Konnie Huq Long Silky Hairstyle

Konnie Huq left her shiny dark, silky tresses loose below to the shoulder length with side parting. A lock which is coming over her face is giving this long hairstyle a trendy appreance.

Konnie Huq Long Style

Mary J Blige Blonde Highlighted Short Hair

Here Mary J. is sporting very short hairstyle on her blonde hair with some layers at the top and sides. Some wispy locks completely covers the forehead and gives a bouncy look to her short blonde highlighted hairstyle.

Mary J. Blige Short Hairstyle

Alexa Ray Long Bangs Hairstyle

Alexa Ray is wearing a unique hairstyle with long wavy hair. At the top section she trimmed the locks in full bangs with a regular shape which is framing her face uniformly. Alexa’s long hairstyle with bangs are just a good option for thin hair.

Alexa Ray Joel Precise Bangs

Katheryn Winnick Shoulder Layered Hairstyle

Celebrity Katheryn Winnick has cut her hair below to the shoulder level with multiple layers some of them are flipped outward at the bottom and creates a side parting. Some tresses which are swept at one shoulder side to enhance her beautiful look.

Katheryn Winnick Long Beautiful Hairstyle

Boys Hairstyles

Men, hair and style have always been associated together from the Stone Ages. There have been scriptures showing men glamorizing themselves with different hairdo’s. Each era had a typical hair do. At times hairstyles were sported as a mark of protest. Whatever the reason may be but boys have always been experimental with their hair. And when we talk about men it includes boys too. The boy’s too have been following the traits of the elders and have been trying out different boy’s hair cuts. However the boy’s are always involved in field games and other activities which makes it essential to give them a boy haircut which is trendy yet practical.

Boys hairstyles ideas and latest boys haircuts trends

There are various boys hairstyles suitable for boys keeping their activities in mind.

Buzz haircut for boys: The trendiest is the buzz cut where a “Buzz” effect is created by keeping the hair short using shearing clippers.

Boys Crew Hair cut: The other style could be the crew cut inspired by the army.

Bowl Hairstyles for young boys: A “bowl cut” is suitable for young boys where a bowl is put at the top of the head and rest of the hair is shaved off.

Ceaser Hairstyle: You have the “Ceaser” cut where the hair lies on the forehead and is short from behind.

Layered Boys Hairstyles: A “Layered cut” is a safe and trendy option. This looks great with long hair.

Beatles Haircut: The experimental ones can go for the “Beatles” cut.

Boys Spikes Hairstyle: For a party the spikes look good enough to spice up the persona of the wearer.

Boys Hairstyles for longer hair: There are ponytails and braids for the longer hairs.

Punk Boy’s Hair Style: There is Punk and “Mohawk” cut which has a very funky appeal.

There is no end to boys hairstyling. Each day a new style crops u. There are even more styling products like hair color, gel, serum, conditioner, shampoo etc available in the market. Care should be taken to choose a product and style which suits the wearer. The style should be trendy yet practical.

How Can I make my hair grow faster

Hairstyle Question: I cut my hair from a very long length, to a short cut about three months ago. I loved the short style for a while, but now I am over it. I want my long hair back. Can I make my hair grow faster?

Answer: There are some things that you can do that will aid in your hair’s natural growth production rate as well as the health and strength of your hair.

Suggestions for Faster Hair Growth

1. Scalp maggase is very good for hair. This will increase the flow of blood in the scalp and thus helps in faster growth of hair.

2. Try to improve your diet. A heathy diet full of vitamins B-complex and Vitamin C will help hair grow quickly.

3. Stress is bad for the hair. Use relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.

5. You can consult a good hair doctor and take some supplements for hair growth. But the natural way is the best.

Tyra Banks Long Straight Hairstyle

Without a doubt, Tyra Banks is an industry icon. With a career that boasts many achievements and highlights, she is quite the accomplished women! She’s also got the look and hairstyle to match. Tyra’s long, flowing hairstyle with side part is pretty and pristine. Get the look: shampoo and condition the hair with a moisturizing shampoo, then towel dry. Using a blow-dryer with a comb attachment, dry the hair until complexity dry. Using a ret-tall comb, make a part in the crown area on the side of your choice. We suggest finishing this long striaght hairstyle with a Hot Tool FX Flat iron.

Tyra Banks Long Flowing Straight Side Parted Hairstyle Picture

Tyra Banks Long Flowing Straight Side Parted Hairstyle

Solange Knowles Long Curly Hairstyle

Celebrity Solange Knowles is back on the scene with a brand new album and a fierce new looking! This Soul Angel knows how to work a great hairstyle with her medium to long length hair. Whether Solange is rocking it retro, or classic, she always puts her own unique spin on whatever hair style she chooses. Solange’s quirky hairstyle is truly what makes her stand out and this long curly hairstyle is no exception! Get Solange’s look by creating soft curls throughout the hair with a large barrel curling iron. Finger style the hair to your desired look.

Solange Knowles Long Curly Hairstyle Picture

Solange Knowles Long Curly Hairstyle Picture