Indie Hairstyles

Indie HairstyleIndie hairstyles are strikingly different. It is greatly influenced by the independent rock movement. Over the decades, indie hairstyles have remained as delightfully boyish and fuss-free as their original roots.

Indie hairstyles have similarities with the traditional pixie cuts and shag hairstyles. It is often pixie, wavy, cropped, and short. It is totally textured as well. Some indie haircuts sported by other music movement are lighter when it comes to hair coloring. The colors come in vast ranges of panic shades that are most favored by many modern independent bands. Relatively, indie hairstyles are low in maintenance and natural-looking.

Cropped Indie Hairstyles for Women

The close cropped look is a daring indie hairstyle for women. It is blended with little texturing in order to achieve chunkiness. This hairstyle can come in pixie cut however; it should be fashioned by professional hair stylists as it requires the flipping and flopping of shears. The best part in this hairstyle is that it does not require hours for blow drying. The only downside of this hairstyle is that it does not blend well with face that does not showcase a wonderful bone structure. In this case, the wearer will look disturbingly masculine.

Professional Shag Indie Haircut

Another type of indie hairstyle is the professional shag, which is a little longer than the pixie cut. It is blended with decent texturing to achieve the unbrushed look of an avant-garde. This hairstyle comes in layered, piecey, and short look. It is a wonderful hairstyle for those who have naturally thick hair. It is also flirty and cute, which is ideal for girls who want to tousle up their hair.

Michael Jackson Hairstyles

Michael Jackson HairstyleHairstyles of the King of Pop Michael Jackson have earned inspiration and distinction from many people all over the world. When we speak of Michael Jackson hairstyles, it is absolutely his original. During the early days of Michael Jackson’s career, he had projected distinguished afro hairstyles. Over the years, these hairstyles have evolved into an adorable long and curly hair.

Varieties in Michael Jackson Hairstyles

Michael Jackson projects his hair with sharp layers to give extra volume. This hairstyle was combined with spread bangs for a more defined look. The long curls of Michael Jackson have suited his cool and entertaining personality. The length of this hairstyle was kept below the shoulder level and its length maintains a uniform cut. To give shape to this hairstyle, the tresses were given with angled cuts on the ends. With this hairstyle, Michael Jackson was questioned by people about his personality and sex preferences. The only reason that he opted for this hairstyle is that it is easy to maintain.

Michael Jackson had able to straighten his natural curly hair. He added light long waves on his hair to give a feminine and soft look for his face. This hairstyle was added with layers and small falling bangs on the other side of the forehead giving the King of Pop the classy look and natural effect.
Michael Jackson had been popular not only for his songs but also for his changing hairstyles. His hairstyles have become a fashion trend both for young and adult people all over the world. The hairstyles were also used in different occasions by people.

Orlando Bloom Hairstyles

Orlando Bloom HairstyleJust like his overall package, hairstyles of the English actor Orlando Bloom are ooze with sexiness, comfortableness, lightness, and sassiness. With his carefree and chic lifestyle, Orland Bloom had created a rage when it comes to his hairstyles. The famous actor is often seen worn with hybrid hairstyles that give new shapes to his natural wavy and curly locks. Among the popular hairstyles that the actor wears is the long-layered hairstyle and wavy or slightly curly hairstyle.

Since Orland Bloom is famous for his casual and sexy look, the long-layered hairstyle and wavy or slightly curly hairstyle have perfectly suited his personality and overall package. Along with these hairstyles, the actor is often seen with stylish pointy beards that project masculinity on his boyish face. The actor had experimented his curly hair of deep chestnut color with various colors and length as well. In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the actor is seen with long locks in dark brown color, which is his own natural hairstyle. In the period drama movie Troy, he was seen with curly bangs cuddling his carved face.

Orlando Bloom Short Hairstyles & Haircuts

In some of his movies, Orlando Bloom is often seen with short tapered hairstyles with thick and short side burns. The shoulder length hair of Orland Bloom is jagged with layers giving his hair the texture and the volume. To add more weight on this hairstyle, waves were complemented on the neckline.

Orlando Bloom had also tried a fresh hairstyle with razor cuts messed up in the middle. This hairstyle has a short tidy back and sides. He had sported shoulder length hair with partition on the middle, which had been a hit in many youngsters. On the contrary, the actor had exhibited a mullet spiked out hairstyle and faux-hawk hairstyle, which is a total shift of look from the conventional long locks he has before.

Emma Roberts Hairstyles

Emma Roberts HairstyleThe hairstyles of Emma Roberts have always been fabulously smooth and sleek, and remarkable. One of her popular hairstyles is the half-style that she wore at the 42nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. This hairstyle is surely casted with magical charm. The hair was trimmed on this hairstyle and tightly pulled into half-down and half-up style. The thick bangs of Emma were side swept, which indeed give a great look for her high hairline.

