Latest Trends in 2010 Haircuts

When we speak of the latest trends in haircuts for 2010, it refers to the updated styles and fashion. This includes the wardrobe and the haircuts as well. Haircuts have always been trendy and fashionable. It even breaks one’s entire fashionable image. Read further and get to know the latest trends in 2010 haircuts for both women and men.

Popular Hairstyles Trends in 2010

Short haircut is one of the latest trends this 2010 for women. The retro is also back for 2010 as it is inspired by the mob bobs of 1960s. The shaggy pixie and inverted bob is also a hot look for the year. The bob haircuts for the year have become more structured since it is showcased with shorter bangs. Braid hairstyles will continue to rise in 2010 especially if the woman has a really long hair. Its two distinctions are the fish plait and the long side braid. Other latest trends in 2010 haircuts for women are long waved hair, androgynous slicked hair, chignon, medium curly hairstyles, and the sleek top knots.

Men Haircuts Trends in 2010

The latest trends in 2010 haircuts for men are divided into two categories, the school boy look and the rocker. Fringe continues to be fashionable for men this 2010. It can be worn in various lengths of hair that suits the facial shape. However, men need to focus on the layered details and texture of the hair when wearing fringe. The slick back haircut for men should be cut short on the sides. This is a classic hairstyle that is best both for wavy and straight haired men.

2010 Celebrity Hairstyles Trends Pictures

Latest Celebrity Trends in 2010 Haircuts

Salma Hayek Hairstyles

Salma Hayek is known for his thick raven black hair that shines like precious onyx and looks luxurious. She often wears her black hair with different variations of simple cuts and styling. Her black hair has textured ends with long layers or slightly varying lengths. This adds more volume to the hair as well as control on the hair mass.

Salma often sport huge curls on her black hair that are purely divine. She is always a Goddess in every occasion as she wears elaborated hairstyles of pinned updos or braided updos. Almost all kinds of hairstyles look good on Salma Hayek because she has a beautiful face with perfect harmony and balance on her sophisticated, form fitting, and feminine look.

Popular Hairstyles of Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Long Layered Haircut Salma Hayek Partial Updo Hairstyle
Long Layered Haircut is often seen worn by Salma Hayek because her thick black hair has extra thick texture. This hairstyle is among the favorite ones of Salma Hayek since it is styled with straight and smooth shine. Since Salma’s hair is filled with natural volume, she does not need to use quality hair care products that will achieve volume for the hair. Partial Updo Hairstyle is also a favorite one by Salma Hayek. This hairstyle is achieved by pulling all the hair back in the crown area into a ponytail that is high. The crown area can be created with height by backcombing small portions of the hair gently and smoothing it over the top of the head with the use of fingers. Such type of hairstyle can achieved a glamorous look by clipping a long curly hair piece into a ponytail.

Anna Kournikova Hairstyles

Anna Kournikova HairstylesAnna Kournikova is one of the few celebrities who are known for her beautiful hairstyles as well as beauty. She is naturally born with golden locks that she often experiments with different hairstyles. Her long wavy hair always looked simple and elegant in every occasion that you see her. The hair is cut with subtle layers at its ends. However, this hairstyle of Anna Kournikova may require techniques such as hot rollers, curling iron, and blow dry for setting. It is also high maintenance.

Popular Hairstyles of Anna Kournikova

The straight medium hairstyle of Anna Kournikova always looked sexy. It is often seen tied back tightly. This hairstyle may suit the facial shapes of heart, round, and oval. However, the hairstyle is also of high maintenance and can be achieved with blow drying. People get to see Anna Kournikova with natural hairstyles during tennis tournament. Her long wavy hair is often tied into ponytail style giving her the ultimate look of a tennis player.

The drop-dead gorgeous very long hairstyle of Anna Kournikova that she wore during the 2007 summer had been very sexy. It had earned her the title of the hottest celebrity during the year. The straight hair and soft waves of this hairstyle had able to work in harmony. Some say that Anna Kournikova uses hair extensions to maintain the long length of her hair. But this has not been proven and everyone still get to see Anna Kournikova sporting her beautiful long hair with fashionable hairstyles.

Lucy Liu Hairstyles

Lucy Liu HairstylesLucy loves wearing her hair long and long hair had been her signature hairstyle ever since. The length of her hair is usually below her shoulders. She often sports hairstyles with alternate stick straight strands, curls, and loose waves. The original color of Lucy’s hair is rich chestnut brown however she went into times when her hair looks to have different highlights. In most times, Lucy wore her long hair in series of parted styles and without bangs.

Lucy Liu Hairstyles Ideas

Lucy Liu sported her hairstyle with sleek blunt cut extended from the center part on either side. The sides are tucked behind her ears giving her the look of the usual girl-next-door. This sleek blunt cut of Lucy Liu is also seen with longer length and shaggier look. Over the years, Lucy Liu had learned to experiment more with her hairstyles as well as her total image. Gradually, she had removed herself from the classic girl-next-door look. One of the experiments she had done with her hairstyle is subtle highlights. This has given her face shape a better view of her rare angle.

