How to Do a Spiral Perm

Hair trends have recently increased and spiral perms are among the hair styles that have been classified as trendy and sexy. Spiral perm haircuts are defined by permanent waves that are usually created. The hair styles that constitute spiral perms do usually differ from each other depending on a given factors. Such potential factors that determine the types of spiral perms are: the size of the perming rods in use, basically the sizes of the perming rods are determined by their width; the second factor has to do with the hair styling techniques employed in the production of the spiral perms; while the third factor is related to the hair styling product used.

Spiral perm hair styles are known to have originated from the retro hair styles of the 80s. Over the years, hair stylists have made some considerable adjustments which resulted into the current trendy spiral perm haircuts. Unlike other hair styles, spiral perm hair styles are all about the right skills, any mistake with the perming process and the whole hair style gets spoilt. So, before you give thoughts of having your hair done with the spiral perms, you will first need access a proficient hair stylist in this field.

You can obtain varied hair curls with spiral perms. As we mentioned earlier, the various hair curls will be based on the shapes and sizes of the rollers in use. Ideally, once you have the curls done, you can choose to adjust them in your own style to obtain the various spiral perms or you can opt to straighten them so as you obtain some kind of wavy hair styles.Well, having your hair straighten will be somehow advantageous, since they will appear thick, highly textured and properly layered but you are definitely running a risk of making your vulnerable to breakage.

The process of doing the spiral perm is so easy; all you need to do is to comprehend the few steps involved. Firstly, you need to wash your hair, washing involves two major steps. In the first step, you will have to wash your hair with the appropriate shampoo and then have the conditioned properly. In the second step, you will have to dry your hair by the use of a clean towel; you are advised not to depend so much on blow dryers since they have an adverse effect on curly hair. Secondly, you will be required to apply some smoothening gels or hair spray your so as it can smoothen out. Thirdly, you are now set to position the rollers in your hair. This technique requires total attention, since any messy step and you get the wrong results.

Up keeping of spiral perm hair styles is dependently on a person’s ability of following her hair specialist’s directions. Once in a while you will be required to spray your hair so as it does not dry out. However, you need to be careful on which products you pick for your hair styling sessions. There are some products that are not useful to spiral perms even if they might be useful with another set of hair styles.

Hair Styles for Flat Hair

hairstyle-for-flat-hairFlat hair as it is known, it is one of the most delicate types that any woman can ever have. However, if God blessed you with flat hair, you do not need to hate yourself just because you are not that free to play around with the hair as others may do. You opt to know that flat hair is tricky, especially when it comes to maintenance. If you either have it done wrongly or use the wrong hair styling products on it, you might find yourself losing a considerable number of hair strands. The only remedy to the problems that accompany flat hair types is to wear hair styles for flat hair.

It is evident that flat hair types have very few hair styles to choose from. Nevertheless, the few available hair styles can be adjusted to suit a number of hair styling techniques that will ensure you get the best look ever. Getting this amazing look is not costly but tactical, in that you need to employ the best hair styling tips for flat hair as well as you need to use the best hair products for thin hair. For instance, when washing your flat hair, be it long, medium, and short or straight and curly. You have to use hair shampoos and conditioners that are set to accommodate flat hair. You will not really want to use shampoo meant for thick hair on your flat thin hair, not unless you really hate your hair that much.

This is not all, flat hair is facial sensitive. For all the available hair styles for thin hair in fashion, you must be able to settle for a hair style that will give more description to your face by considering all your facial features. To start with, for hair type that is flat and straight, you will have to adopt a haircut that is defined by a few long layers. However, you have to be watchful not to incorporate too many layers, since this may have an adverse effect on your hair’s root. hairstyle-for-flat-hair1The next essential aspectthat you must highly consider is to maintain your flat hair on the shorter side rather than the longer side. The reason as to why you should not let your hair past the shoulder level is that flat hair past the shoulder level will present potential difficulties when it comes to styling, especially when adding volume to the hair.

