Mullet Haircut

The mullet haircut is another great look from the 80s. During punk days, the style was adopted by both females and males. Today, though, it is more normally seen on men. From the front, the coif appears to be typical men’s short cut. It’s not until you get past the ears that is becomes clear a man is wearing a mullet; there, hair abruptly drops into a longer dos. Interestingly, a number of men sport mullets that are very short up front and very long at the back.

Other names for the mullet comprise the ape drape, the hockey cut, dual haircut and the country and western. In addition to rural and suburban men in English-speaking countries, the mullet haircut is popular along with North American ice hockey players, country singers, and in Central and South America.

Mullet Haircut Picture

Mullet Hairstyle Picture