, it would be best to tie hair with a scarf. Apart the convenience it gives the attack of the sun rays and dust is minimized. It is essential to shampoo hair during summer season however the chosen shampoo should suit the hair type. One important hair care for summer hairstyles is maintaining the moisture and not allowing the hair to dry excessively. This can be done by maintaining the use of conditioner.

Summer Season Hair Care Tips

The minimal use of blow dry styles and hot iron curlers should be done during summer season. Because the season makes the hair fragile and dry, thus chances of breakage are high. In addition, the external atmosphere of the season can be tough as well making the hair fail to withstand any treatment. Summer season for people with curly can be difficult because they usually face problems of dull and frizzy hair. On the other hand, curly hair can be nurtured by using scrunchies, hair bands, and clasps.

Washing hair more often is an essential hair care but it may not suit all people. The most applicable term is washed the hair as often if it is only dirty. Still the general rule is maintaining the hair moisture. The use of a special sun block cream for your hair as you step out in the sun is also very important as well as the use of home remedies to maintain the hair healthy.

Prom Styles for Straight Hair

Prom styles for straight hair may vary accordingly whether the hair is long or short in length. With the assistance of multitude hair products and advance hair technology tools such as straightening irons, various prom styles for straight hair are easily achievable. Straight hair is always fashionable in any prom hairstyles. Therefore, if you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, use flat iron or good blowout to achieve straight hair with strikingly look.

Girls Prom Hairstyles Ideas for Straight Hair

Prom Styles for Straight HairIf possible, girls attending prom nights would want to hair hairstyles that are not only unique but also very elegant and classic. Finding the best and unique prom styles for straight hair is not difficult since girls have the access to the television shows and beauty magazines that feature prom hairstyles. Runways at fashion weeks also feature different prom hairstyles appropriate not only for straight hairs but also for different types of hair. Online search is another way to find prom styles for straight hair. There are several articles discussing fashionable hair trends for the season. You can also check for prom hairstyles worn by some celebrities and make it as guide for your straight hair.

Adding accessories to prom styles for straight hair is also trendy. This idea will make the hairstyle unusual and elaborative. In addition, accessorizing the hair does not involve huge amount of hair products. Some prom styles for straight hair may not suit some girls possible because of the volume and facial shape.  It is important to consider factors like facial shape, features, bone structures, and hair texture when choosing prom styles for straight hair.

Mini Bouffant Hairstyles

Mini Bouffant Hairstyles Ideas During 1960s Era

Mini Bouffant HairstyleEarly 1960s had been a popular era for mini bouffant hairstyles and in large section; Jackie Kennedy popularized the hairstyles. During the era, the hairstyles were considered an attractive and elegant special-occasion fashion for hair. For most women of the era, a bigger bouffant style projects better style and fashion. Apparently today, new versions of mini bouffant hairstyles are still chic but submissive and with additional understated.

Mini bouffant hairstyles appear to be glorious hairstyles that actually call attention to women whatever outfit they are wearing. It greatly escorts formal gowns mini dresses as well. In mid 1960s, the hairstyles had reached its peak of thrilling attraction as more women are clamoring to sport it. With this, the hairstyle became equal with star-studded occasions and romantic evenings.

Mini bouffant styles have been an ideal hairstyle for women of the 1960s. Not only because of its classic and elegant style but also of the glamour look it gives. In the latter part of the 1960s, the hairstyles have reached to another level and more updated versions by using huge rollers and gel solutions. Some women even used grapefruit cans as replacement to rollers in order to achieve great hair locks.

How to Achieve Mini Bouffant Hairstyles

To achieve mini bouffant hairstyle, hair should be washed primarily with cold water and applied with strong conditioner as well. This is an important step to do before going through the steps of the hairstyle.

Stylish Female Hairstyles

Females are always stylish and trendy when it comes to their hairstyles. Although short haircut is very stylish for most females in the recent years, there are still other reasons behind it. Apart from the fact that short haircut makes female look more youthful, it also helps reduce costs and time for hair treatment. Nowadays, short haircuts are seen in many females whether celebrity or not.

Stylish Female Hairstyles Ideas

Stylish female hairstyles come in different variations. From these variations, a female can choose her selections that would make her more confident in style. The hairstyles can be created with shag, layered, bob, or style curly bangs. However, make sure that the hairstyle to be chosen will compliment the facial shape and features. It should be manageable as well to give you the beautiful look even without makeup.

Crop Hairstyles For Women

Crop Haircut Picture

One stylish female hairstyle today is the crop, which gives any women the sense of freedom and is low in maintenance. It also gives the sexy look to the wearer. Over the years, crop hairstyle had been very popular and there’s nothing new about it. Although the hairstyle had evolved throughout time, the distinctive style is always there.