Other potential haircuts for flat hair are: the bob hair styles, these hair styles are ideal for short, soft flat hair as well as natural wavy hair; you can also incorporate the bobs with short layered hair styles for a deeper and sexier look. While the above is true, you need to keep a considerable distant from hair styles that call for lots of blow drying for them to be effectively dried after washing. Such hair styles may cause your hair to dry excessively, making it vulnerable to breakage. Remember that there are some hair styling products that you must disengage, such products include; leave-in-conditioners and intensive hair treatments.

Setting Wet Hair in Rollers

Hair styling is quite a challenge to many people. Most people have their hair done by their hair stylist, so they have never thought of taking matters into their hands and have some of the hair styling techniques done by them. Among the various hairs styling techniques that you might have probably utilized whether at the salon or just within your home, is the setting wet hair in rollers. This technique is used to achieve curls that are usually presentable and sexy. The curls obtained via this process are characterized by high texture unlike other curls obtained by other criteria.

Setting wet hair in rollers was a hair styling methodology utilized in the 50s through the 60s to achieve sexy and beautiful curls. This technique has been modified and it is used in the recent time for the same purpose. In the current fashion trend curling iron and hot rollers are used in obtaining various curls. Hair specialists of the current world recommend the use of a wet set when coming up with various vintage hair styles, since this is one method that you are sure about the results. Setting wet hair in rollers is a trendy methodology, comprehending it is not that hard.

Before commencing to wet set, you need to know and appreciate the various rollers that can be convenient for your hair. The different rollers offer different texturing as well as hair volume. So, your choice has to be based on those two factors. The various rollers include: foam rollers, they are basically soft and are utilized on dry and delicate hair types; Velcro rollers, manufactured of Velcro and they are very efficient; magnetic rollers, they produce curls with high texture and volume, they are also efficient on wet hair; bender rollers, they are defined by long and bendable foams and they are the best for the production of numerous curls; and last but not least we have the plastic mesh rollers, they are convenient in wet hair as well as produce very soft curls.

Now let us navigate through the step by step instructions on how set wet hair in rollers. Firstly, have your hair wet, then comb it thoroughly so as you can smoothen them out. Secondly, make use of a convenient hair styling product such as hair spray or gels to help in holding your curls in their right position. Thirdly, part you hair into at least for divisions, the best way to go about it is to part the back, the front and the sideways. Fourthly, have the four parted sections pinned into positions.

Fifthly, sub-divide each of the section as you place the rollers into position; repeat the same process for all the other three sections. Sixthly, once you have placed all the necessary rollers, you will now have to spray you hair so as you can facilitate the formation of the curls. Seventhly, time your hair and when it is dry have the rollers removed gently. This process has to be carried out strategically so as you do not mess your hair up. Once all the rollers are removed, you can now decide on how to style the hair. Ideally, you can opt to brush it out for a sexy wavy look or you can opt to tighten the curls for a sexier look.

Loose Perm is Trendy

loose-permIf there are hair styles that have climbed so many mountains ever since the 80s, then those hair styles are the loose perm hair styles. Back then perms used to rock the trends. Well, these were hair styles that were highly versatile and as you know ladies with straight hair will fall for hair styles that are easy to adjust as well as manage, and loose perm hair styles just presented that. In 2012 loose perm hair styles can be incorporated with a number of hair styling tips to achieve a desired look. Loose perms can be employed to add the desired body to fine and limp hair.

Just like any other hair styles, loose perm hair styles do suit a specific group of hair type. To begin with you need to that these hair styles go well with almost all face shapes as far as they are adjusted in the right manner. However, loose perms work best with hair types that are straight and trendy. The hair type needs to be in its natural look, this means that there should be no issues such highlighting and lowlighting. Loose perms will tend to give the best results on hair types that are correctly textured and they are of the right volume.

The major reason as to why you are told that loose perms will be efficient on hair that is not highlighted or lowlighted is that hair that has been highlighted or lowlighted might have suffered some damages through the process which will potentially cause your loose perm hair style to frizz. As we mentioned earlier loose perm are characteristically long straight hair styling accessory. They cannot look cute on dry thick short hair, short hair are historically not suited for loose perms. However, if you are very confident that your short hair can match with loose perm, then the best thing to do is to consult your hair stylist.

