Very Short Hairstyles Pictures

Very short hairstyles for women are another trendy hairstyle idea for women. These super short hair styles gives more appeal to face and eyes. Though anyone who prefers can go for very short hairstyles, but it won’t be wrong if we say that this type of haircut works well with those women having narrow shaped faces and a clear skin. So to all the women out there looking to experiment something trendy, don’t hesitate to go for very short hairstyles.

Very Short Hairstyles Pictures & Photos Gallery for Women

Very short hairstyles pictures
1. Very short haircut with shiny silky hair with little spikes 2. Very short hair where ends are cut in sharp edges with razor. 3. Very short Curly hair photo for women.
Very short hairstyles photos
4. Very short messy looking hairstyle picture. 5. Very short hair style with front full bangs providing a shaggy look. 6. Very short bob hairstyle, set in a side-parted style with light blonde highlights.

Cornrows Hairstyles

Cornrows is a very groovy look, but be warned: you need to have an elegantly shaped head as this can be quite a severe hairstyle. If you want to try the corn rows hairstyle for the first time, it’s a good idea to go to a salon and have it done professionally, but if you are good at plaiting, try doing cornrows using the following instructions.

Things you need for Corn Rows Hairstyle: Comb, sectioning clips, snag-free mini elastics (coloured bands or hair beads, optional), matt hair grips

Step By Step Instructions for Cornrows Hairstyle

1. Section the hair into lots of small ‘rows’ from the forehead to the nape, holding them out of the way with sectioning clips.

2. Starting at the forehead, plait each section into a mini French plait, keeping them tight against the scalp.

3. Secure each plait with a mini elastic band. Different coloured bands or beads can be used for a quirky effect.

4. If you find it too difficult to plait, just twist each section tightly instead and secure it using matt hair grips.