Ashley Judd Hairstyles

Ashley Judd is blessed with naturally thick and wavy brown hair.  Brown being one of the most common hairstyles, it is therefore easy for many women to picture her hair as their hair and wish to copy her hairstyles.  Luckily, for them, Ashley Judd has very simple hairstyles that simply require washing and general care for the best effects. 

Ashley Judd does not have her hair professionally styled or processed in any manner.  When she is looking for a good night out, say a red carpet affair, she may have her hair professionally pulled up, but there is little or no processing for these events. 

Her hair is very natural, and because of this, her hairstyles is very shiny and naturally healthy.  Ashley Judd does go to a professional hairstylist on a regular basis to have her hair trimmed, but that is all that hair as healthy as hers needs.

Ashley Judd Wavy hairstyle Picture

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles

Jennifer Lopez typically styles her long hair so that it is down.  This is not always the case though.  Jennifer Lopez has this great ability to show and wear updo hairstyles in great eloquent styles as well.  It is not uncommon to see Jennifer Lopez hairstyles on the red carpet looking fit for a queen.  She is able to manipulate the curls and volume into crowns of hair and jewels.  This makes her one of the leading fashion and hair style influencers in Hollywood. 

While it is common for celebrity women to cut their hair after the birth of a child, hopefully, Jennifer Lopez keeps those glorious long locks as they are.  She is one of the few celebrity women who look absolutely gorgeous with long hair style and flowing locks. 

Jennifer Lopez formal Hairstyle

Beyonce Knowles Hairstyles

Beyonce Knowles is a woman of style, glamour, and grace.  She is always on top of her game and ahead of the fashion curve.  Her hairstyle is no less spectacular than her fashion and body.  No matter if her hair is long and strait, curled or cut short, it looks good. She wears long length hairstyles, full of shine.

Beyonce Knowles is able to show off the best of each style of hair she uses do to the good condition that her hair is in.  Her hairstyles is very well hydrated without being oily or over processed.  This creates a healthy glow and a wonderful bounce to her hair.  These are symbols of the good health that she is so proud of bringing to her hair style. 

Beyonce Knowles Hair

Paris Hilton Hairstyles

When Paris Hilton wears her hair short, it has an amazing ability to be both edgy and sophisticated depending upon how she wears her hairstyles.  If her hair style is pulled back, away from her face, she tends to gain an air of sophistication. 

Paris Hilton’s short hairstyles tends to be smoother during these times and she appears much more in control and mature.  When her short hair is teased, or shaped differently, she gains the appearance of a young socialite and often appears less mature and more fun loving.

Paris hilton short smooth hairs

Meg Ryan Hairstyles

Meg Ryan also has the advantage of having the right face shape for her short hair.  Her face is perfectly framed and seems to glow more with short hairstyles than it would with long hair style.

Meg Ryan sports a few highlights to add depth in her short hair style and make it appear fuller, but not so many that she appears fake or as if she is trying too hard to be something she is not. She has managed to play her short hairstyles in a very natural ways that brings out her natural beauty.

Meg Ryan Short Hair style Photo

Britney Spears Hair Styles

Once Britney Spears began having problems with her relationships and in particular, her second marriage, she started to show that with her hairstyles. Her hair extensions were tight and numerous – when she decided to get rid of them, she took it upon herself to shave her head bald.

For Britney Spears, her hairstyles seem to follow her lifestyles.  When she is out of control, so is her hair.  When she is innocent, so is her hair styles.  Hopefully, she can get her, and her hair, back under control. Her fans says that whatever hairstyle she has bald, short or lovely long, she looks absolutely beautiful. What’s your opinion?

Britney Spears long hairstyleBritney Spears Bald hair

Katie Holmes Hair Styles

As celebrity Katie Holmes has aged, and she has become more and more popular in Hollywood, her hairstyles have gotten shorter. The shorter and more edgy short bob hairstyles have worked to create a flirter and more driven looking Katie Holmes.