There are two reasons why many females are going for crop hairstyle as a stylish one. Apart from the fact that the hairstyle is liberating to wear, it also gives the ultimate convenience to the wearer. The hairstyle signifies new confidence and new beginning in females’ lives after they break up or get divorce with their partner.

How to Bleach your Hair

How to Bleach your HairThere are various reasons why people bleach their hair. People either preferred to color their hair blonde or would want to make their dark hair lighter. However, bleaching hair should be done by a professional to achieve finer results. You can visit a salon or hire your own stylist to do it at the comfort of your home.

Hair bleaching works through its main ingredients of hydrogen peroxide or ammonium persulfate. These ingredients are also known as oxidizing agents that change the melanin composition in hair through oxidation. As an effect, the melanin is transformed into colorless or white. There are different things needed in bleaching hair that include bleaching powder, toner, hair color additive, hair coloring brush, shampoo & deep conditioner, mixing bowls either glass or plastic, shower cap, and protective eye gear. Metal bowls are not recommended to use.

How to Bleach your Hair – Step By Step Guide

Here is a detailed process on how to bleach your hair:

  • Create a mixture of bleaching powder and crème developer, and the mix it well.
  • Divide the hair into sections and start at the back but not on the roots to achieve finer results.
  • Apply bleach to the hair evenly by using hair coloring brush. Be careful in applying too much of the bleach on the scalp.
  • Tie the hair and enclose it with a shower cap. Leave the hair for about 60 minutes but not more to avoid risk of chemical burns that can destroy hair.
  • Wash the hair with shampoo that contains PH neutralization properties. If the hair does not display expected results, use deep conditioning and protein treatment.

Long Sleek Hairstyles

Whether you are opting for a different look for just a breeze through town, social events, or night life, long sleek hairstyles can give you a wide array of good selection. These hairstyles also offer unique choice styles in terms of volume and choppy. The look that the hairstyle gives had brought plenty of attention to the wearer’s face without so much distraction.

Long sleek hairstyles bring simpler and sharper look. It can be a little wild, cute, and easy. Its look may start on top and flows all the way to the hair ends. In creating this hairstyle, you may need gels, pomades, and other hair products.

Ways to Style Long Sleek Hairstyle

Britney Spears Long Sleek HairstyleAlmost any women desire to wear long sleek hairstyles as it can be styled in many creative ways. One of these is a simple off center part while the locks are flowed straight down. The hairstyles are easy to pull off as well by just applying appropriate hair styling products that would suit the wearer’s hair type. To make hairstyle comes with shine value and smoothness, flat ironing or brushing would be best.

Long sleek hairstyles can be added with flicked ends. With this little addition, it can change the entire look of the hairstyle and give contrast. The styled smooth, brushed, and parted way off-center of the hairstyle will be different once flicked ends are added. The flicked ends of the hairstyle can be enhanced with rich brown color.

Short Messy Sassy Hairstyles

Short Messy Sassy HairstyleHairstyles represent and define the best personality of the wearer. For young women of today, the best hairstyle to wear that would match their style and attitude is the short messy sassy hairstyles. As a matter of fact, many celebrities opt to wear the hairstyles because of the style statement and punk style it gives. To achieve short messy sassy hairstyles, you need to cut your hair short and be creative. You can check out on the Internet for the best style to wear whether for elegant or casual, it’s your decision.

Celebrities with Short Messy Sassy Hairstyles

Short messy sassy hairstyles are the latest craze in fashion today. It had redefined what is appealing, comfortable, and sexy in hair in today’s time. Some of the famous celebrities today have become new proponents of the hairstyles that include Poppy Montgomery, Kirsten Dunst, Sienna Miller, and Keira Knightley.

There are designers that consider short messy sassy hairstyles as a look that influence the “don’t care hair” attitude. Some people even call the hairstyles as tousle or bed-head, and the new version of rock chic. Some people even recognize the hairstyles to be so hot since it eliminates the need to spend huge amount of money for hair perfection. When it comes to basic styles and simplicity, the hairstyles are a lot quicker to create and cost much less.

Achieving Short Messy Sassy Hairstyle Look

If you want to achieve the appropriate messy look for your short sassy hairstyle, always wash your hair with the right conditioner and shampoo for your hair type. A sizeable amount of mouse should be applied on the hair appropriately to achieve the messy look. By using fingers, rough dry the hair while blow drying or air drying it. To lock the hair into place, use a hairspray and adjust the hair strands accordingly if needed.