Lucy Liu hairstyles often projects and epitome of modern femininity. She had maintained her signature hairstyles with classic and elegancy yet with trend-setting edge. Whatever kind of hairstyle that she wears with her long hair, it surely complements any style and sophistication. The many fun hairstyles of Lucy Liu have given emphasis to her neckline and fine cheekbones. Lucy Liu features hairstyles that are stylish and understated, thus giving her a grace image of her personal style.

Sandra Bullock Hairstyles

Sandra Bullock HairstylesThe beauty of Sandra Bullock can surely projects and sports any kinds of hairstyles. She can carry and give justification in all hairstyles that she wears. If you would notice, the different hairstyles worn by Sandra Bullock over the years have some consistencies in terms of cuts and types of styles that she chooses.

Sandra Bullock loves maintaining her hair in medium to long length. You will never see her sporting short bob hair or locks. Her medium to long length of hairstyles had won the votes of many men. The hair color of Sandra is always a variant of chestnut brown with high and low lights that are strategically placed and look luxurious. The blending of the high and low lights creates a multi-dimensional hairstyle for Sandra making her look both glamorous and natural at the same time.

Medium Hairstyles of Sandra Bullock

Most of the medium hairstyles worn by Sandra Bullock are associated with plenty of long layers that also give structure and beauty to her face. In achieving these hairstyles, it is essential to ask your stylist for suggestions on the kind of layers best for your hair and will enhance your best facial features.  Sandra Bullock had sported sleek graduate bob hairstyle in her movie “The Lake House”. This hairstyle is maintained with stylish and sleek texture associate with cute bob that is parted on the side enhanced with great highlights. The length of this hairstyle just hits the shoulder and comes with long layers that frame the face barely.

Long, Layered Hairstyles of Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock looks dazzling with her long, layered, and sexy waves. The technique in achieving this hairstyle is to maintain the sleekness and tameness of the waves. The hairstyle can be added with razored and long bangs at the chin length or swept on the side. It should be maintain with large rollers and round brush.

Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna is a celebrity who knows how to mix up with her hairstyles as well as with her fashion. Every time you see Rihanna in any occasion, she ensures that people will see a different side of herself. She constantly makes revelations of herself through her ever-changing hairstyles. Rihanna hairstyles are high-fashion, edgy, feminine, and glamorous. These are the reasons why more and more youngsters follow Rihanna’s trendsetting hairstyles.

Rihanna Hairstyle

Rihanna Popular Hairstyles Ideas

Sassy Short Style Haircut
One of the famous hairstyles sported by Rihanna is the sassy short style cut. This cut left the hair longer in the top sections and above the ears. From the shorter sides, the top lengths are removed so it does not blend. The longer length on top will only cover the shorter sides. The styling of this hairstyle is done by parting the hair near the crown and a boost of volume is given. The fringe section of the hair is swept across and straight forwards the forehead.

Funky and Jazzed Up Hairstyle
Rihanna is also seen wearing funky and jazzed up hairstyle that is added with few bright blue highlights. One bold white section is blended with his hairstyle. This hairstyle can be randomly and playfully styled with few swirls or loops, and plenty of movements. To secure the hairstyle, the base can be pinned with two or three looped sections. However, to maintain the casual feel and look of the hairstyle, the style should be non-uniform.

Sleeker Version of Sassy Short Hairstyle
Rihanna created a sleeker version of her sassy short style cut. This hairstyle is greatly influenced by the emo culture. Its cut is shorter in the crown and has lightly longer lengths of dark and rich color. To achieve the sleek texture of the hairstyle, the best tool to use is straightening iron. Pomade or wax products can also create definition and separation for the hairstyle.

Shakira Hairstyles

Shakira is known for her big, long and wild funky curls. This hairstyle suits the hip shaking personality of Shakira. It is not just fabulous but also artfully tousled and carefree to wear. Shakira has naturally curly locks. To some people, naturally curly locks can be difficult to manage but Shakira had proven this wrong because she was able to manage her locks easily and create wonderful stylish hairstyles as well.

Originally, Shakira has natural hair color before she switched to blonde color. Later, she had modified the color of her hair into a very flattering honey blonde elaborated with low and highlights. With this hair color, Shakira’s trademark funk curly hairstyle looks very natural and breathtaking. She often wear her locks freely and sexy. She does not need to use hair extensions in achieving volume for the hair.

Popular Shakira Hairstyles Pictures

Shakira Hairstyles Picture Gallery

Natural Wavy Locks of Shakira

Shakira had always been proud of her natural wavy locks. She maintains her locks at its length where it can be appealing. The hairstyle exposes the stunning layered cuts, which is a perfect style. The natural wavy locks of Shakira are best with anti-frizz products such as mousse or gels as this help tame the flyaway’s of the hair and prevent dryness or friziness. However, choose only the products that are designed for natural curls. To achieve a volatizing effect, scrunch the hair and then blow dry it.