Once you have you have known that your hair is suited for loose perm, you will have to visit your hair stylist so as you can have it done. The procedure may look a bit complex, but it is simple. The first step will involve wrapping your hair into rollers in sections. The second step will consist of the application of the perm solution. The third and probably the last step depending on your hair stylist will to undo the rollers and carry out the finishing touches. The whole process is expected to create the appropriate waves and curls as well as change the text
ure of the hair.

Of all the hair styles, loose perm hair styles require a great deal of maintenance. There are high chances that you perms may grow out at undesirable state. Therefore, this will need to be redone each and every two weeks or so. Make sure you do not make the mistake of doing your hair with loose perm if it had previously undergone highlighting or lowlighting. Some of the best loose perm hair styles are: Vanessa Romero long curls, Evangeline lily long curls and so on.

Hair Styles with Ribbons

hairstyles-with-ribbonsThere isn’t any woman who will not wish to look perfect when out on duty or attending a given function. In order to achieve such desires, women are advised to make use of all the available hair styling tools and materials. Some of the best hairs styling tools are the ribbons. Ribbons bring a sensational change to your hair giving it that beautiful and sexy show off. The major advantage of ribbons is that they can be incorporated into the hair in two major ways: first, they can be used to hold part or the whole hair in a given position or second, they can be manually woven into the hair to bring in a new look altogether.

Hair styles with ribbons are trendy and versatile. This is so, since you can simply manipulate the position in which you are holding your hair or the position in which your hair is woven to assume a different hair style any time you desire to look different. Hair ribbons are characteristically unique tools in hair styling methodologies. The reason as to why we complement ribbons so much is that they can significantly be used together with other styling techniques to achieve a great hair style. Ribbons can be used together with braids, pony tails, wigs, head bands, and so on.

Let us see how potential ribbons can be with other styling techniques. Ribbons can be incorporated with most of the braided hair styles. These are achieved by weaving ribbons into the desired braids. This means that they can be weaved with fishtail braids as well as three-strand braids. What ribbons do to braided hair is to introduce a new look that appears to be unique rather than common. Ladies who possess long straight hair are also in a good position of using ribbons when creating braids. Ribbons can be further featured into pony tails hair styles.

hairstyles-with-ribbons1Pony tails that are ribbon supported possess an additional look that is so cute. When doing the various pony tails, ribbons can be employed to bring in a colorful look. They are actually employed by wrapping them round the pony tail from the base of the pony tail to a considerable distance up the pony tail. Apart from pony tails, ribbon can effectively be used in the creation of twisted hair styles such as the French twist. With twisted hair styles, ribbons can be weaved in the places where the twist was to be clipped or pinned.

As we have seen, hair styles with ribbons are not just unique but sexy. They be worn to almost any occasion, such as proms, weddings, fashion shows and so on. The best way to get the best look with hair styles with ribbons is by considering the services of hair specialists. Weaving ribbons into a braided hair style requires a lot of skill as well as experience in order for them to look presentable. So, before any else you need to seek the expertise of a hair dresser who is highly skilled with ribbon hair styling techniques.

Morning Beach Wedding Makeup

wedding-makeupWedding is one of the most, or probably the most important day of a woman’s life. On this special day, one desires to look good. If you have planned for a beachside location or a beach wedding, then while choosing makeup consider the location and season. The time of wedding must also be taken into account. These factors help you to choose the makup color and styles.

Makeup for Summer Wedding

In case you are planning a summer wedding, then you must choose light base. In case you have a glowing complexion, then avoid foundation. Also, it is suggested to get pre bridal package so that you do not need to apply much makeup. a sheer liquid complexion would be good as it provides further glow. Do not go for the matte look in summer morning beach wedding makeup. Choose foundation that goes with your skin tone and apply loose powder on it.