Emma Roberts Popular Hairstyles

Another famous hairstyle of Emma Roberts was the style that she wore at the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards. The hairstyle was layered throughout the hair ends and has a long length. It was added with heavier layers around the face of Emma. The layers created a texture for the hair and weight is eliminated. The soft open waves of the hairstyle had created a casual feel and look to Emma. The side swept bangs that go with this hairstyle is an ideal styling option for those who have longer facial shapes.

The smooth and sleek hairstyle of Emma Roberts gave her the stunning look since her personality and features were enhanced with it. This hairstyle of Emma is styled by pulling up the hair into a side style at lower back of the head. To create a stunning finish for this hairstyle, lots of volume and body are added. The hairstyle is great option for finer types of hair as it can fit almost all occasions.

Another hairstyle popularized by Emma Roberts is the sexy cut whereas the style is done in sexy and simple ways. Her locks were cut into layers that frame the face around the sides and on the top. This hairstyle is easy to maintain if done with regular trims.

Perfumes for Women

Perfumes for WomenPerfumes make a great gift for women at any occasion. In deciding for this kind of gift, you must consider two important aspects, the bottle and the fragrance. The bottle should be visually appealing while the fragrance should be impressive. You do not need to opt for those expensive perfumes in the market as you can also go for cheap ones. What matters most is that the fragrance of the perfumes should smell good. Always remember that perfumes often have a different smell once it evaporates the skin. This is the reason why you should always check a perfume before purchasing it.

Good Perfumes for Women

Good perfumes for women are generally more expensive than those eau de toilettes or colognes. It often contains greater percentage of perfume oils. One bottle of quality perfume for women would only contain 10-20% alcohol-based perfume oils. In buying perfumes for women, always speak to the sales person and know the latest fragrances in the market. Before deciding to buy the perfume, take time to test every fragrance to know what will suit your woman. Among the well-known brands of perfumes for women include Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, and Chanel.

If you do not have the time to go to women’s perfume stores, you can try buying from dedicated websites online. From these websites, you can read product reviews about the different designer fragrances prior making your buying option. Today, some perfumes for women are developed by famous celebrities such as music celebrities, film stars, and sports personalities. Some perfumes have names as brand. Generally, the prices of women’s perfumes depend on the designer brand and reputation.

Makeup for Dark Skin

How to Apply Makeup for Dark SkinWhen it comes to wearing makeup, dark skin is more versatile than fair skin. One reason for this is the more amount of pigment that dark skin has than the fair skin. Since dark skin has more pigments, it can endure exposure to sun. Dark skins that are clear, flawless, and healthy are also great for makeup. You just have to choose the right kind and shades of makeup to use for your dark skin. It is important that the color shades suit the dark skin tone.

How to Apply Makeup for Dark Skin

Makeup for dark skin may require special kinds of makeup. The foundation to be used should be something in liquid or creamy form but not too oily. It is best to use water-based foundation for dark skin. If the dark skin has plenty of yellow pigmentation, the foundation to be used should not be orange based. To create the illusion of a perfect skin, a good concealer and a sheer foundation are must-haves. The foundation should be closer to the normal skin color and should not be lighter. Dark skins have tendencies of showing up layers of makeup thus special attention should be given when blending. A drop of water on the foundation is a good technique before application. The effect is normally seen during daylight.

After the application of foundation, use a light baby powder. This will give the skin not too heavy appearance and achieve the sheen effect. Do not apply much powder on the face especially around the eye areas. Dark skins look good on blush colors of deep orange, rose, and coral. Peachy and brown shades should be avoided as this will give darker complexions. For eye makeup, dark skins look best on blue, dark metallic, and dark purple colors. For lipstick, matte finish would be best instead of frosted. The best colors would be bright reds and pinks.

Monsoon Makeup

Monsoon MakeupMonsoon makeup or light sheer makeup is best for rainy season since it make use of waterproof foundations, waterproof eyeliners, transfer-resistant lipstick, and waterproof mascara. These kinds of make ups are not easily soiled and washed off from the face even under the rain.

Applying Monsoon Makeup

In applying monsoon makeup, foundation is often avoided since it is messy especially if caught in the rain. Instead, use face powder as replacement. However, you can always go for foundations that are water-resistant and can survive the rain. The monsoon makeup application does not require eyebrow pencil since it easily wears off. Thus, always keep eyebrows in shape by waxing, trimming, plucking, or threading.

