Robert Pattinson Hairstyles

Robert Pattinson is considered one of the most popular young actors of his time. Every hairstyle that he wears seems to complement his looks. The hairstyles even make his already handsome face the grace and godly charm. He is popular in wearing hairstyle with puffy mass and perfect styles.

Latest Hairstyles of Robert Pattinson

The natural suave color of Robert Pattinson’s hair had always been very attractive to many people especially his fans. With the hairstyles that he wore, it only proves that he knows how to style his hair. During the early days of his career, Pattinson is seen sporting a hairdo that is neatly parted with long waves of lush hair on the sides. Apparently, he had learned how to jazz up his hairstyles from the time he gained fame and recognition. Pattinson had sported different colors and highlights for his hair that include light-blonde, brown, red, and bronze. Flowing and long side swept bangs and Mohawks are also famously worn by Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson’s Vampire Movie Haircut

The haircut that Robert Pattinson wears in his vampire movie is flowing and thick. With just add-on sensual glamour and charm, the hairstyle became a hit-pack among teenagers especially girls. The hairstyle has an appeal to people that Pattinson just rolled out of bed after being sick for three days with flu. This hairstyle may look good in almost all face shapes such as oblong, oval, diamond, and square. Its texture can be medium or thin, however if the hair is too thick, it is not possible to achieve the hairstyle.

Nicolas Cage Hairstyles

Nicolas Cage is regarded as one of the most versatile actors of all time. He is known in portraying different roles that project his wild onscreen persona. In all his movies, Nicolas had sported different hairstyles that emulated by many people. The hairstyles that Nicolas wears in his movies have been disastrous yet laughable for many people. Some of the hairstyles even gained outright inspiring comments from people.

Popular Nicolas Cage Hairstyles and Haircuts

Here is a list of Nicolas Cage’s awesome movies where he sported different types of hairstyles:

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – in this movie, Cage played a titular magician, thus he wears locks in salt and pepper color for the role.

The Vampire’s Kiss – is dark comedy movie where Cage played a vampire. He sported hairstyle with a slicked-back and bangs.

Raising Arizona – in this movie, Cage casted caterpillar eyebrows, mustache, hair that looks like washed up from the beach, and even sideburns.

Ghost Rider – in this movie, Cage sported dyed and short hair that took off a dozen of years and wrinkles from his actual age.

Adaptation – in this movie, Cage plays for dual characters. The twin characters sported frizzy afros and curly wig.

Valley Girl – in this movie, Cage sported hairstyle with blue and red highlights to give him and impressive and inaugural look.

Con Air – in this movie, Cage wear tussled tresses giving him a distinct aura for his character. The tresses appear to have no hot oil treatment.

Werewolf Women of SS – in this movie, Cage deliberately wear facial hair that is fake and awful. He continues to wear range of multi-ethnic hairstyles in this movie.

Peggy Sue Got Married – the hairstyle that Cage worn on this movie projects the 50s era of rock and roll. This is regarded as the mother of all hairstyles sported by Nicolas Cage.