For the rest of the makeup, choose very light shades like lavender, pink, peach and sky blue. Underline the lips with lip pencil. For lipstick, choose light shade and apply it with lipstick brush. End the process with a shiny gloss with no shimmer. Then for the eyes, do not apply the eyeliner of black color. Try shades og silver, gold and green. Make sure that you apply pink shades of eye shadow. also, apply cream based blush on. Make sure that everything that you apply is waterproof, considering that the location you have chosen is beachside.

wedding-makeup1Match Makeup with Dress

It is important to match the color of makeup with that of dress. If you have a flowing long gown, then the eyes should be more defined wih mascara and lips should be highlighted by applying red lipstick.

Now for proper method of makeup, here are tips. Clean the face with face wash and moisturize neck along with face well. Then, you must apply concealer all over face and neck. Then apply foundation over it but a very light coat. then end the process with loose powder so that the base makeup could set for a long time. Then apply cream based blush on of peach or pink color on the apples of cheeks. Blend it well with fingers. For lipstick, choose same shade of pink on lips. Keep the eye shadow minimal as the makeup may look over. finally end the eye makeup with mascara application and eye liner. So this is how you would do morning beach wedding makeup.

Full Coverage Powder Makeup


Full coverage powder makeup is an alternative to the makeup done by the expert makeup artists. Not everyone can afford to get makeup done from artist. So if you wish to attend a party where you want your look to be gorgeous, then go for full coverage powder makeup. Here are the easy steps of doing it.

Powder makeup is either loose powder or pressed which has to be worn over foundation. Or it can be combination of powder along with foundation. This full coverage is aimed to make the makeup long lasting.

Pressed Powder

This powder is very user friendly. It can be kept handy when you are traveling which is because of its small container which has a mirror and powder puff in it. It is ideal for giving quick touch ups, especially in parties. Pressed powder has many forms. Some of them are pore-minimizing, oil-control, long-lasting and some of them have SPF for the protection against sun. Reason why you should buy pressed powder is that it is a lot easier to apply than liquid foundation. It is also good for oil- prone skin. In case powder does not suit your skin, read out the ingredients of the pressed powder and consult from dermatologist.

Loose Powder

Loose powder also is used for full coverage powder makeup. The problem with loose powder is that it is not easy to carry. The best thing about loose powder is its flawless soft look which cannot be given by compact pressed powder. The latest trend is that of mineral makeup which is made up of natural ingredients. It does not harm the skin and gives sheer coverage to the skin. It is great in hiding acne and blemishes. Just a small amount of loose powder would be sufficient. The problem with loose powder is that it is not ideal for giving frequent touch ups. It can spill by mistake which is why it is suggested not to carry it in purse.

Application of full coverage powder makeup

Loose powder is very easy to apply. Take a very small amount of it over the sponge and tap off the extra amount. Sweep it in one direction and apply all over face and neck. This would give a great smooth look. Then applying pressed powder is also very easy. So this is all about full coverage powder makeup. Do it and get a gorgeous looking face.

Makeup Color Chart

color-chartIf you want to look outstanding with your make up and do not want to do make up related mistakes then you must take help from a make up color chart. A makeup color chart can easily make you hide all the skin faults that your face possesses and you can highlight your features. The chart is a round wheel one in which different color families is placed directly across each other. They are placed opposite each other as they compliment each other and they are also known as complimentary colors. The chart is designed in such a way that this contrast can actually work for everyone. No matter what your skin tone is and what color eyes do you have, the shade combination provided in the makeup color chart is for everyone.

How to use the chart:

• As mentioned above that the colors placed opposite to each other are complimentary colors. This means that if you have green color eyes the he must look out for what color pattern is placed opposite green family. In color chart pinkish and purple tones and shades of red are opposite green. So, if you use any of these shades; your eyes will look really pretty and you will surely stand out in the crowd.

• Similarly, for women with blue eye color, shades of golden, yellow, orange tones, copper and bronze will enhance their beauty.

You do not have to think much while applying the complimentary shade on your eye lids as the make up chart is designed by high profile make up professionals whose work cannot be judged upon.