Monsoon Makeup Options

Cream color blushers and light brush often blend well with skin color. The blushers can easily be dabbed with tissue in any event that the face gets wet. It is also water-friendly. The best shades to use for monsoon makeup would be peaches and browns. Glossy and creamy lipsticks are not perfect match for monsoon makeup; instead it is best to use lipsticks that are transfer-resistant and long lasting. The best shades to use would be peaches, browns, or pinks. However, if you will stroll down at night bolder colors like red would be best. Lip gloss is also not recommended for monsoon makeup application.

Waterproof mascara and eyeliners are optional for a monsoon makeup application. Some women do not bother wearing such makeup materials during rainy season. Another optional makeup material is the eye shadow. Some eye shadow shades are best to wear during rainy season. Among these shades include the neutral or lighter ones that perfectly blend with one’s natural skin tone.

How to Copy Celebrities Makeup Styles

Makeup styles of celebrities are often idolized and copied by most people especially women. The reason for this is that people look up on celebrities as epitome of dazzling style as well as fashion. Most of the time, the makeup styles that celebrities wore are becoming great ways in the cosmetic market trends.

Some celebrities wore make up based on their own styles and preferences. It is important for them to wear the kind of make up that would make them look good on cameras. Celebrities believed that people of all ages especially the new generation would eventually adopt the make up they have projected.

Steps to Copy Celebrities Makeup Styles

How to copy celebrities makeup styles is not difficult. It can be done at one’s comfortable ways.

First step is search for a picture of the celebrity whom you want to copy the makeup. The picture will serve as a copy reference for you. Just make sure that the picture will have high image quality to take a closer look on th deep factors of makeup.

Second step is to search for the color shades that the celebrity has used. This step is not mandatory however it should at least match the color of your skin tone.

Third step in copying celebrities makeup styles would be more careful in using makeup techniques. Some makeup styles of celebrities require hard core techniques, thus it is important to be knowleadgeable on this. The most common makeup techniques are applied on the eyes and lips.

Lastly would be, practice more time to copy the celebrities makeup styles that you prefer. In this way, you will not only improved but get results in perfection.

Afro American Permanent Makeup

Afro American Permanent MakeupGetting a permanent makeup has many benefits. One of these benefits is the worry-free feeling that you do not have to wear makeup regularly or every day. This benefit is very convenient especially for those people who have busy lifestyle and schedule. Afro American permanent makeup is one of the popular ones. If you are considering for this kind of permanent makeup, you must be aware of its factors as well as procedures on how it is done.

Afro American Makeup & Fashion Trends

The Afro American permanent makeup is one of those highly sought after cosmetic services that deal with the enhancement of selected facial features. On the contrary, having this kind of makeup can be tiring. Nowadays, trends and fashion of makeup constantly change. You must keep this important factor in mind before deciding for a permanent makeup. This is to avoid not liking the style of the permanent makeup that you have chosen.

Afro American permanent makeup may not show up well on skin with dark complexions. This is one big disadvantage that African Americans are going through before they decide to get a permanent makeup. For the makeup colors to show up on dark skin tone, one needs to choose the appropriate colors. This is done by having a discussion with the tattoo artists before proceeding to the procedures. However, some tattoo artists may not be that skilled in the pigmentation process of African-American skins, thus this factor should also be considered.

The modern time of today had been offering trends for Afro American permanent makeup, thus the pigmentation process for dark skin tones are now accessible anywhere. You just have to look for the best salon or clinic that offers such services.

Eye Makeup Removers

Eye Makeup RemoversFor women who are always on the limelight of their jobs must take care of their face from make ups. Removing make ups at the end of the day is very important. To help you with this, an effective makeup remover will do as this will enable the skin to regenerate and breathe easily through the pores. As much as you can, do not go to bed without removing any of your make up as this will cause havoc on the skin. One of the most important makeup removers for women is the eye makeup removers.

The eyes are the most sensitive area of our face for makeup. Thus, it should be used with the proper makeup and eye makeup removers as well. In using the makeup remover for the eyes, it should be done in circular motions around the fragile areas. If there is any excess makeup on the eyes that is hard to reach by the makeup remover, used cotton buds instead. In using the cotton buds, do not put too much pressure on the outer and interior corners of the eyelids. The mascara makeup should also be removed using cotton buds since it is often applied near the eyes.

How To Use Eye Make-Up Remover

By using eye makeup removers, makeup on the eyes can be completely removed without leaving any residues. There are specialized makeup removers that can be used in thick eye shadow and waterproof mascara. However, these products should not be overused as this may lead to skin eruption. Extra care should be given in using the products because the eyes are very sensitive.

Other recommended makeup removers for the eyes include baby oil, almond oil, olive oil, pre-moistened makeup remover, cream-based remover, and cleansing water.