Maintaining natural wavy locks like those of Shakira may consume much time. Thus, it is essential trim the hair length on a regular basis.

Taylor Lautner Hairstyles

Taylor Lautner HairstylesTaylor Lautner is child actor that you used to see in many kid-oriented movies during the early 20th century. Today, he is now famous teen actor that makes every teen girl crazy. Lautner is one of the lead stars of the vampire movies Twilight, New Moon, and succeeding volumes. In the early part of these movies, he sported a long ponytail, which makes him look hideous and mysterious.

As the story goes, he needs to change his hairstyle to justify his werewolf role. The asymmetric cut is the hairstyle that Lautner casted in the movies. This hairstyle had been effective in hiding his big nose and shifting the attention of people on other flattering features of his face.

In reality, Taylor Lautner’s dark brown hair is styled with spikes and waves. His short hairstyle enhances the texture and shines of his wear, and frames his face as well. He is also seen sporting a short faux hawk hairstyle.

Popular Short Hairstyles of Taylor Lautner

Caesar Haircut
Caesar cut is the common hairstyle that Lautner wears. This cut is blended with modern texture while the hair is made with razor cut and left medium-length in order to achieve a shattered and messy look. At the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, Lautner is seen wearing a chic hairstyle.

Short Layered Haircut
The short layered haircut that Taylor Lautner wears is slightly tapered on the back and on the sides. It is not only cute but may also be a perfect haircut for the summer. At the premier night of the New Moon movie, Lautner sported a hairstyle with features of great texture and plenty of razor-cut layers. This hairstyle is easily styled with pomade or wax, and works best on thick or medium hair.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles

Cristiano Ronaldo is a skilled soccer player equipped with myriad hairstyles, youthful personality, lovely smile, and strong physique. His frequently changing stylish looks make every woman in the world go crazy as he combines is with awesome performances on the field. The cameras love Ronaldo as he sports his hair with fresh cut and style in every game.

Cristiano Ronaldo HairstylesCristiano Ronaldo loves to experiment with his hairstyles because he loves sporting different looks. This is the reason why his hairstylist is always busy working for a new hairstyle that Ronaldo is about to wear in the next games. The hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo are not only stylish and sexy but have suited his metro sexual look perfectly.

Hairstyles Ideas of Cristiano Ronaldo

During the early years of his career, Cristiano Ronaldo usually wore a casual-cut hairdo with some strands of highlights. Since his face is gifted with enhanced features such as thick mane and lovely eyes, Ronaldo had tried to wear some of the cutest hairstyles of the time. One of these hairstyles is the classic taper hairdo.

Popular Short Haircuts of Ronaldo
Ronaldo prefers wearing his hair short, thus he is always seen in simple yet fashionable hairstyles such as short curly gelled. With great pride, Ronaldo also casted a fauxhawk-mullet hairstyle. One of the chic hairstyle that Ronaldo get to wear on the soccer field is the spiky cut with shades of copper brown. His signature razor cut with medium layered cut and shattered arch often allow him to get full scores on the game. The iron and straightened hairstyle goes well with Ronaldo’s oval face shape.

Hairstyles for Older Women

Hairstyles for Older WomenNowadays, the modern society had been dominated by different culture that projects youthful looks as well as youthfulness. There had been cosmetics designed by experts to hide the signs of aging. There are also treatments both advanced and technological made to reverse or prevent the signs of aging. Surgical procedure is one of these treatments. Apparently, hairstyle also plays an important role in making an older woman achieved a youthful look.

How to Choose Hairstyles for Older Women

In making the best choices for hairstyles for older women, it is essential to look on the areas that are noticeably affected by aging. These areas include the wrinkles and lines on the face especially around the eyes. The texture and color of the hair is also important in opting for appropriate hairstyles of older women. Moreover, creating hairstyles for older women involved three categories: texture, color, and flattering. These categories should be combined together in order to choose the right hairstyle that an older woman can get.

When speak of flattering category, it generally refers to the overall cut and style of hairstyles for older women. This category will help minimize signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles. Emulating young hairstyles is not appropriate for older women as this will make them look much older. The hairstyles should be adjusted instead to compensate at least one or two years younger.

Choosing Hair Color for Older Women Hairstyle
The color of the hair is important for older women when choosing the right hairstyle. It can create a youthful appearance and revitalize one’s look as well. Hair of older women dramatically changes into gray color over the years. In dealing with gray hair, it is essential to make the hair look more natural while the gray color is blended away. Blend the gray hair with lighter color instead of dark colors. The result of the blending is that gray hair will appear as highlights of the hair.

Maintaining Hair Texture for Older Women Hairstyle
Lastly, hair texture of older women should stay uniform to achieve suitable hairstyles that will make them look younger. To maintain the texture of the hair, the use of moisturizer is recommended. The moisturizer will also keep the hair soft and hydrated.