Her appearance with short bob haircut is no longer viewed as fresh and innocent, but rather that of a working woman who is driven towards success.

Katie Holmes short bob hair

Halle Berry Long Curly Hairstyles

While short hair style plays her up, when Halle Berry wears her hair long, the look is completely different.  Her hairstyles almost seems to overpower her when it is long.  The thick waves and curls in Halle Berry’s hair seem to steal the spotlight, making her appear more like a hair model and less like the superstar that she is. 

Halle Berry long hairstyles makes it difficult to focus on her face or eyes, and brings the attention lower to her hips and waist.

Halle Berry Long Curly Hairstyles

Prom Hairstyles Ideas

A beautiful “Prom hair style” is the only thing a woman’s mind want when she thinks of prom night. The most exiting part of a teenage girl’s prom is undoubtedly her choice of the prom hairstyle. Prom hairstyles, like other fashion statements, keep on changing every year. This year, taking a cue from Hollywood, wavy, feminine prom hairstyles are popular. You will also get it right if you choose to wear the edgy hairstyle.

New 2008 Prom Hairstyles Ideas

Prom cute hair medium lengthLuscious curls and gentle waves are the prom hairstyles fashion trend these days. Pop divas generally influence the choice of a girl’s prom hairstyle to a great extent. In line with this trend, this year’s ‘in style’ prom hairstyles have been curls and multiple layers of hair around the face which give a seductive feminine look.

After all, that’s what the prom is all about – dresses, hairstyles and a bit of naughty seduction. And it won’t hurt if you get to seducing the man of your dreams, without trying too hard, would it?

Prom Updo hairstyleIn spite of all the attention and the brouhaha over curls, straight prom hairstyle has its own takers. Soft twists, which combine curls with hairstyles for prom which are half updos and half down dos hair styles are also quite popular among the prom crowd.

Sultry bangs hairstyles for prom, swept on one side of the face, have always been in vogue and continue to do so.

The more daring prom hairstyles include shoulder length hair bobs, which are reminiscent of the ’70s. The mullet, which combines cropped sections of hair with the longer tresses, is also extremely popular.

Prom Hairstyles Tips

Every one of us has some bad hair days. Always have a fallback prom hairstyle to turn to in case misfortune, in the form of a bad hair day decides to strike on the day of the prom.

Accessorize your prom hairstyles. Accessories lend a very sophisticated look to any prom hairstyle. Bejeweled hair sticks and vintage hair combs are quite popular. Be sure to accessorize well and lend that extra something to your prom hairstyle.

Hair Highlights

Hair highlights are quickly becoming the rage for all genres. While it was thought that the hair highlights were only for the blonde bombshells of the preppy world, emo and punk hairstyles have now taken a strong hold on highlights as well. African American hairstyles and every other women hair style known has taken a liking to the colored hair highlights due to the added depth, dimension, and interest that such highlights offer the hair.

Types of Hair Highlights Techniques

Hair highlights come in a variety of colors and forms. The most common highlights are the one’s done by a professional. A hairstyle professional can get the results that a customer wants without the hassle and frustration that is commonly associated with trying to highlight one’s own hair.

Top Layer Hair Highlights: Of the professional highlights, the most common is the top layer highlights that show off primarily the top layer of hair.

All Over Highlights: The all over highlights are the most natural of these highlights though, because one is less likely to notice any type of streaking or patternization.

Adding Hair Highlights to your Hair at Home

Hair highlights done at home can have one of two results. These highlights can be either amazing or horrifying. The two results often come from the same type of highlighting product, but from different applicator handlers. Women who are doing their own hair often only highlight the front of their hair because of the difficulty associated with highlighting the back of the head. Those who have their friends or family assist them take their hair into their friends or family’s hands.

As with the professional hair highlights, the most natural look is that of the all over highlights, although, for ease of application, it is not uncommon to find that most home hairstyles highlights are just the top of the head.