Cornrow Styles

Cornrow style or track braids is one of the many traditional hairstyles that are still being worn by people today. The hair in this hairstyle is braided very closely to the scalp. The cornrows in this hairstyle stay flat on the scalp while the hair can be styled in variety of patterns. Originally, cornrow hairstyles came from Africa and popularized by different hip hop artists all over the world especially in the United States.

Cornrow Hairstyles Ideas

Using intricate and complex patterns the designs of cornrow hairstyles can vary from straight and simple ones. Anyone can sport this kind of hairstyle from kids, women, to men. The different cornrow styles can be seen in forms such as geometric patterns, zigzag designs, straight lines, and more. These styles can be decorated with beads, shells, and various hair accessories.

Cornrow Styles for African Women
In sub-Saharan Africa, cornrow styles are common way of styling their hair. The different cornrow or variation styles in this place are used to represent the social status of an individual. The styles also help in giving distinctions between people of diverse kinship, age, relations, or ethnicity. Over the years, cornrow styles have undergone different modifications as well as variations that are brought by modern styles.
Cornrow Styles for Women
Cornrow Braid Styles
In women, cornrow styles have many variations. One of the famous variations is when the hair is braided while the remaining hair is left without any changes. For those who wanted more styles for their cornrow, they can go for options like crimping, creating waves, or curling. Weave extension is also a good additional for cornrow styles.

Cornrow Styles for Men
Apparently, men of today are also interested in wearing cornrow hairstyles. Both famous celebrities and sports personalities are seen wearing cornrow designs on their hair. Many children as well are seen sporting different designs or patterns of cornrow styles.

How to Cut A Shag Haircut

If you are looking for a different look that can keep you trendy and get you noticed yet have that professional look, a shag haircut would be a perfect choice.  Nowadays, a shag haircut is widely used in most offices today because of the more relaxed feeling it gives to the wearer. This haircut is convenient and comfortable to wear for everyday use giving the wearer the fun yet professional look.

Shag Haircut PictureCutting a shag haircut is often done in salon. If you are opting for such kind of haircut, look for a good stylist inside a salon that can help you.  Although going to a salon can be expensive, it still helps you achieve the kind of haircut that you want such as the shag. Sometimes, it is better to go for an expensive salon rather than least expensive ones because of the quality.

Shag Hair Cuts, Shag Hairstyles Ideas

The style of a shag haircut is more under control especially when you go to work. It can be up or loose depending on what you prefer to wear in office for the day.  Shag haircut is also one of the hottest hairstyle today because of its mussed and sassy look that contains lots of texture and layers.

Shag haircuts are cut with any hair length whether long, medium, or short. There are different lengths that can suit different features and face shapes. Commonly, stylist recommends the best length that can fit one’s physical features. Cutting shag haircuts can be time-consuming but once done it gives a look that can get you noticed. In shag haircuts, the hair near the head’s crown is cut short relatively. Meanwhile the remaining of the hair is cut in layers that increase in length around the head’s crown.

Black Men Hairstyles

Black Men HairstylesEvery hairstyle of black men surely has a unique factor of its own. Compared to other kinds of hairstyles for men, black men hairstyles are really interesting to wear from its hair braids to dreadlocks. The particular uniqueness of black men hairstyles is on its texture since their hair is naturally curly.

Black Men Hairstyling Options

There are many interesting variations of hairstyles for black men who have natural black Afro hair. If you do not have the natural curly Afro hair, there are parlors using innovative techniques and chemical treatments in giving natural curly hair that can help you. Whether short or long, black men hairstyles can always make the difference to the way they look.

Afro Hairstyles for Men
One of their famous hairstyles is the Afro hairstyles that are seen sported by both men and women. This hairstyle gives huge appearance to the wearer as well as fluffs out around the head. Basically, the hairstyle is only possible for men who have the Afro kind of hair. The hair will only fluff out around the head if the curls are coiled tightly. On the other hand, the tight coils will always depend on the texture and density of the wearer’s hair.

Braid Hairstyles for Men
Another typical hairstyle for black men is the hair braids in which can suit either medium length or short length hair. This hairstyle comes in varieties of braids that can dress up the tresses. There are box braids, cornrows, or micro braids that black men can try. Hair accessories can be added as well for black men hairstyles such as colorful beads. This does not only give a fashionable appeal but can jazzed up one’s overall appearance.