Choosing colors with Lipstick and your skin tone from the makeup color chart:

• In the makeup chart colors like yellow, golden, peach, orange etc are placed in one half and are considered as warm. The second half of the wheel chat consists of shaded of purple, pink, red, blue, and greens etc, which are considered as cool. While selecting the color for your skin tone, you should see whether you are pink skin toned or yellow toned. Pink skin tone will look best in cool shades and warm shades will compliment warm skin tones.

• Choosing the lipstick shade can be a tough job, as you do not have many choices especially in daily routine. But you can try to pick up the contrasting colors like a red lipstick with blue eyes.

Leg Makeup

Face make up is something that everybody gives priority to. However, ignoring other body parts can sometimes make you look weird. Imagine having a great face makeup with ugly legs, or great face with a bad hairdo. You would be noticed for wrong reasons no matter how hard you tried to get the whole look right. One body part that most of the women forget while getting dressed up are legs. If you are wearing a short dress, then it is a necessity to make them look good. If you are flaunting your legs, make sure you flaunt them right. So here are some tips to do the leg makeup in case you do not know how to do it properly.

Leg make up tips

Since leg makeup is done to hide imperfections on the legs, you must know where those imperfections lie. Imperfections could be spider veins, scars or varicose veins. There is a huge range of leg makeup available in the market but people generally prefer spray on since it is easy to apply and it gives smashing results. In case you have no idea about the application of leg makeup spray, then here are some details.

Buy a branded spray on. Shake the bottle well whenever you wish to use it so that it is mixed thoroughly. Then remove the bottle’s cap and spray a small amount of it on the hands. Be careful and do not spray too hard otherwise you would get extra make up than you require on the legs. So, have moderate amount of makeup in hand and start running it evenly over the legs. Blend the make up until all the marks and veins get hidden. All that you must be left with is glowing legs and no marks. Rub the make up into both legs and make sure that it is applied evenly throughout.

Tips to choose leg make up

Choose the makeup that goes perfectly with your skin tone for a natural look. In case you choose to go for sun- kissed look, go for bronze- toned makeup for the legs. Do not spray when you are on the carpet as the stain may not go. So this is how you can get great leg makeup. Apply a small amount of it whenever you plan to go for short dress. This will make the legs look more appealing and sexy.

Britney Spears Makeup Tips

britney-spears-makeupBritney spears is a legend and even though now she is in news for all the wrong reasons, one thing that is always right about her is her style sense and her makeup. She always manages to grab eye balls wherever she goes and this is why women envy her. If you want to learn how she does her makeup, then here are some Britney spears makeup tips.

Things you will need

Concealer, rose shade blush, creamy foundation, pearl eye shadow, brown matte eye shadow, wet liner brush, black brow pencil, black eye liner, black liquid mascara, pink lipstick and nude lip gloss.

Method of doing Britney spears makeup

britney-spears-makeup1Applying concealer is a must before doing the whole makeup. This is the key to this pop star’s makeup. This would help you to hide the blemishes and dark circles. Choosing shade lighter than skin tone is what is required while buying concealer. As for the foundation, buy the one which has the shade similar to the skin tone. Apply creamy foundation dots all over the face and neck and then blend with help of makeup sponge. If you wish to get Britney spears total makeup look then choose blush which is either of cherry or rose shade. These were the Britney spears makeup tips for face.

Britney spears like to make her eyes noticeable which is why you must focus on eye makeup. This stunning pop star highlights her eyes quite well. For her eye makeup, apply pearly light shade over the eyelids and then eye shadow o baby blue tone. Then, take chocolate brown matte shade (whichever suits your own skin tone) and apply it over your crease. Blend it till the lash line and also till outer- upper lid then so as to achieve wide- eye look with the help of wet liner brush. Choose black eye liner pencil and apply thin line with it. You must go slightly thick in the middle. Then take black brow liner or brown brow liner pencil and fill the brows with it. Now, curl the lashes to make them more attractive and apply loads of black liquid mascara, just the way Britney spears wears.

For the lip makeup, Britney always dons natural shades, especially in pink tones. So, apply pink lipstick that matches with your natural lip color and then apply nude lip gloss with shimmer. So these were the Britney spears makeup tips.