Charlize Theron Hairstyles

A great shoulder length hair style for the jadore spokesperson that makes her look sophisticated. Charlize Theron’s blonde tresses have been shaped with long layers that give strength to the soft and subtle waves and create a lot of body and height to the crown of the head. Long side swept bangs were added to the style to finish off the look.

Charlize Theron hairstyle

Drew Barrymore Hairstyles

Another creative and fun hair style for the talented actress Drew Barrymore where her hair was pulled up into a soft beehive type of bun on her dark brown tresses, while some hair was left out to create a soft bang with slight waves. This updo hairstyle definitely brings out all of her wonderful facial features.

Drew Barrymore hairstyle

Jojo Levesque Hairstyles

This is a plain and simple hairdo for the pop singer Jojo where her hair is a dark shade of brown highlighted with blonde tones that consist of layers that creates volume and height to the hairstyle and to give it lots of body and shine. Full bangs were created and brushed gently to the side to complete the hairstyle.

JoJo Levesque hairstyle

Lindsay Lohan Hairstyles

This “Freaky Friday” star looks great with her dark tresses that are full of shapely curls that were enhanced by layers, while the top of her hair was pinned back and added height to give this hair style a formal look.

Lindsay Lohan hairstyle

Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyles

This is a great look for the “failure to launch” actress. Her long dark brown tresses have been angle layered to create texture to those beautiful curls that lay on her shoulder. A side part has been added to the hairstyle to give it a clean finish.

Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyle

Ciara Hairstyles

This is a different hairstyle from ciara’s classic curls, the hair was cut bluntly at the ends just below shoulder level and long layers were created to give definition to the sikyy straight hairstyle and frame her face. The dark color and shapely layers allows this look to go great with an evening gown or a pair of your favorite jeans.

Ciara hairstyle

Jennifer Garner Hairstyles

This is a super sassy look for “the kingdom” actress. Her brown locks speak volume and body that has a lot of bounce and created without little layering. Blunt cut edges that fall right at the shoulder line give more height to her shapely waves completing the hairstyle.

Jennifer Garner hairstyle

Jada Pinkett Smith Hairstyles

Jada looks great with these tight ringlets that have been jagged layer to give them that bounce and create the hair to move freely. A soft part was added to the hairstyle to give it a casual but flirtatious look. This medium length curly hairstyle looks great on narrow shaped faces.

Jada Pinkett Smith hairstyle

Britney Murphy Hairstyles

This is a creative short hairstyle for Britney with this beautiful cut that shapes her face perfectly. Her long blonde hair has been cut into a short bob that has been tapered, teased and wisped with razor cuts that flow throughout her hair and blunt cut bangs that speak volume and sophisticated. This is a casual hairstyle that can be worn every day.

Brittany Murphy hairstyle

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles used to be associated with only men and women who wished to be men. Over the years and as women began to gain power and strength and their hair became shorter, this has become less of a truth. Short hairstyles have graced many great women and will continue to grace these women for quite some time as the short hairstyle begins to be associated with strength and determination.

Short hair requires a certain amount of strength from the women who sport them. Gone is the protective blanket of hair that protects the neck and ego from attack. Gone is the distracting wave of hair that pulls the eyes of onlookers from blemishes and insecurities. For many who go from long hairstyles to short hairstyles, the sense of vulnerability is almost too much. The strength needed to sport a short haircut is immense; far more is needed for the short hairstyle than the long hair that is so common.

Women in business and politics often wear their hair short to signify their ability to handle to same responsibilities and issues as men. These women use their personal strength rather than relying upon that shields that is their hair to get them through their ordeals. These women have influenced the society in general to the appreciation of the short hairstyle. Because of the strong and determined women who have sported the short hair style in defiance of a world that once held the short hair as a stigma, it is becoming more popular than ever to wear one’s hair short.