How To Grow Black Hair

How to Grow Long Black HairIn growing black hair, there are certain tips to follow since this kind of hair is naturally frizzy and curly.  Black hair is often called as African American hair. It tends to get dry or even dry when used with pressing combs, flat irons, or blow driers. Women with African American hair often try different chemicals just to make their hair beautiful as well as relax the frizzy texture. Because of this, their hair does not only get dry but also becomes brittle and result to split ends.

How to Grow Long Black Hair Using Natural Hair Care Products

To begin with, black hair should be used with natural hair products to keep it moisturized. There are certain natural hair products that provide vital nutrients to keep the black hair healthy and strong. There are also products that contribute to the growth of the hair shaft. In addition, stop using hair extensions and wigs just keep the length of the black hair longer as this will not help with the growth.

To achieve growth for black hair, the use of chemical based conditioners and shampoos must be stopped. Instead use those natural shampoos or hair care products as mentioned above that will nourish the hair. As the hair gets nourished, its texture improves while the lost minerals and moisture are replenished and replaced. Go for natural hair products that contain omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids that can help restore the dryness of the hair.  Hair products that contain wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil can also help.

Taper Fade Haircuts

Tape fade haircuts are one of the many haircuts that are exclusively worn by men. It is hardly seen on women because of its manly style; however in the recent years many women opt to wear the haircut for fashion and trendy reasons.

Tape fade haircuts are not hard to identify since it typified by layering of the hair in which the back end of the head has short or almost absent hair. As you move towards the front part of the head, the hair becomes progressive with appealing layers. The layers on the front portion consist of long hair.
Taper Fade Haircut

Benefits of Choosing Taper Fade Haircuts For Men

One great benefit of tape fade haircuts is its easy and inexpensive maintenance. However, this kind of haircut still requires for a regular visit in the barber shop to maintain the tapered and layered look. As a benefit to the elaborate maintenance of tapered fade haircuts, wearers will definitely look great allowing them to achieve a personality in their look. One factor why most people wear this kind of haircut is its easy adaptation to different personalities.

Tape fade haircuts are categorized as formal hairstyles since it often seen worn by people during professional and formal business gatherings. One reason for this is the elegant look that the haircuts project, which makes it a perfect haircut option for professional and businessmen who wants to make classy communication with their hairstyle choice.

Hairstyles For Receding Hairlines

Hairstyles For Receding HairlinesThe thought of having receding hairlines makes men feel conscious of finding something that will cover their heads. They often wear baseball caps as cover. Well, men of today do not need to worry much about the dilemma as there are many certain hairstyles that can work perfectly or at least nicely for receding hairlines. These hairstyles often make the appearance of a man looks like the receding hairstyles do not exist. Some hairstyles do not even bring attention to the hair loss.

Choosing Hairstyles For Receding Hairlines

Before trying a hairstyle for receding hairlines, check first if how much of the hair is receding. Identify as well the area on the head where receding hair is taking place. The addition of layers or bangs can work with hairlines that are barely receding. However, if the hairline is extremely receding, do go for shaggy look or bangs as this will only make you look like a clown or less fashionable. To offset receding hairlines, the option of growing some facial hair such as goatee, mustache or beard would be ideal. This option also works for men who have entirely bald head or very short hair.

A medium-length shaggy look can work well in hiding receding hairlines. It can be added with bangs reaching at least the eyebrows and layers throughout the head. One fine way of wearing bangs is through Caesar cut, which features short hair around the back and sides of the head while the top is tapered down into bangs and left a tad longer.

Buzzed cuts are also great hairstyles for receding hairlines. It comes in various lengths that make bald spots less contrast with the scalp. A bald hairstyle is one way of getting rid the signs of receding hairlines.  It makes men look incredibly sexy, touchable, smooth, and sleek.

How to Prevent Grey Hair

Prevent Grey HairGrey hair is one of the problems faced by many middle-aged people and even youngsters today. No need to worry because this problem is easily solved by many simple ways and techniques available in the market today. Grey hair is often the result of none or less production of melanin through the hair follicles. Since melanin plays a significant role in giving natural color to the hair, it should be maintained well. However, as people get aged, the hair follicles stop or decrease the melanin production.

Preventing Grey Hair Using Natural Remedies

In preventing grey hair, using natural remedies or effective herbs is a best option. Eating foods rich in proteins and vitamins can also help prevent grey hair. Among the most common remedies that you can use include Indian Gooseberry, blackstrap molasses, polygonum multiflorum, and many more. Adequate amount of almonds, cashews, walnuts, and other dry fruits can also help in the prevention of grey hair.

Factors Affecting Premature Aging

Smoking is proven scientifically to cause premature aging of the overall human body and this includes having grey hair. Thus, quit smoking in order to prevent grey hair. This is an important step that one must take note of when preventing for grey hair. Stress is another factor linked to having premature grey hair. It has an effect on the body that causes to age faster. Therefore you should relax yourself and calm your emotions by having regular meditation or exercise. This idea will help prevent grey hair.

Diet is also an important factor. If diet is poor, grey hair begins to appear due to breakdown of protein process and lack of copper in the body. To prevent this, take multivitamins and food that contain copper such as meats, spinach, yams, lima beans, and turnip greens.

How to Make Your Hair Not Frizzy

Make Your Hair Not FrizzyFrizzy hair often makes our day a bad hair day. It makes our hair stubborn because it does not stay in way we want it to be. The usual causes of frizzy hair are breakage of wavy or curly hair. And getting rid of frizzy hair is a really dilemma for every person. Well, with the modern world of today, there are different endless remedies on how to make your hair not frizzy.

Choosing a Hairstyle for your Frizzy Hair

To begin with, choose a hairstyle for your frizzy hair that is low in maintenance. The hairstyle can either be long or short in length. Cropping the frizzy hair short can still make one look glamorous and achieve style statement. In addition, it does not need frequent combing or brushing. Wearing frizzy hairstyle is just a matter of attitude on how you can carry it. One important tip to make hair not frizzy is to trim the split ends on a regular basis.

Choosing Hairstyling Products for Frizzy Hair

Hair products such as shampoos and conditioners can also help prevent frizzy hair. There are products formulated specifically for frizzy hair making it softer and gentle. If you have frizzy hair, the use of conditioner is relatively essential. There are different varieties of moisturizing conditioners that you can choose from in the market. Washing hair frequently is not suggested for frizzy hair as this removes the natural oil of the hair.

The use of styling products such as flat iron will only harm frizzy hair. Just the same the use of chemicals like anti-frizz products and coloring agents are also not advisable for frizzy hair.

Daniel Craig Hairstyles

Daniel Craig is a British actor who had played as the sixth James Bond. Since his first movie appearance, he is seen sporting different kinds of elegant hairstyles that are designed to create a fuller look to fine hair. Daniel Craig hairstyles are always smooth and slick. He ensures that his hairstyles do not reflect his real age.

How to Achieve Daniel Craig Hairstyles

Daniel Craig HairstyleWith the use of fingers or comb on Daniel Craig hairstyles, it positions and lays the hair on the way that you desire. To achieve a fuller look, use a hair dryer with medium heat. Once the hair is fully dried, it can now be styled with your preferred one.

The hair can be added with some styling gel that provides the necessary hold to maintain the hairstyle looking at its best the entire day.  This hairstyle perfectly fits Daniel Craig since he has the wonderful chiseled facial features that work well. It may also look good with clean shaven or full beard. His hairstyles are often cut short on the sides and tapered with longer cut on the near top of the head. His sideburns are cut with medium length while his styling is quite easily handled with fingers or comb while allowing it to dry.

Taylor Kitsch Hairstyles

Taylor Kitsch is an American actor who popularly played the role of Gambit in X-men movie about Origins of Wolverine. He is also featured in some length films such as Snakes on the Plane and the Covenant. In these movies, he is seen wearing long hair without looking odd or feminine. He is one of the rare actors who can wear long length hairstyles. Along with his hairstyles, he maintains his body in shape and projects his strong jaw line perfectly.

Long Hairstyles of Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch Hairstyle
Taylor Kitsch is popular for his long beach wavy hairstyle that has shoulder length. This hairstyle requires extra care and maintenance such as keeping it always clean. Despite this, it is still very easy to fix and care. With just a couple of brush strokes and some application of hair styling products, one can easily achieve the trademark look of Taylor Kitsch.

The long hairstyles of Taylor Kitsch can work well with diamond, square, oblong, and oval facial shapes as long as the hair texture of the wearer is medium and thin. The hair density of the wearer must also be medium and sparse to achieve the look.  To style the hair, products such as moist, molding cream, hair spray, or smoothing shine can be used.

Not all men can able to wear the long hairstyles that Taylor Kitsch wears. It takes a lot of confidence and personality to wear such kind of hairstyle. With his long hairstyle, he surely looks hot and sexy for most ladies.